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Bid State Current Water Treatment Bids
509808 FL NORTH PORT: WWTP SLUDGE STORAGE IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT. The City of North Port is requesting sealed bids to secure the services of an experienced, professional, l
514997 CA Poway: Alta Mira Reservoir Rehabilitation Project Coating, Painting and Cathodic Protection Inspection. The City of Poway is requesting sealed proposals from in
519402 TX Harris: Sunbelt Fresh Water Supply District, Fairgreen Water Plant Expansion. The Project consists of the expansion of an existing water plant including b
514601 GA EMANUEL COUNTY: 250,000 gallon elevated water tank complete with appurtenances. Time allotted for construction is 300 consecutive calendar days.
516180 UT CEDAR CITY: Construction of the OLD IRON TOWN POA TANK AND TRANSMISSION LINE PROJECT with all associated earthwork, Steel Tank construction, trenching, and wate
513817 TN Madisonville: 2017 ARC Water Storage Tank Improvements The work is as follows: Installation of a 500,000 gallon water storage tank including all water line
503065 SC Olanta: Construction of the Highway 341 - 200,000 Gallon Elevated Storage Tank: The Project consists of constructing a new 200,000 gallon elevated storage tank,
501223 CO City of Fort Morgan: Aerobic Digester Aeration Piping System to be installed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
519901 TX East Montgomery County MUD 4: Water Plant No. 1 Expansion. Construction of 214,000 Gallon Bolted, Galvenized ground stroage tank, 15,000 gallon hydropneumati
518163 CA Big Pine Community Services District: 500,000 Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation. The project consists of Rehabilitation of the existing 500,000 gallon welded st
510351 WI Milwaukee MSD: *ADDENDUM 2* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID #507551) South Shore Water Reclamation Facility Digester Gas Treatment Facility *DUE DATE EXTENDED*
507285 TX Fannin: City of Dodd City - Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements. Construction of a dual train 48,000 average daily flow wastewater treatment plant, a
502934 NH Stratham: WELL HOUSE UPGRADE (Contract 1 Pumphouse and Storage). Owner: Salt River Condominium Association Water System. Address: Brookside Drive, Stratham, N
515665 WI Fredonia: *ADDENDUM 1* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID #513705) UV DISINFECTION AND SLUDGE STORAGE TANK NO. 2 ADDITION, Quest Project #5133889): The Work include
504214 MA Saugus: Bristow Street, Morris Place, Park Street & Laurel Street Wastewater Pumping Station Improvements. The type of work is improvements to 4 existing waste
504395 VA Fauquier County : Design-Build Request for Qualifications: Catlett-Calverton Wastewater Treatment System
514641 NM Mosquero: Professional engineering services for the rehabilitation of a 30,000 gallon elevated steel water storage tank. Tank is located on the 40 Block of Main
513705 WI Fredonia: *DUE DATE EXTENDED* UV DISINFECTION AND SLUDGE STORAGE TANK NO. 2 ADDITION, Quest Project #5133889): The Work includes installation of a UV disinfecti
514151 TX Jim Ned CISD: Construction of LAWN ELEMENTARY WWTP IMPROVEMENTS. The project includes the construction of a facultative lagoon wastewater treatment pond.
512731 NC ASHEVILLE: CONFINED SPACE CLASSIFICATION: The City of Asheville, North Carolina, Water Resources Department is requesting proposals from consultants to classify
507449 TX Fort Bend County MUD 58: Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 1 Rehabilitation.
511451 WI Milwaukee MSD: *ADDENDUM 4* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID #507551) South Shore Water Reclamation Facility Digester Gas Treatment Facility
507006 MA Hardwick: **BID DEADLINE EXTENSION 04/27/17**(ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID # 501553)The work consists of upgrading the existing Gilbertville Water Pollution Contro
510384 NC Franklin: *ADDENDUM 1* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID # 507589) Water Treatment Plant Upgrade (Quest Project #5012814): THE PROJECT GENERALLY CONSISTS OF the co
508084 TX Montgomery County MUD No. 99: Water Plant 2. The project includes installing one 318,000 gal. bolted steel ground storage water tank, one 15,000 gal. hydro-p
510751 MA Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement District: Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) Improvements - Request for Qualifications These improvements include
516469 MI OTSEGO: WWTP IMPROVEMENTS CWSRF. In general, the work consists of improvements to the following: Construction of new raw sewage pumping station and aband
521105 TX Wise: City of Chico, Wastewater Treatment Plant Pond Rehabilitation.
520787 NC Charlotte Water: RFQ PCB Handling Services: The purpose of this project is for Charlotte Water to have an on call Service Provider coordinate and execute projec
519416 WI Madison: Warner Lagoon Water Quality: Consultant proposals to develop alternatives for improving water quality within Warner Lagoon. The City is seeking assista
503609 GA Dalton: V.D. PARROTT JR. WATER TREATMENT PLANT DISINFECTION AND CORROSION CONTROL IMPROVEMENTS Scope of Work: The work to be done (hereinafter referred to as
516995 NJ Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority: Seven Mile Beach/Middle Region Wastewater Treatment Facility Aeration System Replacement
518773 NV Henderson:*ADDENDUM1* for (Envirobidnet Original #517016)WTP VFD AND FLUORIDE FEED REPLACEMENT PROJECT. Water Treatment Plant (WTP), 414 S. Water Street, Hender
518535 CA Riverside: Engineering and Related Services for Services for Various Water Projects. To aid in successfully implementing the Utility 2.0 plan, RPU is requesting
517144 TX Prairie View: PV AMU, Wastewater and Water Management Services.
517879 KS KSU Manhattan: **ADDENDUM 4** (Original ENVIROBIDNET # 514306) Water Treatment Services.
518191 TX Stephens: Breckenridge TWDB CWSRF WWTP Imp. The improvement to the existing wastewater treatment plant including the following: Construction of a new Redun
518997 IN Dyer: WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT - SLUDGE DEWATERING IMPROVEMENT PROJECT. The project consists of the furnishing of all equipment, labor and materials requir
517762 OK Tulsa: Spavinaw Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation. The entire cost of the improvement shall be paid from Account No. 6021-5455405-040522121002. Bids will be
518718 NC Orange Water and Sewer Authority: RFQ Water Treatment Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant Risk Assessment
518358 WI Milwaukee MSD: JI WRF Load Shed Control Modifications (Quest Project #5235952) The project contemplated consists of the following items at the Jones Island Wat
514273 WA PUYALLUP: Water Pollution Control Plant Flood Mitigation Improvements. The Project includes work to prevent damage to the water pollution control plant during a
513015 MT Fallon County Commission: construction of BAKER LAKE DEWATERING PROJECT
511311 WI Veolia Water Milwaukee LLC: Jones Island Water Reclamation Facility High Level Screw Pump Gearbox # 1 Repairs: The project contemplated herein consists of the C
516129 KS KSU Manhattan: **ADDENDA 1-3*DUE DATE CHANGED** (Original ENVIROBIDNET # 514306) Water Treatment Services.
514922 NH Eliot: Prequalification Statements from General Contractors for the Eliot Pump Station Upgrades Project. The work includes construction of two new wastewater pu
518942 MA Cambridge: FY18 Pump Station and Sewer and Stormwater Structures Inspection and Maintenance Bidding procedures shall be in accordance with M.G.L. c. 30, The e
517550 ND Dickinson: Construction of the SWPP Project Dickinson WTP Residuals Handling Facility Contract 3-2E The scope of WORK generally consists of the construction

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