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Bid ID Category State Bid Description View
658412 Demolition NJ Phillipsburg : DEMOLITION OF 85 LEWIS STREET open_in_browser VIEW
658380 Demolition PA PennDOT, ROSE: (26101) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, Coder Bridge #2. This project involves the replacement of the existing structure carrying SR 28 over Clement Run an open_in_browser VIEW
658376 Demolition MS Gulfport: Lot clean up and/or demolition of property. Parcel 1: 0711K-01-048.000. LOT 13 OWEN HOMES SUBD.. 1422 GENEVIEVE DR (GIBBS CHARLES ROLAND) Case: 7058 open_in_browser VIEW
658361 Demolition FL Polk County: Demolition 1908 Dorothy Street, Lakeland, FL open_in_browser VIEW
658316 Demolition NC Lumberton: Demolition of Houses 2017 HMGP Demolition Group #6 open_in_browser VIEW
658309 Demolition WI Portland: Oakland Road, Rullands Coulee Creek Bridge B-41-325, Town of Portland, Monroe County, Wisconsin (Quest Project #7488842). The proposed work consists o open_in_browser VIEW
658306 Demolition IL Feutz Contractors, Inc.: Qualified and certified small, minority, and women's businesses for the January 15, 2021 IDOT Letting Items 109 &180. Subcontracting op open_in_browser VIEW
658304 Demolition IL CHANNAHON: IHC CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES, LLC is seeking Protected Class, Disadvantaged and Veteran Owned Businesses (PCE, DBE, MBE, WBE, SBE, VBE, VOSB, SDVOSB) f open_in_browser VIEW
658276 Demolition PA PennDOT, KISKIMINETAS: (109617) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, Baker Hollow Bridge. Replacement of the existing structure carrying SR 2033 (Shady Plain Road) over a tr open_in_browser VIEW
658274 Demolition PA Columbia County: County Bridge No. 154 Superstructure Replacement Project. Involves substructure modifications, replacement of the existing superstructure, open_in_browser VIEW
658264 Demolition FL Polk County: Demolition 102 1st Court Winter Haven FL. The County shall consider awarding a quote to the Contractor that submits the overall lowest price for de open_in_browser VIEW
658248 Demolition OR Hermiston: Hermiston City Hall. The work includes demolition and complete removal of two existing structures on the site, and the construction of a new three-s open_in_browser VIEW
658199 Demolition TX Collin: *Addendum 1* Elevon Phase 1A and 1B Earthwork Improvements. Project scope shall include the Earthwork Improvements, approximately 111.17 acres of cle open_in_browser VIEW
658186 Demolition TX Round Rock: Prete Plaza Demolition. open_in_browser VIEW
658168 Demolition IL Alton: Demolition of 269 Madison Avenue, 2018 Central Avenue, and 1110 East 6th Street open_in_browser VIEW
658147 Demolition WA Big Bend Community College: Demolition 3200, 3400, 3500 & 3600. ESTIMATED BASE BID COST RANGE: $480,000.00 to $720,000.00 open_in_browser VIEW
658077 Demolition PA PennDOT, SOUTH FAYETTE T: (28520) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, Mayview Road Bridge. The description and location of the project is as follows: For the culvert repla open_in_browser VIEW
658075 Demolition PA PennDOT, LATROBE: (106405) BRIDGE, Westmoreland County #29. This project includes the replacement of the superstructure carrying Ligonier Street over Loyalh open_in_browser VIEW
658057 Demolition FL Highlands County: Demolition at 3190 N Hobart Rd. Remove all structures, building materials, bathtub, water tank, out house (and place lime over solid waste) an open_in_browser VIEW
658030 Demolition WA Seattle : *ADDENDUM 1* for Envirobidnet #656554 posted 12/12/20. Green Lake Community Boathouse. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The PROJECT INVOLVES DEMOLITION AND REPLAC open_in_browser VIEW
658007 Demolition NJ Oxford : Demolition of 45 Bush Street . The general description of work consists of the demolition of the 2-story wood frame dwelling with masonry foundation open_in_browser VIEW
657968 Demolition NY Shandaken: Peck Hollow Road over the Peck Hollow Stream Bridge Replacement; B.I.N. 2270000; Ulster County. PIN 8761.61 D035723. The work includes providing all open_in_browser VIEW
657965 Demolition PA PennDOT, ROARING CREEK: (93580) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, SR 2003 over Mill Creek. Furnishing and installation of a 23’-6" x 7'-6" precast reinforced concrete box open_in_browser VIEW
657961 Demolition FL Polk County: Demolition 714 Savannah Ave Lakeland, FL open_in_browser VIEW
657957 Demolition FL Polk County: Demolition 2535 Old Hwy 60, Mulberry, FL open_in_browser VIEW
657956 Demolition FL Polk County: Demolition 150 Brewton Street, Mulberry, FL open_in_browser VIEW
657938 Demolition PA Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa of Beaver County: (RE-BID) ADMINISTRATION BUILDING DEMOLITION. The scope of work generally consists of the complete d open_in_browser VIEW
657860 Demolition AR North Little Rock: *updated documents* Demolition and Site Clearance of 3 Locations. *1601 West 18thStreet (GARAGE ONLY) *1711 Chandler Street *2541 High open_in_browser VIEW
657859 Demolition OH Montgomery County: LYONS ROAD BRIDGE REPLACEMENT PROJECT, MOT-T0150-1.88, WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, PID 104052, JOB #2016-34. open_in_browser VIEW
657857 Demolition CA CA Prison Industry Authority: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Almond Orchard Tree Removal. California Prison Industry Authority is Soliciting for Almond Orchard Tree Removal Se open_in_browser VIEW
657851 Demolition IA Cedar Rapids: Remediation and Demolition of Ellis Golf Clubhouse. To provide the environmental remediation services and complete demolition services for one open_in_browser VIEW
657849 Demolition PA PennDOT, CHOCONUT: (83013) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, Carmalt Rd Brg T-695. For the rehabilitation and improvement of a certain section of LOCAL ROAD in SUSQUEHA open_in_browser VIEW
657848 Demolition PA PennDOT, LOCUST: (5637) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, SR 2005 over Tributary to Roaring Creek. Furnishing and installation of a 9’-0" x 9'-0" precast reinforced concr open_in_browser VIEW
657847 Demolition PA PennDOT, CLINTON: (78000) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, Saxonburg Boulevard Br #2, T-573 Wylie & T-554 Brickyard Hill Bridges. This project is part of a group bridge open_in_browser VIEW
657833 Demolition IL Calumet City: Demolition of the following properties: 1350 Kenilworth 1362 Kenilworth 538 Lincoln Ave. 626 Ingraham 617 Ingraham open_in_browser VIEW
657819 Demolition TX Hallettsville: DEMOLITION SERVICES open_in_browser VIEW
657799 Demolition PA PennDOT, CLAY: (78893) BRIDGE RECONSTRUCTION, Br Rpl SR 1024-Hammer Crk. This project consists of the superstructure replacement of a single-span structur open_in_browser VIEW
657729 Demolition NC Durham: Demolition of 1007 Taylor St. (Parcel: 111743) open_in_browser VIEW
657728 Demolition NC DUNN: DEMOLITION AND CLEARANCE CONTRACT 401 N. Magnolia Avenue, Dunn, North Carolina open_in_browser VIEW
657716 Demolition TX Brownsville ISD: *Addendum 1-5* Canales Elementary Demolition and Disposal of Deteriorated Classroom Wings. open_in_browser VIEW
657697 Demolition TX Denton: Tradition MUD No. 2B, Grading Operations to serve Tradition Phases 3A.1 and 3A.2. Project scope includes approximately 39 acres of clearing and gru open_in_browser VIEW
657632 Demolition WI Pleasant Valley: Demolition of a property located at S10405 Cty Rd HHI in Cleghorn open_in_browser VIEW
657622 Demolition PA PennDOT, BARRETT: (85859) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, SR 447 over Goose Pond Run. This project is for full replacement of the bridge located on SR 0447 over Goose P open_in_browser VIEW
657621 Demolition PA PennDOT, WHITE DEER: (98755) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, SR 1003 over Tributary to Little Buffalo Creek. The description and location of the project are as follow open_in_browser VIEW
657619 Demolition PA Redevelopment Authority of the County of Cambria: DEMOLITION AND SITE CLEARANCE, VACANT STRUCTURE REMOVAL. For the demolition, site clearance and site resto open_in_browser VIEW
657601 Demolition TN Kingsport: 2021 Winter Demolitions at two Locations open_in_browser VIEW
657586 Demolition MS Gulfport: Lot clean up and/or demolition of property. Parcel 1: 0711J-06-051.001. LOTS 14 TO 16 INC BLK 8 GASTON POINT ADD. 1306 WOODWARD AVE (UP THE CREEK open_in_browser VIEW
657558 Demolition NJ ATLANTIC COUNTY IMPROVEMENT AUTHORITY : Demolitions of 504 N. Indiana Avenue 1134 Monroe Avenue City of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The project involves the dem open_in_browser VIEW
657556 Demolition SC Spartanburg: Demolish a structure, clear lot and remove trees in the City of Spartanburg located at 300 Marion Ave. open_in_browser VIEW
657555 Demolition IL Des Plaines: FEMA PDM Demolition Contract open_in_browser VIEW
657547 Demolition WI Trout Lake District: Trout Lake Dam Repairs - Rebid (Quest Project #7467333). In general, the project consists of 1. Removal and resurfacing of spalled and uns open_in_browser VIEW
657508 Demolition TX Harris: Cypress Station Elevated Storage Tank Demolition for Timberlake Improvement District Project consists of demolition of an existing 125,000 gallon elevat open_in_browser VIEW
657500 Demolition MO Paric Corporation: Demolition for MUHC Various Renovations – Renovate Areas in PCT and CCA for CHPS and CBCU in Columbia, MO. This project includes demolition a open_in_browser VIEW
657486 Demolition OK Forest Park: ICE-STORM 2020 DEBRIS REMOVAL open_in_browser VIEW
657474 Demolition CO Castle Rock: --- DUPLICATE BID OF 657362--------- Water Department to engage qualified Contractors to provide construction services for various CR Water project open_in_browser VIEW
657472 Demolition PA PennDOT, POLK: (85818) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, SR 3010 over Pohopoco Creek. The project is for the Replacement of the bridge carrying SR 3010 over Pohopoco Creek on open_in_browser VIEW
657453 Demolition IL Village of Palatine: 2021 Train Station Grade Stair Demolition and Replacement open_in_browser VIEW
657428 Demolition WA Colville Indian Housing Authority: Malott Unit's 4154, 4155, & 4156 DEMO Fire Damaged Units Malott Hud Rd.,Malott, WA 98829 open_in_browser VIEW
657409 Demolition OK Oklahoma State University: Demolition and Asbestos Abatement Engineering South Building Renovation and Addition open_in_browser VIEW
657408 Demolition IN Steuben County: RIDGE 17 REPLACEMENT HANSELMAN ROAD OVER PIGEON CREEK The proposed construction will include existing bridge removal,construction of a new si open_in_browser VIEW
657382 Demolition TX Beaumont: Demolition of Five (5) Residential Structures. *1640 Church, *2450 Delaware, *2415 Forrest, *1055 Grant, *525 Harriot, Beaumont, Texas. open_in_browser VIEW
657370 Demolition VA Danville: Asbestos Abatement and Demolition of Five Properties open_in_browser VIEW
657362 Demolition CO Castle Rock: Water Department to engage qualified Contractors to provide construction services for various CR Water projects. Projects may include water transm open_in_browser VIEW
657345 Demolition FL Highlands County: Demolition at 2376 N Esplanade. Demolition and removal of single family home open_in_browser VIEW
657320 Demolition IN Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools: Jasper Tenth Street Elementary School Demolition and Parking Lot Construction and Site Development open_in_browser VIEW
657309 Demolition AK Eagle River: ARL HAZARDOUS WASTE STORAGE FACILITY REPLACEMENT . Project consists of demolition of existing condemned Vehicle Maintenance and Administration Buil open_in_browser VIEW
657303 Demolition SC Florence: Demolition services at the property located at 411 W. Sumter Street, Florence, SC. open_in_browser VIEW
657299 Demolition IL Winnetka Public School District 36: 2021 Summer Work at The Skokie School, The Crow Island School, The Hubbard Woods School, and the Greeley School located in W open_in_browser VIEW
657287 Demolition AR Little Rock: DEMOLITION 5701/5703 Valley Dr. open_in_browser VIEW
657285 Demolition KS Leavenworth: *w/Addendum 1-3* Bridge SH-30 Replacement. open_in_browser VIEW
657253 Demolition PA PennDOT, ALLEGHENY: (23434) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, Dark Shade Creek Bridge. This project is for the replacement of the existing structure that carries SR 0160 (Sun open_in_browser VIEW
657252 Demolition PA PennDOT, ALLEGHENY: (74400) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, Sugar Run Bridge Seg 110. This project is for the replacement of the existing structure that carries SR 4002 ove open_in_browser VIEW
657249 Demolition PA PennDOT, MOUNT UNION: (106420) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, Hill Valley Creek Bridge. This project is for the replacement of the existing structure that carries South Mo open_in_browser VIEW
657248 Demolition PA PennDOT, NORWICH: (91526) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, SR 46 Lost Run Bridge. This is an ECMS project. All Addenda will be electronically posted.The location of the publ open_in_browser VIEW
657234 Demolition MO St Charles: *ADDENDUM 1* Building Demolition at 911 N. 2nd St open_in_browser VIEW
657219 Demolition UT Salt Lake City: *ADDENDA 1 - 3* Bridge to Backman Demolition, bridge abutments, pedestrian bridge installation, retaining walls, trails, fencing, landscaping, i open_in_browser VIEW
657218 Demolition IL Shelbyville: Demolition and removal of Pavilion #1 including removal of all concrete and building structural materials. The Pavilion is located at Forest Park, open_in_browser VIEW
657111 Demolition TX Port Arthur ISD: *W/Addendum 1-3* Asbestos Abatement/Demolition of SFA Project. open_in_browser VIEW
657109 Demolition TX Atascosa: City of Jourdanton, Municipal Swimming Pool, Splash Pad & Associated Amenities Project (Demolition of existing swimming pool and deck. Construction of open_in_browser VIEW


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