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Past Landfills, gas monitoring RFP, RFQ

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Bid ID Category State Bid Description View
666133 Landfills, gas monitoring CA CALTRANS: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* Landfill Disposal Site Service for Non-Hazardous Waste in Yuba County. Provide landfill disposal site services for District 03 in the open_in_browser VIEW
665648 Landfills, gas monitoring WI COTTAGE GROVE: NATVIG ROAD LANDFILL GAS VENTS. (Quest Project #7664754) Drilling and installation of seven gas vents, cuttings disposal, vent documentation, sit open_in_browser VIEW
665397 Landfills, gas monitoring WI OUTAGAMIE CO: VERTICAL GAS COLLECTION WELLS FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF RECYCLING & SOLID WASTE. Provide and install vertical gas collection wells at the Northeast La open_in_browser VIEW
665305 Landfills, gas monitoring CA Butte County: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* MODULE 4 LANDFILL GAS COLLECTION SYSTEM EXPANSION. The work, located at the Neal Road Recycling and Waste Facility, Butte County, open_in_browser VIEW
664697 Landfills, gas monitoring NC Rockingham County: *ADDENDUM 1* LANDFILL GAS COLLECTION & CONTROL SYSTEM open_in_browser VIEW
664482 Landfills, gas monitoring NC Beaufort Co: Landfill Operation & Management open_in_browser VIEW
664281 Landfills, gas monitoring AK Matanuska-Susitna Borough: Central Landfill Material Sale. The Matanuska-Susitna Borough is requesting proposals from qualified firms for the removal of approxi open_in_browser VIEW
664141 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Hillsborough County: (RFQ) *Amendment 1-2* Active and Proposed Landfill Facilities. Hillsborough County Solid Waste Management Division (SWMD) seeks to award a open_in_browser VIEW
663982 Landfills, gas monitoring CA Madera County: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* Cell 2C Liner Expansion at Fairmead Landfill. Project includes excavating, grading, and installation of liner for expansion cell open_in_browser VIEW
663907 Landfills, gas monitoring NM Roswell: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* MUNICIPAL LANDFILL UNIT 5-A. The scope of work entails the construction of solid waste disposal Unit 5A including excavation, grading, open_in_browser VIEW
663764 Landfills, gas monitoring PA Blythe Township Solid Waste Authority: CELL 2A BLASTING. open_in_browser VIEW
663723 Landfills, gas monitoring NM ROSWELL: MUNICIPAL LANDFILL UNIT 5-A A Unit Price Contract. Scope of Work: The scope of work entails the construction of solid waste disposal Unit 5A including open_in_browser VIEW
663694 Landfills, gas monitoring VA Rockbridge County: Construction of approximately 7 acres of lined Cell 2 including cell excavation, geosynthetics lining, stormwater management, erosion and sed open_in_browser VIEW
663624 Landfills, gas monitoring CT Portland: Ground Lease for a Solar Photovoltaic Project on the Landfill Town of Portland. The Town of Portland seeks proposals from qualified solar developers open_in_browser VIEW
663606 Landfills, gas monitoring AL Black Warrior Solid Waste Disposal Authority: BLACK WARRIOR SOLID WASTE FACILITY CELL 10 CONSTRUCTION open_in_browser VIEW
663411 Landfills, gas monitoring UT Park City Municipal Corporation: Park City Soils Management Facility – Cell 1 Liner Installation Project . The project consists of the construction of a UDEQ open_in_browser VIEW
662927 Landfills, gas monitoring WI Outagamie County: *ADDENDUM 1* Landfill Well Abandonment & Installation. Abandonment of monitoring wells and gas probes at the West and Northwest Landfills fol open_in_browser VIEW
662816 Landfills, gas monitoring VA Hampton Roads District: Landfill Services open_in_browser VIEW
662811 Landfills, gas monitoring VA Orange County: *ADDENDUM 1,2,3,4* CELL 2 CONSTRUCTION ORANGE COUNTY LANDFILL. The Orange County Board of Supervisors is soliciting sealed Bids for the construct open_in_browser VIEW
662587 Landfills, gas monitoring NY Auburn: Landfill No. 2 Final Closure and Leachate System Modifications. Contract No. 1 – General Construction Base Bid: Preparation of approximately 14.4 acres open_in_browser VIEW
662539 Landfills, gas monitoring NE Lincoln: Bluff Road Landfill Soil Vapor Extraction System open_in_browser VIEW
662502 Landfills, gas monitoring NY Washington County: *ADDENDA 1-2* Landfill Sampling, Testing, Gas. SCOPE: 1. Perform groundwater sampling and testing, 2. Perform gas monitoring, 3. Perform a vi open_in_browser VIEW
662429 Landfills, gas monitoring SC Richland Co: *ADDENDUM 1-2* Landfill Gas Expansion Project. Installation of twenty-five gas extraction wells, 4 condensate traps, and 1 blower skid with control open_in_browser VIEW
662353 Landfills, gas monitoring CA CALTRANS: Landfill Disposal Site Service for Non-Hazardous Waste in Tehama County. Contractor shall provide landfill disposal site services for non-hazardous wa open_in_browser VIEW
662162 Landfills, gas monitoring WA Cowlitz County: Headquarters Landfill Cell 9 Liner Construction Project. Work performed under this contract consists of the following: Construction of approx open_in_browser VIEW
661944 Landfills, gas monitoring WI Dane County: Landfill Gas Extraction Well Drilling and Construction open_in_browser VIEW
661866 Landfills, gas monitoring AZ Glenwood Springs: *Addenda 1-6 * Disposal Ponds Project at the South Canyon Landfill. open_in_browser VIEW
661866 Landfills, gas monitoring CO Glenwood Springs: *Addenda 1-6 * Disposal Ponds Project at the South Canyon Landfill. open_in_browser VIEW
661843 Landfills, gas monitoring OR Lane County: 2-sided Geocomposite for the Short Mountain Landfill - Lane County. open_in_browser VIEW
661584 Landfills, gas monitoring MT Helena: Construction of the Lewis and Clark County Landfill Phase 4A Landfill Expansion. open_in_browser VIEW
661548 Landfills, gas monitoring GA Houston County: SR 247 MSW Landfill Phase 6 Stage 1B Construction open_in_browser VIEW
661394 Landfills, gas monitoring UT Salt Lake County : *ADMENDMENT 1* RFP Landfill Environmental Compliance & Repair Consulting. Salt Lake County (SLCo) is soliciting consultation services with open_in_browser VIEW
661220 Landfills, gas monitoring SC Columbia: *ADDENDUM 1* Landfill for Waste Disposal Services open_in_browser VIEW
661206 Landfills, gas monitoring WI JANESVILLE: Landfill Phase 4 Gas System. (Quest # 7551199) construction of a landfill gas system to include: gas well installation, gas header and laterals, ga open_in_browser VIEW
661136 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Escambia County: Geotechnical Investigation & Laboratory Testing. The objective of the subsurface investigation and testing described within the scope of work open_in_browser VIEW
661023 Landfills, gas monitoring MT Denton: Engineering firms for the repair of the Denton Lagoon 3-cell facultative system. open_in_browser VIEW
660897 Landfills, gas monitoring TX Denton: (RFQ) Landfill Surveying Services. open_in_browser VIEW
660838 Landfills, gas monitoring RI North Providence: Landfill Groundwater & Methane Gas Monitoring. The Town of North Providence hereby requests bid proposal/qualification packages from Rhode Is open_in_browser VIEW
660737 Landfills, gas monitoring CA Riverside County: Groundwater Well Abandonment at the Closed Hemet Landfill. Abandon groundwater monitoring well HE-06 at an offsite location that is east of th open_in_browser VIEW
660656 Landfills, gas monitoring WI Adams Co: Phase 3 Gas System Construction (Quest Project #7556159). In general, the project consists of construction of a subsequent phase of a landfill gas sys open_in_browser VIEW
660653 Landfills, gas monitoring TX Austin: Landfill Services for TxDOT Travis North Maintenance section in the Austin District open_in_browser VIEW
660623 Landfills, gas monitoring VA Southeastern Public Service Authority: (RFQ) Design and construction services for the Regional Landfill Operations Area Improvements open_in_browser VIEW
660570 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Marion County: *Addenda 1-2* Baseline Landfill Leachate Tank Farm Modifications. Marion County Solid Waste Management is seeking bids for demolition, repair and open_in_browser VIEW
660566 Landfills, gas monitoring CO Morgan County: *ADDENDUM 1 (Q&A 1-4) and ADDENDUM 2(labeled as ADD 1) ADD 3* South Cell Phase 1 at the Morgan County Landfill. The Morgan County Landfill owne open_in_browser VIEW
660419 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Escambia County: (LOI) Escambia County Landfill Sites Groundwater Monitoring Reporting. The Consultant will be responsible for reviewing permit requirements fo open_in_browser VIEW
660360 Landfills, gas monitoring CO Morgan County: *Addendum 1 (Q&A 1) Addendum 2 (labeled as ADD2) Addenda 3-4* Earthwork - Landfill New Cell. The Morgan County Landfill owned and operated by Mo open_in_browser VIEW
659806 Landfills, gas monitoring MO Fredericktown: disposal of approximately 40 tons per day of solid waste from the City of Fredericktown Solid Waste Transfer Station in an Environmental Protecti open_in_browser VIEW
659765 Landfills, gas monitoring TN Kingsport: *ADDENDUM 1* C&D Landfill Area 2 Closure Project Clay Cap Material open_in_browser VIEW
659735 Landfills, gas monitoring NC Catawba County: Bethany Church Landfill Cap Improvements (Quest Project #7519592): THE PROJECT GENERALLY CONSISTS OF excavation, hauling, and placement of appro open_in_browser VIEW
659636 Landfills, gas monitoring CO Louisville: 2021 Landfill Disposal of Spoils. open_in_browser VIEW
659489 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Pinellas County: Bridgeway Acres Class I Landfill Ditch Slope Rehabilitation. The BWA Landfill is surrounded by a slurry wall, which is keyed into the confining open_in_browser VIEW
659284 Landfills, gas monitoring TX College Station: *Addendum 1-3* BVSWMA Twin Oaks Landfill: Sector 3A-1 Construction. open_in_browser VIEW
659283 Landfills, gas monitoring TX College Station: *Addendum 1-2* BVSWMA Twin Oaks Landfill for Sector 3A-1 Geosynthetics Installation. open_in_browser VIEW
659153 Landfills, gas monitoring NJ Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority : Stage 2 Landfill Expansion . The project includes construction of a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) berm; ear open_in_browser VIEW
658752 Landfills, gas monitoring IL ROCK RIVER WATER RECLAMATION DISTRICT: LANDFILL SERVICE open_in_browser VIEW
658708 Landfills, gas monitoring AK Matanuska-Susitna Borough: Central Landfill Material Sale. The Matanuska-Susitna Borough is requesting proposals from qualified firms for the removal of approxi open_in_browser VIEW
658697 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Daytona Beach: *Addenda 1-2* Clyde Morris Construction & Demolition Landfill Site Closure. The work generally consists of closing the City’s current Constructi open_in_browser VIEW
658444 Landfills, gas monitoring OR Lane County: Phase VI Landfill Expansion and Wetlands Mitigation Project. The work to be done under this contract consists of performing the earthworks, lining, open_in_browser VIEW
658436 Landfills, gas monitoring WI OUTAGAMIE COUNTY: *ADDENDUM 1* NORTHWEST LANDFILL INITIAL GRADING open_in_browser VIEW
658267 Landfills, gas monitoring NY Babylon: CELL #7 CAP & CLOSURE OF LOWER & LOWER MIDDLE WALLS. open_in_browser VIEW
658231 Landfills, gas monitoring AZ Phoenix: SR85 LANDFILL CELL 1 PHASE 5 EXCAVATION AND LINER PLAN. The City of Phoenix is seeking a qualified contractor to provide construction services for the open_in_browser VIEW
658142 Landfills, gas monitoring CA Los Angeles County: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Peter J. Pitchess Detention Center Class III Landfill Closure Project. The County of Los Angeles Public Works requests bid s open_in_browser VIEW
657839 Landfills, gas monitoring UT Wayne County : dirt work at the Wayne County Long Hollow Landfill. The successful bidder will be required to mine, haul, and place approximately 11,500 yards of open_in_browser VIEW
657771 Landfills, gas monitoring CA CALTRANS: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Landfill Disposal Services in San Luis Obispo County. Contractor shall provide Landfill Disposal Site Services to the California Depar open_in_browser VIEW
657735 Landfills, gas monitoring NC Rowan County: RFQ Professional Environmental Engineering And Planning Services For The Rowan County Landfill open_in_browser VIEW
657705 Landfills, gas monitoring TX Nueces: *Addendum 1* City of Corpus Christi, Cefe Valenzuela Landfill Gas Collection & Control System Lifecycle Imps Cells 1B and 1C open_in_browser VIEW
657475 Landfills, gas monitoring CO Montrose County: *Addendum 1* Landfill Post-Closure Monitoring Services. Montrose County is accepting fee proposals from consultants for monitoring and groundw open_in_browser VIEW
657260 Landfills, gas monitoring MN OLMSTED COUNTY DEPT. OF PUBLIC WORKS: Kalmar Landfill - Ash Cell 6A Construction and Partial Ash and MSW Bypass Area Closures. open_in_browser VIEW
657228 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Polk County: *Addenda 1-4* North Central Landfill Phase VI Expansion 2. Furnish all labor, materials, supervision, and equipment necessary to construct a horizo open_in_browser VIEW
657162 Landfills, gas monitoring WI Brown County: *ADDENDUM 1-6* Civil work at the new South Landfill located in the Town of Holland, WI open_in_browser VIEW
657101 Landfills, gas monitoring MI Kent County: *Addendum 1* South Kent Landfill Cell 41 and 42 Construction. open_in_browser VIEW
656854 Landfills, gas monitoring GA Newton County: Site 2 MSWL Phase 8A Landfill Cell Construction open_in_browser VIEW
656635 Landfills, gas monitoring FL Escambia County: *Addenda 1-3* Perdido Landfill Gas Collection and Control System (GCCS) Expansion- Design, Bidding and Construction Phase. The project work to open_in_browser VIEW
656494 Landfills, gas monitoring NH Lebanon: Landfill Gas Utilization Project open_in_browser VIEW
656348 Landfills, gas monitoring VA Prince William County: Phase III Cell A Liner System open_in_browser VIEW
656226 Landfills, gas monitoring VA Loudoun County: Solid Waste Management Facility Cell R2 Bottom Liner System open_in_browser VIEW
656083 Landfills, gas monitoring WA XX Island County: Consultant Roster. Please be advised that Island County anticipates the need for architectural, surveying, engineering, and general profession open_in_browser VIEW
655953 Landfills, gas monitoring KS Hamilton Syracuse: MSW Landfill, East Cell Phase 2 Excavation. Owner Project Number: 2008820-003. open_in_browser VIEW