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Snapshot of Sample Hazardous Waste Bids

Please note these bids are EXPIRED and are SAMPLE content of what we offer to our paid subscribers

Bid ID State Bid Description View
688293 CA CA Dept of State Hospitals: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Biohazardous and Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services. Contractor shall provide all necessary materials, supplies, tools, equipment, transportation, licenses, permits, insura... Open
687702 SC Columbia: SC Law Enforcement Division: Chemical Waste Pickup ... Open
687660 FL Citrus County: *Addendum 1* Re-Bid Transportation and Disposal of Waste Tires at the Central Landfill. Citrus County, Florida invites interested parties to submit a Bid to provide transportation and disposal services for... Open
687547 UT Ogden City Fire Department: Hazardous Materials Recovery and Clean Up Ogden City Fire Department is accepting proposals for a qualified contractor(s) to provide post-incident services to perform hazardous material reco... Open
687444 NC Raleigh: NC DOA: Recycling Services for Electronic Equipment... Open
687178 TN Grainger County: Scrap tire recycling... Open
687089 TX Honey Grove: Solid Waste Collection and Disposal of Residential, Commercial and Industrial waste in the City.... Open
687055 IL Illinois Tollway: Scrap Tire and Rubber Debris Removal. The Illinois Tollway is seeking a vendor to provide services that include pick-up and disposal of scrap tire and rubber tire debris from the Illinois Tollway Main... Open
686988 CA CA School for the Deaf-Riverside: Organic Waste Pick Up and Disposal Services. The California Department of Education (hereinafter referred to as CDE) is soliciting bids to provide organic waste bins and organic waste re... Open
686831 NJ Somerset County: *ADDENDUM 1* Consumer Electronics Recycling/Disposal Program ... Open
686723 FL Orange County: Recycle White Goods, Waste Tire Rims and Scrap Metal Recycling. The Contractor shall provide all labor, supervision, materials, supplies and equipment to pick- up, transport and dispose of discarded white ... Open
686614 MO St. Peters: Hauling of Bulk Rotary Hydrated Lime... Open
686574 WA King County : Hazardous Waste Exposure Prevention Community Outreach and Education. King County is soliciting proposals from interested and qualified suppliers to provide Hazardous Waste Management Program Community Out... Open
686440 IL Urbana: Household Single-Use & Rechargeable Battery Collection & Recycling Services... Open
686320 TX Laredo: Disposal of Freon from Refrigerators and Windows A/C Units for Solid Waste.... Open
686304 MN Washington County Environmental Center (WCEC): Electronic Recycling. Washington County operates a household hazardous waste facility, the Washington County Environmental Center (WCEC), located at 4039 Cottage Grove D... Open
686162 FL Charlotte County: *Addendum 1* Disposal of Waste Tires - Annual Contract . It is the intent of Charlotte County to secure the services of a Contractor to provide an annual service contract to remove automobile, truck... Open
685793 VA Virginia Beach: Battery Recycling... Open
685674 PA PennDOT: (E05219) (SOI/LOI) Design and Misc Services, Traffic Services Open End. The Department of Transportation will retain an engineering firm for (1) open-end agreement for the services indicated below on various... Open
685625 TN Knoxville: Sale, Collection, and Recycling of Scrap Metal... Open
685548 NJ Atlantic County Utilities Authority : TIRE RECYCLING ... Open
685366 VT VT Military Department: Scrap Metal Recycling Services. Companies or individuals are invited to submit proposals on Scrap Metal Recycling Services at multiple Military Department locations throughout the State of Vermont... Open
685365 VT VT Military Department: Brass Small Arms Cartridges Demilitarization and Recycling Services. Companies or individuals are invited to submit proposals on Brass Small Arms Cartridges Demilitarization and Recycling Services... Open
685259 WA Olympia: 2021on call street sweeping waste (sweep waste) and vactor waste transport and disposal services. The objective is for Proposers to submit sufficient information to allow the City to select one or more Pr... Open
685048 WA Okanogan County: Refrigerant Removal Services. This is a Solid Waste project that will reclaim CFC-Containing refrigerant and oil from refrigeration units stockpiled at the Okanogan Central Landfill.... Open
684722 CA Covina: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Used Oil and Filter Recycling Program Management. Qualified contractors with experience administering and managing used motor oil and filter recycling programs. The successful contractor will be r... Open
684680 NJ Somerset County: Furnish and Deliver Repositories for Accumulating, Removal and Recycling of Used Tires ... Open
684627 CA CA Dept of Parks & Rec: Refuse/Recycling/Food Waste Disposal Services for The San Diego Coast Districtwide refuse disposal Services. Work and service under this contract consists of providing all labor, tools, and equipm... Open
684589 GA GA DNR: Scrap Tire Abatement at Southeast & Northeast GA... Open
684455 FL Winter Haven: Demolition Services - 2305 1st Street North . Demolition & clearing of 2305 1st Street N - a 1,288 sf SFR, wood frame/stucco structure, along with all accessory structures, foundations, driveway, walkway, ... Open
684453 WA Skagit County : Transfer Station Tire Collection and Recycling Services ... Open
684451 RI RI Resource Recovery Corporation: Electronic Waste Collection and Recycling Services... Open
684265 SD Sioux Falls: Electronics Recycling Services ... Open
684146 UT Ute Indian HA: METH AND MOLD REMEDIATION SERVICES The Ute Indian Housing Authority, Fort Duchesne, Utah, is seeking proposals from qualified individuals/firms that can provide meth testing, meth decontamination, mold tr... Open
684133 WA Kitsap County: Collection, Transportation, Processing, and Recycling and/or Disposal Services for Waste Tires. Kitsap County (the County), by and through the Public Works Solid Waste Division, is seeking proposals to ... Open
684095 UT UDOT: Landfill disposal services for the UDOT Region 1 The intent of this solicitation is to provide a landfill alternative for road and construction waste from UDOT roadways and properties.... Open
683692 TX Edinburg: DISPOSAL OF USED CITY TIRES. ... Open
683678 NM Los Alamos County: Medical and Biohazardous Waste Disposal.... Open
683602 NJ NEWARK : Re-advertisement: Recycling Used Tires ... Open
683600 NJ Hoboken: DISPOSAL OF HAZARDOUS WASTE CONTAMINATED SOIL HOBOKEN COVE CITY OF HOBOKEN. The City of Hoboken is soliciting bids for the Hauling and Disposal of Lead Hazardous Waste Contaminated Soil from the Hoboken Cove Sit... Open
683481 ME Lewiston: *Addendum 1* Lead Abatement 118-122 Sabattus Street. The City of Lewiston is accepting sealed proposals for the Lead Abatement for 118-122 Sabattus St. which consists of complete paint removal, encapsulation, ... Open
683479 ME Lewiston : *Update * Lead Abatement 121 Oak Street. The City of Lewiston is accepting sealed proposals for the Lead Abatement for 121 Oak St. which consists of complete paint removal, encapsulation, enclosure, and/or who... Open
683117 NC Beaufort County Community College: Medical Waste Pickup... Open
683028 MA Springfield: *Addendum 1* E-Waste Disposal/Recycling Services. The Springfield Department of Public Works is seeking to obtain a price agreement for E-Waste Disposal/Recycling Services. Scope of services shall consist ... Open
682842 WA Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (RFQ) Wood Stove Recycling Services. The PSCAA is soliciting responses from metal recycling facilities that are qualified and willing to provide wood stove recycling services for the Puget S... Open
682657 SC Clemson University: Radioactive Waste Removal... Open
682631 VA Chesterfield County: Waste Tire Recycling... Open
682626 NJ County of Gloucester : REMOVAL AND DISPOSING OF SCRAP METAL ... Open
682611 CA Alameda County Water District: Scrap Metal Recycling. Provide all labor, equipment and services for the pick-up, removal and recycling of used brass water meters and copper pipe from the District’s headquarters facility,... Open
682572 FL Lee County: *Bid Tab* Ferrous Metal Recycling. Lee County is seeking qualified vendors to perform ferrous metal recycling. The County is requesting a fixed price (per 100 pounds) for mixed types of primarily ferrous meta... Open
682566 CA CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife: Electronic and Universal Waste Recycling Services. ... Open
682490 CA CALTRANS: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Unsheltered Resident Encampment Site Waste Removal and Cleanup services in Riverside County. The purpose of this agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions under which each Contractor a... Open
682418 FL Charlotte County: *Addendum 1* Residential Sharps Recovery Program Annual. It is the intent of Charlotte County to secure the services of a Florida Department of Health registered transporter for the removal of sharps wa... Open
682382 GA Forsyth County: Pick up and recycling of scrap tires from various Forsyth County locations for calendar year 2022 with two (2) one (1) year renewals ... Open
682139 CA Corona: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Ion Exchange Treatment Plant Resin Change Out. Three vessels storing PSR-2 resin used for ion exchange water treatment requires replenishment. Spent resin must be removed from the vessels, transpo... Open
681835 MI Detroit: Medical Waste Disposal Services ... Open
681633 CA CA Public Utilities Commission: On-Site Confidential Destruction services at CPUC San Francisco office building locations. The Contractor shall provide all labor, materials, non-consumable supplies, transportation, equ... Open
681534 KS Wichita: Lime Sludge Residuals Removal. Wichita Public Works & Utilities (PW&U) disposes of its water plant lime residuals in a disposal pit located at 29th St. N. and West St. This material has been shown to work well ... Open
681498 NE State of NE: Electronic recycling and/or refurbishing particularly for the purpose of further serving a community need or providing social benefit... Open
681454 NC UNC Charlotte: Biohazardous Waste Disposal... Open
681421 MS Jackson County: WASTE TIRE REMOVAL ... Open
681354 CA Orange County: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* Hazardous Waste Disposal Services **DUE DATE EXTENDED TO 10/1/21... Open
681292 AL Limestone County: Tire Recycling Project ... Open
681162 CA Orange County Transportation Authority: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Hazardous Waste Transportation and Disposal, Emergency Response and Related Services. Qualified consultants to perform hazardous waste transportation disposal servi... Open
681132 CA CA DMV: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* On-Site Confidential Document Shredding and Recycling Services for Various DMV Investigations Offices in Area 1- Southern California. The awarded contractor agrees to provide the Department of Mot... Open
681131 CA CALTRANS: Trash and Street Sweeper Debris Disposal, Auburn, CA. Contractor agrees to provide to the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) all labor, trash and street sweeper debris bins, equipment, and incid... Open
681013 CA CA Department of Justice: Biohazardous Waste Removal and Incineration Services-Statewide. Biohazardous Waste Removal and Incineration Services for Bureau of Forensic Services Laboratories Statewide.... Open
680917 CA CALTRANS: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* Unsheltered Resident Encampment Clean Up in Los Angeles County -Metro Region. Bidder must have at time of bid submittal and for the duration of this Agreement a current and valid: A. Contracto... Open
679990 WA XX Dieringer School District : CONTRACTORS ESTABLISHMENT OF SMALL WORKS ROSTER. In accordance with RCW39.04.155, the school district hereby give notice as follows: Contractors that wish to be placed on the Small Works Ro... Open
679930 NJ Gloucester County : REMOVAL AND DISPOSING OF SCRAP METAL ... Open
679904 MN State of Minnesota: CWD Dumpster SE Group C. Provide temporary 6 cubic yard dumpsters/containers and service to load, haul and dispose of deer carcass/refuse on a weekly basis for the Department of Natural Resources ... Open
679903 MN State of Minnesota: CWD Dumpster SE Group D. Provide temporary 6 cubic yard dumpsters/containers and service to load, haul and dispose of deer carcass/refuse on a weekly basis for the Department of Natural Resources ... Open
679894 VA VA DOC: Pickup and Disposal of Sludge/Grease... Open
679890 NV LVMPD: 605957 *w/ADDENDUM 1* Hazardous and Regulated Waste Disposal. ... Open
679811 NJ Randolph : Disposal/Recycling of Municipal Road Wastes for MORRIS COUNTY COOPERATIVE PRICING COUNCIL (6MOCCP) ... Open
679779 PA PennDOT: (E05212) (SOI/LOI) Construction Management, Construction Management Open-End Agreement. The Department of Transportation will retain an engineering firm for (1) open-end agreement for the services indicated ... Open

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