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Snapshot of Sample Fuel tanks UST/AST and water storage Bids

Please note these bids are EXPIRED and are SAMPLE content of what we offer to our paid subscribers

Bid ID State Bid Description View
687108 IN Purdue University: *ADDENDUM 1* West Lafayette Campus – Project 6 Tarkington Hall Brine Tank Rehabilitation – 2021 ... Open
687051 AZ Casa Grande: LANDFILL DIESEL FUEL TANK REPLACEMENT PROJECT. The City of Casa Grande is seeking proposals for the replacement of the existing aboveground fuel tanks at the City of Casa Grande Municipal Landfill, 5200 Chui... Open
686909 TX Brazosport College : Chemical Drum Replacement. The College is seeking vendors for the fabrication and installation of a drum to replace an existing tank that needs to be replaced due to the decay of stored contents. Fa... Open
686861 IL West Chicago: Cleaning, Repairing, & Painting 500,000-Gallon Ground Storage Reservoirs: Booster Number 4 Reservoir & Helena Drive Booster Number 8 Reservoir ... Open
686855 IL NORTH AURORA: 0.75 MG CENTRAL WATER TOWER The proposed improvements for the 0.75 MG CENTRAL WATER TOWER consist of the construction of a new 0.75 MG Elevated Storage Tower consisting of a three quarter (0.75) million-ga... Open
686476 CA Millbrae: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* Sodium Hypochlorite Improvements Project - Redesign. Replacement of two sodium hypochlorite storage tanks and associated fill piping and strainer.... Open
686317 TX Houston: Chemical Tank Installation. ... Open
686244 KY Clay City: Pompeii Road 100,000 Gallon Elevated Water Storage Tank... Open
686183 AR Mount Olive Water Association, Madison - St. Paul: Southern Madison County Water Main Extensions. The Project consists of constructing approximately 50.4 miles of new water mains ranging in size from 2 inches to 6 in... Open
686171 AR Mount Olive Water Association: Southern Madison County Water Main Extensions Project. The Project consists of constructing approximately 50.4 miles of new water mains ranging in size from 2 inches to 6 inches; 4 new ... Open
686062 TN Cannon and Cannon: Construction of the Dry Valley Storage Tank ... Open
686022 NM LOS ALAMOS: Bayo Booster Non-Potable Water Storage Tank Construction Project – Phase I ... Open
686014 IL Millstone Water District: Homberg Water Tower Tank Painting The project consists of repairing and painting the Homberg Elevated Water Tower and other necessary appurtenances. ... Open
685612 FL Key West: *Addendum 1* Richard A. Heyman Environmental Protection Facility Ferric Sulfate Tank Replacement and Gangway Replacement. The project contemplated consists of providing all site work, materials, equipment and l... Open
685418 TX Polk County: FY 2020 CDBG Water Project TDA No. 7220361. Scope: *Rehabilitation of existing 40,000 Gallon Welded Steel Ground Storage Tank. *Construction of new 40,000 Gallon Welded Steel Ground Storage T... Open
685288 KS Newton: Water Storage Tanks. Construction of two (2) new 1.9 MG ground storage tanks, the demolition of the existing 3.8 MG ground storage tank, and new waterlines for connection to the existing potable water supply line... Open
685162 FL Fernandina Beach: *Addenda 1-3* Fleet - Replace Fuel Tanks City Public Works Yard. The City of Fernandina Beach will receive sealed competitive responses for requirements for the following Fleet - Replace Fuel Tanks Cit... Open
685021 FL Callaway: *Addendum 1* Fireguard Fuel Tank Purchase and Installation. Supply and install (1) 4K gallon, 2-compartment UL2085 Fireguard fuel tank with remote fills, level gauges and new fill rite pumps. Connect new pumps ... Open
684766 MD Howard County: Guilford Elevated Water Tank. Howard County intends to procure the services of a construction firm to perform construction of a proposed 2,500,000-gallon composite elevated water storage tank (EWST). The p... Open
684733 WA Vancouver : *ADDENDUM 1* Water Station 7 Tower Internal Coating... Open
684694 IL Aurora: Fox Valley East Ground Storage Tanks Rehab The work includes, but is not limited to, furnishing all labor, machinery, tools, rigging, brushes, material, equipment, bonds, and insurance necessary to clean, abrasi... Open
684450 WA Spokane : Portable Storage Frac Tanks. The City of Spokane is seeking quotes for Portable Storage Frac Tanks to be used for deicing liquid storage by the Street department. Used product may be accepted. ... Open
683922 KS State of KS: Remove Fuel Tanks. ... Open
683862 VA Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority: One (1) 40,000 – 60,000 gallon Horizontal, Vacuum Insulated Liquid Oxygen (LO2) Tank ... Open
683740 MS DIAMONDHEAD WATER AND SEWER DISTRICT BUILD 750,000 ELEVATED STORAGE TANK The Diamondhead Water & Sewer District Elevated Storage Tank Project requires the successful Bidder to construct a 750,000750,000 elevated wat... Open
683379 CA Fresno: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* (RFQ) Southwest Recycled Water System Storage Tank and Booster Pump Station. Qualified civil engineering consulting firms (Respondents) to provide design, bidding and construction support service... Open
683282 IL EAST DUBUQUE: WATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS 2021 CONTRACT A WATER TOWER . The Contract A Water Tower project consists of the construction of a 200,000 gallon single pedestal water tower. ... Open
682920 NM Pueblo of Acoma: ACOMA PUBLIC WATER SYSTEM & WATER STORAGE TANK IMPROVEMENTS The Project consists of the construction of 350,000-gallon McCarty's water storage tank... Open
682659 NE Arlington Public Schools: Site preparation, tank installation, and service to and for diesel fuel storage at our transportation facility located at 720 W Elkhorn, Arlington ... Open
682463 IN Brazil: Construction of a new Elevated Water Storage Tank and new Water Booster Station to serve the City’s Industrial Park. The Project will be constructed in one (1) single prime contract, which is outlined in t... Open
682207 CA LOS OSOS CSD: 16TH STREET SOUTH TANK RECOATING PROJECT. The work is comprised of providing re-coating of the entire tank exterior including appurtenances, complete tank interior re-coating including dollar plate and raft... Open
681996 KS Valley Center: Valley Center Water Tower Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation of Valley Center's existing 750,000-gallon composite water tower. Rehabilitation includes pressure washing and overcoating exterior coatings, sandbl... Open
681555 NM Grant County: JET-A FUEL STORAGE, BULK LOADING SYSTEM AND FACILITY IMPROVEMENTS. Grant County is requesting Bids for the construction the construction of the Grant County-Silver City Airport Fuel System Upgraded, Phase 1... Open
681198 OK NORMAN UTILITIES AUTHORITY: WATER TREATMENT PLANT CARBON DIOXIDE REPLACEMENT TANK This project will involve the removal of the existing 30-ton carbon dioxide tank at the Water Treatment Plant, complete installation of ... Open
680823 TX Kaufman: Construction of “STATE HIGHWAY 175 ELEVATED WATER TANK REPAIR & REPAINT”. ... Open
680795 TN Nashville: Rehabilitate the two Bordeaux water tanks including but not limited to existing coatings removal, new coatings installation, new water line installation, valve vault improvements, telemetry pole installation, ... Open
680745 WA Moses Lake : *Addenda 1 - 3* Municipal Airport Fuel Storage Project. The project includes providing and installing an Avgas 100LL self-fueling station mounted on a concrete slab. The work shall include the design, fabri... Open
680426 NC Cleveland County Water: RFQ Five (5) Individual Distribution System Project Upgrades Request for Qualification for Engineering Services. Design, bidding and construction oversight of five (5) individual projects as outli... Open
679871 MA Westfield: Installation and Replacement of Sodium Aluminate Tank. The City of Westfield invites sealed bids for Installation and Replacement of Sodium Aluminate Tank.... Open
679759 IL Village of Gilberts: Indian Trails Tower Exterior Repaint ... Open
679540 TX Roma ISD: Purchase and Installation of 8,000 gallon Diesel Fuel Tank. ... Open
679111 MN MN DNR: 2035 Gallon Plastic Brine Trank. One elliptical tank as specified in the event attachments. Additional purchase may be made within six months from the original bid contract date. The tank must be rotationally... Open
679049 TN Knoxville:* AND ADDENDUM 1* Underground Storage Tank Repairs... Open
678716 FL Bay County : Ferric Sulfate Stainless Steel Tank Re-Bid. The Bay County Board of County Commissioners (County) seeks bids from qualified contractors to provide and install a stainless-steel tank and other modifications ... Open
678424 CA SUNNYVALE: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FOR UPGRADING OF FUEL TANKS AT THE CORP YARD. The scope of work generally includes preparation of: design development, bid documents, and bidding/construction support for ... Open
678378 IL Chicago Metro Water District: Reline Sodium Hypochlorite Tanks at the Calumet Water Reclamation Plant. Provide all labor, material, supervision, tools, equipment, materials, and appurtenances, including transportation,... Open
678375 WA Port of Vancouver: Fueling Station Improvements. The Fueling Station Improvements Project includes the demolition and replacement of the existing skid mounted fuel storage tank and dispensing system with a new 6,000-gal... Open
677952 AL AL State Port Authority: Gas Tank Painting... Open
677848 CT Windsor: *Addenda 1-2* DPW Fuel Station Equipment . Project will consist of supplying the materials and equipment for the replacement of underground storage tanks and fueling station at the Windsor Department of Public... Open
677585 SC Lake City: Division III Hospital 0.3 MG Elevated Tank Project. The work to be done consists of furnishing all materials, equipment and labor necessary to construct a 0.3 MG elevated water storage tank and associated app... Open
677530 VT VT Military Department: Fuel Dispensing Systems Service & Inspections. The State of Vermont Military Department is seeking proposals for service, inspection & maintenance of above ground fuel dispensing systems at Milit... Open
677482 MI Walker: Millennium Park - AST Removal. ... Open
677428 CA CA Dept of General Services: w/ *BID TAB* Sacramento Nitrogen Tank. Project comprises labor, material and services necessary for: Concrete pad and 6,000 gallon nitrogen tank. Connect tank to existing piping located on t... Open
677225 WA XX ZILLAH SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 205: Small Works Roster. LICENCSED and have EXPERTISE: Architecture Asbestos Abatement Civil Engineering Hazardous Material Abatement Site Clearing/Excavation HVAC/Ductwork Demolit... Open
677223 WA Clark Public Utilities : Paradise Point Finished Water Tank No. 2 . The construction of a 0.58 million gallon welded steel water reservoir with associated site and yard piping work per the bid specifications and drawings... Open
677131 CA UCSF: (RFQ) PH CUP DIESEL TANK REPLACEMENT. Professional Architectural/Engineering (A/E) Consulting Services for thethe PH CUP Diesel Tank Replacement (PRJ-000069) project. The successful A/E team shall provide design, c... Open
677076 CA Placer County: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* Above Ground Fuel Storage Tank & Dispensing Systems. Placer County is requesting bids for the purchase of One (1) New 6000 Gallon Diesel Fuel Above Ground Storage Tank. Stationary and full... Open
676870 AL Prattville: Golson Road Elevated Water Tank Rehabilitation. The Project includes the following Work: Interior & Exterior Coasting Rehabilitation of and Existing 500,000 Gallon Elevated Water Tank and related appurten... Open
676072 CA San Bernardino County: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* FUEL TANK INFRASTRUCTURE PHASE III VICTORVILLE. A State Contractor's Class B License is required to bid the Project. The Construction estimate is $700,000. **DUE DATE EXTENDED TO ... Open
676058 NM Lea County: CONSTRUCTION OF MALJAMAR FIRE STORAGE TANK - MESCALERO WATER COOPERATIVE (MRWC), NIGP COMMODITY CODE #: 968-78 BID #01-(21-22). The Project includes the following Work: Construction of a 30,000-gallon water t... Open
675798 CA CALTRANS: Fuel Tank Inspection, Service and Repair and Vapor Testing in San Diego County. Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, parts, tools, equipment, travel, and incidentals necessary to perform fuel tank ins... Open
675704 SC Dorchester Co: REBID ETC Elevated Water Storage Tank. Work on the Project includes the construction of a 500,000-gallon elevated spheroid steel water storage tank along with associated site, piping and valving, electric... Open
675304 IN Paxton Water Corporation: WATER IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT 150,000 GALLONS GRAYSVILLE ELEVATED WATER STORAGE TANK Project shall include construction of multi-column double ellipsoidal elecated water storage tank at th... Open
675169 UT Springville City: Lower Spring Creek Tank #3 3MG Water Tank Springville City desires to retain the services of a Professional Consulting Engineering Firm to design a new 3-MG water storage tank. ... Open
675090 WA Marysville: Comeford Reservoir Recoat . The project is an exterior full recoat of the Citys elevated Comeford Reservoir, originally constructed in 1921 and no longer used for potable water storage but being maintained ... Open
674963 TX Hood: Rolling Hills Water Service DWSRF Water System Improvements. Construction of a new water treatment plant (WTP) to replace the existing WTP, including new ground storage tanks, hydropneumatic tank, high service... Open
674953 IN Northwest Jasper Regional Water District: I-65 Utility Extensions Division D – 0.15 MG Elevated Storage Tank The project is located northeast of the Interchange of Interstate I- 65 and State Road 10 behind Travel ... Open
674817 IL Village of East Dundee: 500,000 Gallon Spheroid (Rte. 25) Exterior Repaint with Containment Wet Interior Repaint Dry Interior Partial Repaint And Miscellaneous Repairs. Contractors will be prequalified for different s... Open
674728 SC Darlington County Water and Sewer Authority: Ashland Storage Tank & Booster Pumps. Erection of a 750,000 gal. ground storage tank & piping to 2 booster pumps with electrical & VFDs. ... Open
674597 OR Josephine County: JET-A AIRCRAFT FUELING SYSTEM EQUIPMENT. PROJECT APPLICATION NO. COAR-2020-3S8-00046 AND COAR-2021-3S8-0058. Major elements of work for the project include, but are not limited to furnish and install a ... Open
673923 CA BAKERSFIELD: (RFQ) Coating Inspection services for Wastewater Division. The work to be performed consists of providing coating inspection services for the Wastewater Division. Work consists of, but not limited to: inspec... Open
673578 MT Yellowstone - Laurel: Construction of the Laurel Water Storage Tank Roof Recoat. The project consists of: Recoating the exterior roof (approximately 17,000 square feet) of a ground level welded steel water storage... Open
673433 WA WA Dept. of Enterprise Services : Old Cap Underground Storage Tank Removal. ESTIMATED BASE BID COST RANGE: $124,000.00 to $166,000.00 ... Open
673425 IN Carbon: DIVISION II – PAINTING OF 150,000 GALLONS SPHEROIDAL WATER STORAGE TANK The Project consists of: surface preparation and painting of interior and exterior of 150,000 gallons spheroidal elevated water storage ... Open

All sample Fuel tanks UST/AST and water storage bids