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Bid ID Category State Bid Description View
658309 Dredging, marine WI Portland: Oakland Road, Rullands Coulee Creek Bridge B-41-325, Town of Portland, Monroe County, Wisconsin (Quest Project #7488842). The proposed work consists o open_in_browser VIEW
658304 Dredging, marine IL CHANNAHON: IHC CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES, LLC is seeking Protected Class, Disadvantaged and Veteran Owned Businesses (PCE, DBE, MBE, WBE, SBE, VBE, VOSB, SDVOSB) f open_in_browser VIEW
658155 Dredging, marine WA Tacoma : *ADDENDUM 1* Cowlitz River Barrier Dam Left Side Scour Area Infill. Project Scope: Construction of a rock infill at the Cowlitz River Barrier dam. S open_in_browser VIEW
658091 Dredging, marine NC Rocky Mount: Tar River Reservoir WTP - Dam Aeration open_in_browser VIEW
658055 Dredging, marine IL O'Fallon: Bids for the construction of the JUNIPER DRIVE AND WEST MADISON DRIVE AREA CREEK BANK STABILIZATION; This project consists of approximately 1,070 SY o open_in_browser VIEW
658026 Dredging, marine WA WA DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND WILDLIFE : Williams Lake Access Redevelopment. Provide all labor, material, and equipment to construct public lake access redevelo open_in_browser VIEW
657625 Dredging, marine IA Iowa DNR, HENRY : 18-06-44-03 *w/ADDENDUM 1* GEODE STATE PAR SHORELINE ARMORING. This project consists of placing rock revetment along the shoreline by barg open_in_browser VIEW
657582 Dredging, marine WV Buffalo Creek Public Service District: Repair of two anaerobic digesters which will require sludge removal to the landfill and metal repair. open_in_browser VIEW
657562 Dredging, marine NJ New Jersey Turnpike Authority : *ADDENDUM 1* ORDER FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Major Bridge Inspection Program Major Bridge Group 3 (2021 – 2024) open_in_browser VIEW
657547 Dredging, marine WI Trout Lake District: Trout Lake Dam Repairs - Rebid (Quest Project #7467333). In general, the project consists of 1. Removal and resurfacing of spalled and uns open_in_browser VIEW
657474 Dredging, marine CO Castle Rock: --- DUPLICATE BID OF 657362--------- Water Department to engage qualified Contractors to provide construction services for various CR Water project open_in_browser VIEW
657454 Dredging, marine IL Village of North Aurora: Mill Race Spillway Bank Riprap Project open_in_browser VIEW
657433 Dredging, marine MA Dennis: *Addendum 1* Sesuit Harbor Floating Docks. The intent of this procurement is for the successful bidder to assemble and deliver approximately five hundre open_in_browser VIEW
657313 Dredging, marine FL Village of Key Biscayne: Beach Nourishment Project. Mobilization, Deliver, Place, and Survey Beach Compatible Sand, Turbidity Monitoring, Vibration Control and open_in_browser VIEW
657311 Dredging, marine FL FL Dept of Environmental Protection: *Addenda 1-2* FL Keys Overseas Heritage Trail – Hazard Sign Replacements. Builder’s Risk and Longshoreman’s Insurance is r open_in_browser VIEW
657297 Dredging, marine WI Suamico: 2021 Moose Creek Pond Dredging 96 CY – Pond Dredging70 CY – 6” Crushed Breaker Placement Misc. Erosion Control and Landscaping open_in_browser VIEW
657177 Dredging, marine NJ Ocean County Utilities Authority: *ADDENDUM 1* Sludge Disposal Improvement Projects- Furnishing of labor, equipment and materials required to haul and dispose o open_in_browser VIEW
657130 Dredging, marine UT Ogden: Ogden Riverbank Erosion EWP Project. The Work generally includes, but is not limited to, the following: Streambank repair and stabilization for five (5) open_in_browser VIEW
657116 Dredging, marine WI EPHRAIM: SHORELINE PROTECTION: The work extends along three (3) sites along Eagle Harbor, totaling approximately 700 linear feetof shoreline. open_in_browser VIEW
657088 Dredging, marine MS Pass Christian: (RFQ) ENGINEERING SERVICES HURRICANE ZETA. Overall design, construction administration, inspection services and General Engineering Consultation open_in_browser VIEW
657020 Dredging, marine FL Escambia County: Derelict Vessel Removal, Transport and Disposal. Escambia County Marine Resources Division is submitting an application to the Florida Fish an open_in_browser VIEW
657017 Dredging, marine SC Colleton County: *ADDENDUM 1-2* CHEHAW PIER REPLACEMENT. Construction of a new fixed aluminum pier, relocation of existing floating courtesy dock, new aluminum open_in_browser VIEW
657001 Dredging, marine WI Lake Mills: SANDY BEACH BOAT LAUNCH. The Work includes approximately 1,200 tons of asphalt paving, 4,000 tons of base aggregate, 2,000 square feet of concrete f open_in_browser VIEW
656832 Dredging, marine WA Port of Tacoma : *ADDENDUM 1* On-Call Pier and Marine Repairs. Scope of Work: The Work required for this Project includes: Provide all labor, equipment, and ma open_in_browser VIEW
656781 Dredging, marine PA Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority: Wastewater Grit Removal & Sludge Hauling Services 2021. The work to be performed consists of all labor, equipment, mater open_in_browser VIEW
656721 Dredging, marine AZ Show Low: *Addenda#1-2* SHOW LOW WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT, Biosolids Transport and Disposal project, which will include furnishing all labor, equipment, mater open_in_browser VIEW
656715 Dredging, marine NJ Newark: (RFQ) Regular Dam Safety Inspections open_in_browser VIEW
656705 Dredging, marine SC Allendale: Lower Savannah Council of Governments: Wastewater Treatment Facility Modifications and Improvements (re-bid). Work includes installation of influent open_in_browser VIEW
656696 Dredging, marine WI MONONA: WINNEQUAH ROAD BRIDGE REPLACEMENT PROJECT (PIRATE ISLAND) (Quest Project #7455884) The project work includes removing the existing bridge and reconstruc open_in_browser VIEW
656689 Dredging, marine MI MDOT: Specialty Services for bridge inspection on behalf of the IBA.Location: International Bridge Administration 934 Bridge Plaza Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783. open_in_browser VIEW
656677 Dredging, marine MI Ingham: Professional engineering services for the 2021 and 2022 Biennial Bridge Inspection Program. open_in_browser VIEW
656667 Dredging, marine DE DelDOT: BR 1-421 ON MARYLAND LINE ROAD OVER TRIBUTARY TO SASSAFRAS RIVER. The improvements consist of furnishing all labor and materials for the replacement of open_in_browser VIEW
656636 Dredging, marine FL Washington County: Washington County Culpepper Landing Boat Ramp. The project consists of replacing the boat ramp, constructing new boarding docks, and organizi open_in_browser VIEW
656608 Dredging, marine FL Bradenton Beach: *Addenda 1-4* Coquina Channel Dredge Project. The scope of work is for excavation to restore navigable access to Coquina Channel to uniform wid open_in_browser VIEW
656607 Dredging, marine FL Bradenton Beach: *Addenda 1-4* Coquina Channel Seagrass Mitigation Project. The scope of work is for mitigation of seagrass impacts associated with the Coquina open_in_browser VIEW
656578 Dredging, marine AL Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources: MIDDLETON BOAT RAMP SITE IMPROVEMENTS AT MIDDLETON BOAT RAMP MOBILE, ALABAMA open_in_browser VIEW
656488 Dredging, marine OK Western Farmers Electric Cooperative : possible contractors for future Debris Removal Services in 2021. Work could beperformed across the Stateof Oklahoma, as w open_in_browser VIEW
656474 Dredging, marine CT Windham: Raw Water Pump Station Intake Gates & Emergency Generator Fuel Tank Replacement. The Project includes removing and replacing the existing wooden sluic open_in_browser VIEW
656472 Dredging, marine AL Orange Beach: SLUDGE REMOVAL AND DISPOSAL open_in_browser VIEW
656448 Dredging, marine WI Kenosha County: *ADDENDUM 1-2* Pike River Streambank Restoration Phase II Project Management Services open_in_browser VIEW
656423 Dredging, marine MO Pevely: Removal and disposal of biosolids sludge from its storage lagoon during calendar years 2021 and 2023. open_in_browser VIEW
656423 Dredging, marine AK Pevely: Removal and disposal of biosolids sludge from its storage lagoon during calendar years 2021 and 2023. open_in_browser VIEW
656423 Dredging, marine MO Pevely: Removal and disposal of biosolids sludge from its storage lagoon during calendar years 2021 and 2023. open_in_browser VIEW
656418 Dredging, marine CO Dinosaur: Phase IIIB of the Dinosaur Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements project.The construction site is located at the Town's existing wastewater treatmen open_in_browser VIEW
656377 Dredging, marine MS Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ): Restoring Living Shorelines and Reefs in Mississippi Estuaries Wolf River Living Shoreline and Subtidal open_in_browser VIEW
656347 Dredging, marine VA Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources: *ADDENDUM 1,2* Osbourne Landing Boat Basin Dredge II open_in_browser VIEW
656240 Dredging, marine SC Anderson County: Green Pond Landing Weigh-In-Dock Project. Work consists of the install of a floating dock, gangways to access the dock, and associated grading open_in_browser VIEW
656202 Dredging, marine WA Port of Grays Harbor: Terminal Maintenance Dredging. open_in_browser VIEW
656152 Dredging, marine NC NC Wildlife Resources Commission: Removal of Abandoned Commercial Shrimp Trawler. Abandoned and derelict vessels on public waters, public lands and private land open_in_browser VIEW
656071 Dredging, marine FL Parker: Cedar Avenue Retaining Wall Alternate bids for Wood Seawall. The City of Parker (City) seeks proposals from qualified contractors to construct a new vi open_in_browser VIEW
656043 Dredging, marine SC Cayce: Professional Services for Installing an ADA Compliant Kayak Launch System. The City of Cayce has approximately twelve miles of Riverwalk that consist of open_in_browser VIEW
656026 Dredging, marine FL Lake County Water Authority: *Updated* Palatlakaha River Villa City Water Control Structures Replacement. The Project to be bid upon is located in Lake County. open_in_browser VIEW
656017 Dredging, marine FL Coconut Creek: Sabal Pines Park Wood Boardwalk Replacement. The City of Coconut Creek, Florida is seeking bids from qualified, experienced and licensed Contract open_in_browser VIEW
655991 Dredging, marine TX Sabine Pass Port Authority: Marina Dredging open_in_browser VIEW
655981 Dredging, marine MI Marshall: Perrin Dam Improvements. project work consists of clearing and grubbing the dam crest and upstream and downstream embankment slopes, plac open_in_browser VIEW
655905 Dredging, marine MA Manchester-by-the-Sea: Singing Beach Revetment & Harbor St Seawall Repairs Projects open_in_browser VIEW
655892 Dredging, marine AL Birmingham: Storm Debris Removal and other Disaster Related Services open_in_browser VIEW
655881 Dredging, marine OR Port of Newport: Port Dock 5 Pier Replacement. Through the authorization of the Port of Newport Commission, the Port of Newport is accepting bids from qualified open_in_browser VIEW
655877 Dredging, marine FL Miami Lakes: *Addenda 1-2* Lake Maintenance Services. The Work shall include, but not be limited to, aesthetic above surface debris removal, algae and aquatic w open_in_browser VIEW
655854 Dredging, marine VA Richmond: *ADDENDUM 1,2,3,4,5* Water Treatment Plant Lagoon Residuals Removal Phase V open_in_browser VIEW
655832 Dredging, marine NJ ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS: RFP Harbor Engineer - 2021 open_in_browser VIEW
655829 Dredging, marine FL Charlotte County: *Addenda 1-2* Storm Debris Clearing – Water Flow Obstruction. This is an annual contract for a Contractor to clear storm-related de open_in_browser VIEW
655826 Dredging, marine FL Charlotte County: *Addenda 1-3* Line of Site Clearing Northwest Port Charlotte Waterways. It is the intent of Charlotte County to secure the services open_in_browser VIEW
655768 Dredging, marine WI CHENEQUA: PINE LAKE BOAT LAUNCH ACCESS IMPROVEMENTS. (QUEST #7421615) The Work includes boat launch ramp and floating dock improvements, light pole and electric open_in_browser VIEW
655762 Dredging, marine NV Southern Nevada Water Authority: 801I *w/ADDENDA 1-3* Final Weir Modifications. The Work consists of clearing, site preparation, excavating, grading, permitting open_in_browser VIEW
655753 Dredging, marine VA Franklin: Emergency Debris Removal open_in_browser VIEW
655708 Dredging, marine FL Mexico Beach: Artificial Reef Project. The project consists of construction and deployment of a minimum of fifteen (15) of approximately 4,000-6,000 lb concre open_in_browser VIEW
655702 Dredging, marine FL Jacksonville: *Addenda 1-4* Mayport Docks Redevelopment Project. Work consists of furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment and performing all operations open_in_browser VIEW
655687 Dredging, marine OR Irrigon: Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Removal. Work will include: Dredging, dewatering, weighing, hauling, and disposing of the biosolids from the wastewat open_in_browser VIEW
655645 Dredging, marine DE State of Delaware: NAT20CH200-FISHPIER *w/ADDENDA 1-4* Cape Henlopen – Pier Fishing Pile Repairs. open_in_browser VIEW
655579 Dredging, marine NC Rocky Mount: Tar River Dam Aeration open_in_browser VIEW
655566 Dredging, marine TX Fort Bend:*ADDENDUM 1* Pecan Grove MUD, Proposed Dredging to serve Bullhead Slough Phase II. open_in_browser VIEW
655553 Dredging, marine MS HANCOCK COUNTY PORT & HARBOR COMMISSION: SITE 4 MULTI-MODAL FACILITY (RE-BID). 500 linear feet of bulkhead/associated tie-back systems; 500 feet x 42 feet wide open_in_browser VIEW
655550 Dredging, marine DE New Castle County: Rehabilitation of Stormwater Management Facility for Woodside Court. Work will include pond excavation to remove sedimentation, removal of an open_in_browser VIEW
655466 Dredging, marine SC Beaufort County: *PRE-QUALIFICATIONS* General Contractor and Sub Contractor Pre-Qualification List for Projects Under $50k. *END DATE OF PRE QUALIFICATIONS MAY open_in_browser VIEW
655440 Dredging, marine NY NYS DEC: Lower Genesee River Corrective Action Project. The remedial activities include, but are not necessarily limited to, dredging, capping of sediments of t open_in_browser VIEW
655426 Dredging, marine AL AL Department of Conservation and Natural Resources: DELTA PORT PARKING LOT AND SHORELINE IMPROVEMENTS AT DELTA PORT BOAT RAMP CODEN, ALABAMA open_in_browser VIEW
655425 Dredging, marine IN Lake Lemon Conservancy District (LLCD): Construction of the LAKE LEMON SEDIMENT IMPROVEMENT PROJECT. General Description of Work The above designated work and open_in_browser VIEW


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