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Sample SCADA and Environmental Technology Bids

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State Bid Description View
KY Hodgenville: SCADA System for the Hodgenville Water Plant This project generally consists of providing and installing a SCADA System for the water plant and four water towers. ... Open
MA Wilmington: Water Quality Lab Services, Generator Maintenance & Instrumentation. The Town of Wilmington, Department of Public Works, Water and Sewer Division is currently seeking bids for the maintenance and annual calib... Open
WI MILWAUKEE: Milwaukee Sewer SCADA Upgrade (Re-bid of 43-2022)... Open
TX City of League City: *ADDENDUM 1* Dallas Salmon Wastewater Treatment Plant SCADA Upgrade. The Bidder shall furnish all labor, materials, and equipment and perform all work for the construction of the following project: ... Open
WI Janesville: Arbor Ridge Lift Station - For furnishing all the labor, materials, equipment, and doing all the work necessary for construction of a new precast concrete sanitary sewer wet well, new precast bypass valve vau... Open
CA Western Municipal Water District: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* SCADA Control System Standards Project. Qualified consulting and engineering firm to develop SCADA standards and requirements based on industry standards, best practices ... Open
MN WADENA: 2022 SCADA IMPROVEMENTS The work includes the construction of approximately: 1. Electrical and Controls work at the Water Treatment Plant together with numerous related items of work, all in accordance with Pl... Open
OR Powers: (RFQ) SCADA UPGRADE IMPROVEMENTS. Project Description: The City of Powers Public Works Department is inviting proposals from qualified firms to provide design and implementation services for the completion of SCA... Open
OH Athens: Telemetry Systems Upgrade. The Project includes the following Work: Replacing existing proprietary controllers with PLC panels and separating the Lift Station Telemetry System from the Water Telemetry System. A ... Open
WA Town of Coupeville: SCADA upgrade on eight network sites. The Town of Coupevilles Water and Wastewater facilities have been modified and maintained by several different integrators over the years. Each firm implemented ... Open
TX Post: SCADA SYSTEM. The City of Post, Texas (the utility) is seeking qualified recipients to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an all-inclusive SCADA package that includes engineering, design, integration, and... Open
UT Salt Lake City: *ADDENDUM 1* SCADA System Upgrades. Engineer's Estimate: $1,072,760.00... Open
WA FIFE : *Addendum 1* SCADA/TELEMETRY IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT. The work involved in this project includes demolition and removal of existing items, installation of SCADA and telemetry improvements (bubblers, radios, control p... Open
TN Jasper: SCADA System bids for Jasper's Water and Sewer Infrastructure... Open
WI Sparta: Wellhouse #9 Chemical Feed Systems (Quest Project #8164276). Construction of two (2) chemical rooms within the existing Wellhouse #9 building, consisting of CMU walls and wood-framed ceiling cap; furnish an insta... Open
WA VALLEY WATER DISTRICT : BUTTES WELL #2 EMERGENCY IMPROVEMENTS. This Contract provides for water system improvements within the Valley Water District's Buttes Site. The completed work will provide the Owner with a new sub... Open
AL Poarch Band of Creek Indians Utilities Authority: SCADA Replacement Project. The project consists of the following phases of work: Installing SCADA at 12 Lift Stations, 4 Wells and/or Well Tank Combo Sites, 3 Tank Sites... Open
MI Battle Creek: *ADDENDUM 1* VERONA PUMPING STATION FLOW METERS. The City of Battle Creek will accept sealed bids for the Verona Pumping Station Flow Meters project. This project consists of, but is not limited to, the pla... Open
CA Hilmar County Water District: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* SCADA System Implementation. This is a Request for Proposals for SCADA Implementation Services for the Hilmar County Water District. Hilmar County Water District (HCWD) is so... Open
WI Poynette: Replacement of the wetwell covers in the raw room, installation of the stairs and railing to the digester tank, installation of the ship ladder and railing to sludge storage tank, piping modification and pump, ... Open
WA Pasco (RFQ) CONSULTANTS Engineering Services for NW Irrigation System Upgrades. The City of Pasco (City), Washington, Department of Public Works – Capital Improvements Program (CIP) Engineering Division is soliciting a S... Open
FL Hillsborough County: (RFQ) Low Pressure Sewer System (LPSS) SCADA Equipment Installation and Monitoring. The Hillsborough County Water Resources Department (WRD) seeks to award a contract to a qualified Contractor to pro... Open
IL Des Plaines: Lake Opeka Storm Water Pump Station This project generally consists of the construction of below-grade precast concrete structures, pumps, piping, valves, electrical/SCADA improvements and new underground ... Open
VA VA DOT: Mountain Tunnel SCADA Project... Open
TX West University Place : *UPDATED* w/Addendum 1* Sanitary Sewer Lift Station EI&C and SCADA Improvements. *This project has had the following changes: Pre-Bid Date has changed from 3/1/2022 10:00:00 AM to 3/3/2022 10:0... Open
AL Southside Water: Water System Improvement Projects. CONTRACT NO. 2 - Construction of a 500,000-gallon glass-fused-to-steel bolted expandable ground storage tank, yard piping, well treatment building and high service pump... Open
WA Kent : Supplying SCADA Communication Equipment... Open
SD B-Y Water District: Demolition of the powdered activated carbon feed equipment and the replacement with new equipment, electrical, instrumentation & controls and all other work as indicated on the drawings and as specifi... Open
WI Augusta: Pumphouse/Treatment #11 (Quest Project #811561 ) One Contract will include all general and mechanical construction for constructing the new Pumphouse No. 11 and water treatment plant. A separate Contract will in... Open
NC CARY: Construction of The Town of Cary Winding Pine Pump Station. Furnish and install all equipment, superintendence, labor, skills, material and all other items necessary for construction of the Winding Pine Pump Statio... Open
WA Shoreline : *ADDENDUM 1* Pump Station 26 and Citywide Stormwater Safety/SCADA Improvements ... Open
UT MOAB: Well #12 EQUIPPING PROJECT The Project includes the following work: Installing a new submersible turbine deep well pump and submersible motor, piping and appurtenances, security fence, constructing a new CMU well... Open
IL Sullivan: Water Treatment Plant The Project includes the following Work: Constructing Contract 1 installing Headtank with Aerator, (2) Claricones and Recarbonation Vessel. Supply catwalk package over the claricones as s... Open
AK Municipality of Anchorage: 2022-2024 SCADA Term Contracts. The Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility (AWWU) is soliciting proposals from qualified firms to provide SCADA technical support services to assist AWWU with va... Open
WA BLAINE : Professional support services to the Public Works Department for the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Integration Services and Instrumental and Control (I&C) Systems. The selected Consultant sh... Open
CA CA Dept of Corrections & Rehab: Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Computer System Maintenance & Repair. The Contractor shall provide all material, labor, tools, non-consumable supplies, transportation, trave... Open
IL Rushville: SCADA System Update... Open
NC Raleigh: DE Benton Instrumentation Services ... Open
ID Star Sewer & Water District: West Canyon Regional Lift Station Bid Package 1: A new regional lift station and site improvements including an electrical and control building, yard piping, pavement, 9-foot diameter cham... Open
MO Warrensburg: East/West WWTP SCADA Upgrade Project in Warrensburg, Missouri ... Open
AK Cordova: Sewer/Water Operator performs certification-appropriate work related to the operations and maintenance of Class 2 water and wastewater treatment facilities. QUALIFICATIONS: Valid Alaska Class B CDL, or must obta... Open
TX Silverton : System installation of control for the water distribution system. • Cellular cloud-based system • System supplier must have SOC 2 Type 2 security certification per the AICPA • Control system with event alarm... Open
CA Water Replenishment District Of Southern California: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2/Q&A* Leo J. Vander Lans Advanced Water Treatment Facility SCADA Upgrade Project. The Water Replenishment District of Southern California is seeking p... Open
ID Genesee: Well No. 8 Well House The Project includes construction of a new well house at City Well No. 8, including well lot site work, fencing, installation of a pitless unit and submersible turbine pump and motor in ... Open
WA Lamont: Proposals to Furnish Engineering Services. The Town of Lamont is requesting qualified engineers to submit statements of qualification to perform a scope of work that includes installation of a new well pump, a SC... Open
IN Remington /White County: Booster Station Relocation The Work shall include the relocation of an existing drinking water booster station from a site in Wolcott, IN to a site at the Remington East Elevated Storage Tan... Open
WI Weston: Trotzer Lane and Ryan Street Lift Stations (Quest Project #8089092). The work at Trotzer Lane includes installation of a new wet well, an underground valve vault, an emergency generator set, control panels, pump... Open
UT Orem: Heritage Park 10 MG Water Tank Project The work for the Project includes the construction of an underground 10 million gallons, circular, reinforced concrete tank, yard piping, vaults, site landscape and park im... Open
GA Pavo: Well #1 Rehabilitation... Open
MN Lake Elmo: WATER TOWER NO. 3. For the construction of the new 1,000,000 Gallon Lake Elmo Water Tower No. 3 Project. Description: Major work items in the following approximate quantities: 1 LS WATER MAIN INSTALL... Open
VA Monterey: Well System Controls Improvements. The Project consists of installation of a cellular-based SCADA system to automatically control two existing well pump systems (including pressure transducers, flowmeters, SCAD... Open
IL CHRISTIAN COUNTY - EJ Water Cooperative, Inc.: Phase 57 WaterTower The Project consists of constructing a 150,000 Gallon Elevated Water Tower and necessary appurtenances. ... Open
IL Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago - IHC CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES, LLC: MCCOOK RESERVOIR ROCKWALL STABILIZATION AND GEOTECHNICAL INSTRUMENTATION, SSA McCook Reservoir located east of LaGrange Road ... Open
UT SALT LAKE CITY CORPORATION: *ADDENDA 1 - 3* SCADA SYSTEM UPGRADES - City Creek Water Treatment Plant * NOTICE: * A make-up pre-bid GoTo video conference will be held for any interested bidder who was unable to attend ... Open
MN Minneapolis: GE Digital SCADA Software License & Support. It is the intention of the City to solicit proposals for an Authorized GE Digital Software Representative and Reseller of GE Cimplicity SCADA software for ann... Open
OR Redmond: PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR WATER SYSTEM TELEMETRY, CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT REPORTING. The City of Redmond is requesting proposals from qualified engineering firms, teams, or consultants to provide prof... Open
TN Athens Utilities Board: INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROLS INTEGRATOR for 2022 Athens Sewer System Improvements Division 1: Pump Station Modifications and Replacement ... Open
AL Ashford: SCADA system to monitor each of the City's well and tank sites... Open
IL NILES: FOUR FLAGGS TANK REHAB, PAINTING, AND TOWER FACILITIES LIGHTNING PROTECTION Four Flaggs Water Tower: The Work shall consist of painting and rehabilitation of the standpipe including full blast of the interior we... Open
TX Denton: (RFQ) Pilot Point SCADA Improvements Upgrade.... Open
WA Pasco : West Pasco Water Treatment Plant (WPWTP) Improvements (Phase 1). The work to be performed includes: installation of membrane treatment units and ancillary equipment to expand treatment plant capacity from 6 MGD ... Open
OR Redmond: Wastewater system SCADA/PLC On-Call/Support Services. The City of Redmond Public Works Wastewater Division is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide on-call SCADA and PLC consulting and support ser... Open
IL Highland: Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project The project consists of improvements to the existing Trunk Sewers, including: (1) the installation of cured­in­place pipe (CIPP) lining of selected segments of the three exi... Open
NC Siler City: *RE BID* *DUE DATE EXTENSION* Water Treatment Plant Improvements Phase 2: (Quest Project #7971594) Installation of a new pretreatment system, air backwash system, and chemical feed system modifications for ... Open
IL NORTH AURORA: 0.75 MG CENTRAL WATER TOWER The proposed improvements for the 0.75 MG CENTRAL WATER TOWER consist of the construction of a new 0.75 MG Elevated Storage Tower consisting of a three quarter (0.75) million-ga... Open
OR K-GB-LB Water District: KGLBL-North Tank Foundation and Site Improvements. The project includes the following work: All work related to the construction of a new 1.0 MG water tank and all associated appurtenances with th... Open
IL DuPage Water Commission: SCADA REPLACEMENT PROJECT. The DuPage Water Commission (DWC) invites all full service SCADA Integrators (a "Contractor") interested in replacing and improving an existing SCADA system to be prequ... Open
KS Paxico: Water Supply Improvement Contract 1 - Master Meter and Control Valve Building. The Water Supply Improvements consist of the following contracts: Contract 1 – Master Meter and Control Valve Building Includes... Open
KS Johnson County: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* SCADA System Maintenance and Integration Services. Qualified to provide general maintenance, system integration, networking, and hardware and software installation services for the Superv... Open
AL Madison County: *ADDENDUM 1,2,3,4* Mountain Fork WTP SCADA System Improvements ... Open
OH Cleveland: PCCS and SCADA Improvements. Description: The City of Cleveland, Department of Public Utilities, Division of Water, is soliciting proposals from qualified firms interested in providing PCCS and SCADA Improveme... Open
WY Torrington: FY2020 WASTEWATER PRE-TREATMENT FACILITY. Construction of a pre-treatment headworks system including a mechanical bar screen, backup manual bar screen, and a fine screen/grit removal system including interior... Open
NC WAYNESVILLE: WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT IMPROVEMENTS PHASE I. (QUEST # 8048725) Demolition of the existing screen and grit removal system, a new headworks (parshall flume, mechanical influent screens, and grit removal), ... Open
FL Lee County: *Addendum 4* for (Envirobidnet Original bid# 549585) Fiesta Village WWTP Filter Controls Upgrade... Open

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