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ENVIROBIDNET.com, an ENTRAMCORP Company, is the outgrowth of Grow Biz Inc., a bid notification service founded in 1994 by John Falcone.

Envirobidnet, the innovative bid service leader, posting bids from more than 100,000 state, city, county, and federal departments, agencies, commissions, boards and authorities as well as private bids. The company was founded in1995 as GrowBiz, to bring bid notices only from the state of MA. 1998 we evolved into Envirobids, our growth has been spurred by customer demand and satisfaction, our staff is dedicated to continuing that tradition. Mr. Falcone has been involved with purchasing on both sides of the aisle for more than 40 yrs. Prior to 1994 the bid notice business was a cottage industry usually, intra-state, or regional. It was better known as "clipping service" in which bids were physically cut out of newspapers and mailed to vendor clients. Whereas bid notices commonly have only a 10 to 14 day window this process was at best cumbersome and ineffective.. We evolved into Envirobidnet, and revolutionized the business by Fax messaging bid notices, thereby establishing a timely delivery system.

In 1997 we established the 30 day free trial, which we still offer today and in 2001 we moved to an on-line bid notification system. Today, our dedicated national staff offers over 60 years combined industry related experience and we continue to listen, make improvements, and offer the best and most timely service available to architects, engineers, and contractors in demolition, hazardous waste, solid waste, site remediation and much more.

In a business environment where specialization is often trumped by globalization, Envirobidnetnet.com has thrived because we care about the business and care about our customers. Plus, unlike many of our competitors, our pricing is posted on our website, specifications are free, and there are no hidden or added fees. Don't be fooled by imitators.

As a national resource focusing on the Environmental sector, we have grown to be an invaluable asset to the Environmental Community. Others may offer the service, we SPECIALIZE in it.

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