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Bid ID Category State Bid Description View
657839 Landfills, gas monitoring UT Wayne County : dirt work at the Wayne County Long Hollow Landfill. The successful bidder will be required to mine, haul, and place approximately 11,500 yards of open_in_browser VIEW
657771 Landfills, gas monitoring CA CALTRANS: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Landfill Disposal Services in San Luis Obispo County. Contractor shall provide Landfill Disposal Site Services to the California Depar open_in_browser VIEW
657735 Landfills, gas monitoring NC Rowan County: RFQ Professional Environmental Engineering And Planning Services For The Rowan County Landfill open_in_browser VIEW
657475 Landfills, gas monitoring CO Montrose County: *Addendum 1* Landfill Post-Closure Monitoring Services. Montrose County is accepting fee proposals from consultants for monitoring and groundw open_in_browser VIEW
657260 Landfills, gas monitoring MN OLMSTED COUNTY DEPT. OF PUBLIC WORKS: Kalmar Landfill - Ash Cell 6A Construction and Partial Ash and MSW Bypass Area Closures. open_in_browser VIEW
657101 Landfills, gas monitoring MI Kent County: *Addendum 1* South Kent Landfill Cell 41 and 42 Construction. open_in_browser VIEW
656854 Landfills, gas monitoring GA Newton County: Site 2 MSWL Phase 8A Landfill Cell Construction open_in_browser VIEW
656635 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Escambia County: *Addenda 1-3* Perdido Landfill Gas Collection and Control System (GCCS) Expansion- Design, Bidding and Construction Phase. The project work to open_in_browser VIEW
656348 Landfills, gas monitoring VA Prince William County: Phase III Cell A Liner System open_in_browser VIEW
656226 Landfills, gas monitoring VA Loudoun County: Solid Waste Management Facility Cell R2 Bottom Liner System open_in_browser VIEW
655953 Landfills, gas monitoring KS Hamilton Syracuse: MSW Landfill, East Cell Phase 2 Excavation. Owner Project Number: 2008820-003. open_in_browser VIEW
655828 Landfills, gas monitoring WA Thurston County: Landfill Gas Flare Improvements Waste and Recovery Center (WARC). The work includes, but is not limited to, the following: Procurement of skid open_in_browser VIEW
655810 Landfills, gas monitoring CA Los Angeles County Sanitation District No. 2: CONSTRUCTION OF SCHOLL CANYON LANDFILL GAS COLLECTION SYSTEM - 2021. The work consists of construction of HDPE gas open_in_browser VIEW
655706 Landfills, gas monitoring CA CALTRANS: Disposal Site Services for Sonoma County. Contractor shall provide a waste disposal site for non-hazardous materials including, but not limited to, sl open_in_browser VIEW
655587 Landfills, gas monitoring NJ MIDDLESEX COUNTY UTILITIES AUTHORITY: (Rebid)//Periodic Installation and Repair of Temporary Geomembrane Cover open_in_browser VIEW
655546 Landfills, gas monitoring CA Redlands: Consulting Services for Landfill Gas Engineering Support, On-Call Service and Reporting. The scope of work includes all fieldwork and sampling associa open_in_browser VIEW
655505 Landfills, gas monitoring CA San Benito County: w/ *Q&A* Environmental Review Services for John Smith Road Landfill Expansion EIR. San Benito County owns the John Smith Road Landfill (JSRL) open_in_browser VIEW
655496 Landfills, gas monitoring CA Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts: PHASE 2 SIDE SLOPE CHARACTERIZATION SERVICES AT CALABASAS LANDFILL. The Sanitation Districts are seeking professional c open_in_browser VIEW
655456 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Indian River County: *Addenda 1-2* Segment 3 Cell 1 Landfill Gas System Expansion Project. Project Description: Construction of the Segment 3 Cell 1 Landfill Ga open_in_browser VIEW
654982 Landfills, gas monitoring TX Denton: LANDFILL CELL 4 CONSTRUCTION. open_in_browser VIEW
654872 Landfills, gas monitoring SC Berkeley County Water & Sanitation: *ADDENDUM 1-2* Cell 14 Landfill Expansion Professional engineering and design services for preparation of construction drawi open_in_browser VIEW
654769 Landfills, gas monitoring NJ Pollution Control Financing Authority of Warren County: Cell 7 Construction Warren County District Landfill Oxford. The work includes, among other things, the C open_in_browser VIEW
654713 Landfills, gas monitoring ND Bismarck: Engineering Services for Solid Waste Projects. Provide analysis, design, and construction support services for Solid Waste collection and disposal pro open_in_browser VIEW
654699 Landfills, gas monitoring NH Plaistow: Landfill Final Cover Repair. The Town of Plaistow is requesting proposals for repair work on the final cover system of the Town's closed landfill. The open_in_browser VIEW
654658 Landfills, gas monitoring GA Thomasville: Phase I (MSW) Waste Mining and Phase III (C&D) Cell Nos. 9 & 10 Construction at the Thomasville/Sunset Drive Landfill, City of Thomasville, Georgi open_in_browser VIEW
654627 Landfills, gas monitoring NJ Burlington County: *ADDENDUM 1* 2021 Landfill Gas Collection and Control System Expansion. County of Burlington seeks bids for the drilling and installation of open_in_browser VIEW
654560 Landfills, gas monitoring CA Placer County: EASTERN REGIONAL LANDFILL STORMWATER IMPROVEMENTS, PROJECT NO. PJ00826. The Work consists generally of the following: Construction of forebay, ve open_in_browser VIEW
654539 Landfills, gas monitoring CA CALTRANS: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Landfill Site Services for Alameda County. Contractor agrees to provide Landfill Disposal Site Services to the California Department o open_in_browser VIEW
654511 Landfills, gas monitoring NJ Cumberland County Improvement Authority: *ADDENDA 1 & 2* INSTALLATION OF LFG EXTRACTION WELLS AND CONDENSATE SUMPS AT THE CUMBERLAND COUNTY SOLID WASTE COMPLEX open_in_browser VIEW
653650 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Lake County: *Addendum 1* On-Call Landfill Maintenance Services. The purpose of this solicitation is to establish a contract with one or more qualified contract open_in_browser VIEW
653593 Landfills, gas monitoring WI La Crosse County: *AMENDMENT 1* Leachate Line Jetting and Televising Bid open_in_browser VIEW
653472 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Putnam County: *Addenda 1-6* Central Landfill Cell 4A Construction. The Putnam County Board of County Commissioners is requesting sealed bids from qualified con open_in_browser VIEW
653139 Landfills, gas monitoring NJ CUMBERLAND COUNTY IMPROVEMENT AUTHORITY: 2021 Services for the following Scale Repair & Maintenance Services Landfill Temporary Cover & Maintenance Water Sampl open_in_browser VIEW
653083 Landfills, gas monitoring IL Rock Island, Moline, and the Village of Milan: Landfill Disposal Service Contract Annual disposal of domestic refuse, sewage treatment plant sludge, yard waste, open_in_browser VIEW
652856 Landfills, gas monitoring NJ Cape May County MUA: 2021 Landfill Cap Liner Miscellaneous Repair Services open_in_browser VIEW
652766 Landfills, gas monitoring OR Deschutes County: 2020 KNOTT LANDFILL LFG EXTRACTION WELL PROJECT. Deschutes County Department of Solid Waste is soliciting bids to furnish all labor, materials open_in_browser VIEW
652747 Landfills, gas monitoring AL ATMORE: LANDFILL CELL 6 CONSTRUCTION. The Project consists of excavation of a new permitted C&D cell to permitted base grades, construction of perimeter ditch a open_in_browser VIEW
652614 Landfills, gas monitoring IN Seymour Board of Public Works & Safety: Contract for landfill fees for 2021 calendar year. open_in_browser VIEW
652537 Landfills, gas monitoring CA Kern County: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* OPERATION OF BORON, MOJAVE-ROSAMOND, AND RIDGECREST RECYCLING AND SANITARY LANDFILLS. The landfills primarily serve as depositories open_in_browser VIEW
652433 Landfills, gas monitoring KY Winchester: Landfill Services. The landfill services requested include approximately 18,000 tons per year of municipal solid waste, 12,000 tons per year of non- open_in_browser VIEW
652252 Landfills, gas monitoring VT Greater Upper Valley: Landfill North Hartland. The Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste Management District (District) is seeking proposals for interest in construc open_in_browser VIEW
651841 Landfills, gas monitoring FL St. Lucie County: *Addenda 1-4* Class I Landfill Phase IIIB Landfill Gas System Expansion. This project proposes to construct a landfill gas system expansion in open_in_browser VIEW
651837 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Daytona Beach: *Addendum 1* Clyde Morris Construction & Demolition of Landfill Site Closure . The work generally consists of closing the City’s current Constru open_in_browser VIEW
651830 Landfills, gas monitoring WI Shawano County Land Conservation Department: Closure of Waste Storage Facility #4, Closure of Waste Storage Facility #5 open_in_browser VIEW
651824 Landfills, gas monitoring NC Moore County: *ADDENDUM 1-2* LANDFILL – CELL 6 CONSTRUCTION open_in_browser VIEW
651717 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Polk County: *Addenda 1-2* Waste and Recycling Program Regulatory Sampling and Analysis at the County’s landfills open_in_browser VIEW
651635 Landfills, gas monitoring MT Gallatin County - Bozeman: West Yellowstone/Hebgen Basin Solid Waste District Transfer Station Repairs (Landfills, waste handling facilities).Owner Project Numb open_in_browser VIEW
651326 Landfills, gas monitoring AK Anchorage: *Addendum#1* Provide Professional Engineering Design services for ARL Lechate Upgrades Project. open_in_browser VIEW
651324 Landfills, gas monitoring NJ Salem County Improvement Authority: Exposed Geomembrane Cover Solid Waste Complex 36 McKillip Road,Alloway, NJ 08001 open_in_browser VIEW
651272 Landfills, gas monitoring NY Broome County: (RFQ) Landfill Engineering Services Related to Landfill Gas Title V Permit Services, GHG and NSPS Reporting. The Broome County Division of Solid open_in_browser VIEW
651088 Landfills, gas monitoring AL Florence: CDD Landfill Closure Construction open_in_browser VIEW
651037 Landfills, gas monitoring AL MONTGOMERY: CELL 10B CONSTRUCTION - NORTH MONTGOMERY LANDFILL. The scope of work involves furnishing all labor, materials, services, and equipment required to p open_in_browser VIEW
651031 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Gulf Breeze: Disaster Debris Monitoring Services . The project consists of disaster management, recovery, and consulting services to support the oversight and m open_in_browser VIEW
650786 Landfills, gas monitoring NY Broome County: (RFQ) PROJECT ENGINEERS FOR THE COLESVILLE LANDFILL REMEDIATION PROJECT. The Broome County Division of Solid Waste Management is seeking qualific open_in_browser VIEW
650783 Landfills, gas monitoring GA Macon County: Repair Plan for the Highway 49 North#3 Landfill open_in_browser VIEW
650701 Landfills, gas monitoring NC Winston-Salem: Installation of Gas Extraction Well and Collection Piping at Hanes Mill Road Landfill. Installation of new landfill gas collection wells, the aba open_in_browser VIEW
650347 Landfills, gas monitoring PA CHESTER COUNTY SOLID WASTE AUTHORITY: Leachate Treatment Plant Improvements. open_in_browser VIEW
650324 Landfills, gas monitoring MO Lee’s Summit: Solid Waste Processing Facility and Associated Programs. open_in_browser VIEW
650304 Landfills, gas monitoring VA Rivanna Solid Waste Authority: IVY MUC LANDFILL CAP REPAIRS AND DRAINAGE/BERM IMPROVEMENTS . Includes the repairing of approximately 50,000 square feet of the C open_in_browser VIEW
650293 Landfills, gas monitoring NE Lincoln/Lancaster County: *Addendum#1* Bluff Road Landfill CG/GC Improvements. open_in_browser VIEW
650104 Landfills, gas monitoring CA CALTRANS: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Landfill Disposal Site Services located in San Diego County. Contractor agrees to provide landfill disposal site services for the Sant open_in_browser VIEW
649995 Landfills, gas monitoring CA CA Dept of Corrections & Rehab: NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE LANDFILL USE SERVICES. This is an Agreement in which the Contractor shall provide use of non-hazardous waste open_in_browser VIEW
649980 Landfills, gas monitoring PA Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority: 20P-007 *w/ADDENDA 1-3* Landfill Waste Relocation. For the excavation, screening, hauling, and relocation of waste materials f open_in_browser VIEW
649927 Landfills, gas monitoring CA Placer County: w/ *ADDENDA 1-8* Operation of the Western Regional Sanitary Landfill. The Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA) is issuing this Reque open_in_browser VIEW
649907 Landfills, gas monitoring NJ Cape May County MUA: 2021 Landfill Cap Liner Miscellaneous Repair Services open_in_browser VIEW
649870 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Citrus County: (RFQ)*Addendum 1* Professional Engineering and Consulting Services for the proposed Citrus County Central Landfill Class 1. Professional Engineer open_in_browser VIEW
649543 Landfills, gas monitoring CT Groton: *Addendum 1* Environmental Consulting Services – Landfill Post Closure Monitoring . The Town of Groton (the Town) Public Works Department (the Departmen open_in_browser VIEW
649475 Landfills, gas monitoring CA CALTRANS: Landfill Services in Sonoma County. Contractor shall provide landfill disposal site services for disposal of non-hazardous waste which will include, b open_in_browser VIEW
649430 Landfills, gas monitoring GA Forsyth County: *ADDENDUM 1* Environmental Monitoring – Post Closure Services Forsyth County Landfill open_in_browser VIEW
649214 Landfills, gas monitoring RI Hopkinton: *Addenda 1-14* Landfill Solar Project. The Town of Hopkinton is seeking sealed bids for a proposed lease agreement from experienced renewable energy open_in_browser VIEW
649208 Landfills, gas monitoring TN Lakeland: Landfill Disposal Services. open_in_browser VIEW
649112 Landfills, gas monitoring NC NEW HANOVER COUNTY: *ADDENDUM 1* LANDFILL DEBRIS MANAGEMENT SERVICES to be performed at the NHC Landfill facility located at 5210 U.S. Highway 421 North, Wilmin open_in_browser VIEW
649082 Landfills, gas monitoring CA Stanislaus County: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Carbon Change-Out of Filter System for Geer Road Landfill Groundwater Extraction System (GWETS). Qualified and experienced Co open_in_browser VIEW
648691 Landfills, gas monitoring WA Walla Walla: Landfill Carbon Credit Verification. The City of Walla Walla is requesting proposals from qualified companies with experience in verifying landfill open_in_browser VIEW
648550 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Seminole County: *Addenda 1-2* Landfill Gas System Expansion Project – Phase III Extraction Well Construction open_in_browser VIEW
648508 Landfills, gas monitoring SC Richland County: *ADDENDUM 1* Solid Waste Engineering Services - Landfill. The County requests a statement of qualifications from consulting engineering firms k open_in_browser VIEW
648492 Landfills, gas monitoring TX Anderson: BVSWMA Landfill Gas System Installation. open_in_browser VIEW
648398 Landfills, gas monitoring FL New River Solid Waste Association: Landfill Liner Installation New River Regional Landfill Class I Landfill Cell 7 Expansion Construction Landfill Liner Install open_in_browser VIEW
648395 Landfills, gas monitoring FL New River Solid Waste Association: Geosynthetic Materials Testing New River Regional Landfill Class I Landfill Cell 7 Expansion Construction Geosynthetic Materi open_in_browser VIEW


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