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Bid ID Category State Bid Description View
666761 Bioremediation KY Bowling Green: BGMU, Professional engineering consultants to provide design, bidding, and construction administration services of an irrigation system using tre open_in_browser VIEW
665858 Bioremediation CA LAS GALLINAS VALLEY SANITARY DISTRICT: Biosolids disposal and reclamation pastures irrigation operation and maintenance during the twelve-month period July 1, 2 open_in_browser VIEW
665125 Bioremediation OR Salem: Summer Biosolids Cake Application Services. WORK DESCRIPTION: The proposed work consists of furnishing all labor, equipment and materials required to app open_in_browser VIEW
673407 Bioremediation IL Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago: BENEFICIAL REUSE OF BIOSOLIDS FROM LASMA AND CALSMA. Tenders are invited to provide truck hauling a open_in_browser VIEW
670327 Bioremediation OK City of Ada: Bio-Solid Disposal open_in_browser VIEW
667728 Bioremediation CA Millbrae: Hauling, Disposal and Beneficial Reuse of Wastewater Biosolids. Hauling, disposal and beneficial reuse of approximately 2,000 wet tons of wastewater b open_in_browser VIEW
667147 Bioremediation NJ Cape May County MUA: Loading, Hauling and Disposal of Dewatered Biosolids for Various CMCMUA Facilities. open_in_browser VIEW
665693 Bioremediation CA Millbrae: Hauling, Disposal and Beneficial Reuse of Wastewater Biosolids. Hauling, disposal and beneficial reuse of approximately 2,000 wet tons of wastewater b open_in_browser VIEW
663544 Bioremediation CA Chino Basin Desalter Authority: TRANSPORTATION AND BENEFICIAL REUSE OR DISPOSAL OF WASTEWATER BIOSOLIDS. open_in_browser VIEW
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Bid ID Category State Bid Description View
674690 Bioremediation CA Corona: Class B Biosolids End Use. The City of Corona (City) is in need of a Contractor to manage the end use of its water reclamation biosolid products generat open_in_browser VIEW
670659 Bioremediation AL Saraland: 2021 Annual Contract for Hauling of Biosolids. The work primarily consists of providing a dumpster for biosolids storage at the Saraland Wastewater Tr open_in_browser VIEW
664345 Bioremediation IL Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago: Utilization and Transportation of Air Dried Biosolids from LASMA and CALSMA open_in_browser VIEW
661906 Bioremediation VA Powhatan County: Removal and liquid land application of digested solids from Dutoy Creek and Fighting Creek WWTPs open_in_browser VIEW
657490 Bioremediation WA Kitsap County: *ADDENDA 1 & 2* Transportation and Beneficial Use of Class-B Biosolids open_in_browser VIEW
662086 Bioremediation WI Tomahawk: Hauling of approximately 1,000,000 gallons of liquid sludge. The Contractor will be required to haul the sludge as needed and must be able to spread w open_in_browser VIEW
658254 Bioremediation FL Panama City: Sludge Hauling and Disposal Service. The contract will be for a period of two years with two, 1-year options to extend. open_in_browser VIEW
657742 Bioremediation NJ Joint Meeting of Essex and Union Counties: HAULING AND BENEFICIAL USE OF DEWATERED BIOSOLIDS . The work includes, but is not limited to, hauling and benefic open_in_browser VIEW
673611 Bioremediation IL Town of Normal: Removal of Lime Softening Sludge. The Town of Normal is seeking proposals from contractors for the removal and land application of lime softenin open_in_browser VIEW
667828 Bioremediation OR Clean Water Services: *Addendum#1* Biosolids Hauling and Land Application Services. Clean Water Services (District) wishes to enter into a five-year contract fo open_in_browser VIEW
664477 Bioremediation PA Lower Perkiomen Valley Regional Sewer Authority , Montgomery County: Beneficial Use and/or Disposal of Biosolids and Disposal of Grit Screenings. Bids will open_in_browser VIEW
661601 Bioremediation IA Cedar Rapids: PUR0221-218 *w/ADDENDA 1 & 2* Land Application of Biosolids. Land Application of Biosolids for the Cedar Rapids Water Pollution Control Facili open_in_browser VIEW
673882 Bioremediation NC CARY: Non-Pelletized and Cleanout Material Services open_in_browser VIEW
670460 Bioremediation AZ Yuma: Biosolids Removal and Disposal. open_in_browser VIEW
664992 Bioremediation FL Starke: Biofermentation City of Starke WWTF 602 Edwards Rd. Starke, FL 32091. The City of Starke operates an extended air activated sludge plant with no primary open_in_browser VIEW
663082 Bioremediation IN South Bend: 2021 Trucking of Biosolids for Land Application Work includes the supply of trucks and drivers to transport belt pressed biosolids for land appl open_in_browser VIEW
673883 Bioremediation NC CARY: Biosolids Product Marketing & Beneficial Reuse open_in_browser VIEW
665953 Bioremediation AR Little Rock: LRWRA, Removal and Beneficial Use of Biosolids Land Application. open_in_browser VIEW
661433 Bioremediation IN Newton County Water & Sewerage Authority: Development of a biosolids handling and disposal program to serve their collective wastewater treatment systems open_in_browser VIEW
661236 Bioremediation OR Albany: *Addenda#1-3* SS-20-01 and SS-20-02 AM-WRF Compost and Dewatering Improvements. Schedule A of this project includes construction of a new composting fac open_in_browser VIEW
666731 Bioremediation MD MD Environmental Service: Freedom District Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Beneficial Re-Use Services for Dewatered Biosolid. The Maryland Environmental Servi open_in_browser VIEW
671697 Bioremediation GA Clayton County Water Authority: Residual Biosolids Management open_in_browser VIEW
671806 Bioremediation WI Poplar: WWTF Lagoon No 3 Repairs (Quest Project #7849276) Proposal #1: Work shall include repairs to the Village’s Lagoon No. 3 liner system. The North and Eas open_in_browser VIEW
670336 Bioremediation OK Edmond: Sludge Lagoon Cleaning. Public Works Authority (Owner) desires sealed bids for cleaning wastewater plant sludge treatment lagoon and land applying waste open_in_browser VIEW
659840 Bioremediation WI Sun Prairie: *Q & A* Biosolids Hauling and Land Application open_in_browser VIEW
673409 Bioremediation MO Aurora: Land Application of Biosolids and Waste biosolids disposal operations associated with the City's WWTP. open_in_browser VIEW
658965 Bioremediation WI Viroqua: Hauling and Land Spreading of Wastewater Treatment Sludge open_in_browser VIEW
660055 Bioremediation FL Fort Myers: *Addenda 1-5* Yearly Biosolids Hauling for the Central & South Wastewater Treatment Facilities. The work to be done under this contract will involve open_in_browser VIEW
672909 Bioremediation IL McLean County: Sewage Treatment Plant Project. The County of McLean, Illinois is requesting submission of proposals for professional services required for clean open_in_browser VIEW
658510 Bioremediation NM Pecos: WWTP Lagoon Abandonment Plan. Description of Project: The Pecos WWTP Lagoon Abandonment Plan consists of earthwork, as well as demolition and disposal of open_in_browser VIEW
666391 Bioremediation OK Porum Public Works Authority: ODEQ land application permit & remove, transport, & land apply sludge from WWTP Lagoon #1 & #2. open_in_browser VIEW
661956 Bioremediation IL NMWRD: *DOCUMENTS ADDED* Land Application of Sludge Services open_in_browser VIEW
666648 Bioremediation VA Chesterfield County: Cleaning of Primary Digester at Proctors Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant open_in_browser VIEW
666127 Bioremediation CT Mattabassett District Water Pollution Control Facility: *Addenda 1-2* Ash Lagoon Cleaning Project. Dredging and Cleaning of The District’s North Ash Lagoon (Es open_in_browser VIEW