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Bid State Current Water Treatment Bids
612591 WA XX Port of Othello (RFQ) Professional Services Consultant Roster. The Port of Othello is requesting Statements of Qualifications from qualified firms to establi
613410 SC Sullivan's Island: Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements: Project Consists of Construction or rehabilitation of influent PS, headworks facility, oxidation dit
613632 TX Austin: *Addendum 1-3* Walnut Creek WW Treatment Plant Pumping System Improvements. The Work shall include furnishing all tools, labor, materials, equipment, an
613733 TX Waco: *Addendum 1* WMARRS Central Treatment Plant 2017-2018 CIP.
614140 MO Kansas City: Blue River WWTP Biosolids Facility Project
614285 FL Tavares: *Addenda 1-8* Lake Frances Estates Water and Wastewater System Improvements
614322 SC Columbia: *ADDENDUM 1-6* *DUE DATE EXTENDED* RFQ Major and Minor Water Distribution Systems and Water Treament Plan Projects: It is the intent of this RFQu to
614348 FL Clay County Utility Authority: *Addendum 1* Glass Fused-to-Steel Tank Rehabilitation. The Selected Contractor shall furnish, unless otherwise noted, all necessa
614415 TX Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County: (RFP) METRO, Rehabilitation of Waste Water Treatment Plan at HC BOF.
614426 LA Mandeville: ST. ANN WATER TOWER REHABILITATION. The work consists of recoating the interior and exterior of the St. Ann Water Tower. Selected interior piping an
614445 PA WHITE RUN REGIONAL MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY: ALUM BUILDING. The Project consists of the addition of a storage structure for an alum solution containment vessel and d
614603 VA Chesterfield County: Falling Creek Reservoir Restoration.Scope of Work – The work is located at the Falling Creek Reservoir, 4720 Iron Bridge Road, North Cheste
614706 MO Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District: FINAL CLARIFIER COLLECTOR REPLACEMENT
614744 NC Raleigh: Walnut Creek Lift Station – Odor Control Improvements (274-WCO): The Project consists of the following major items:  Replacement of the existing caust
614797 FL Bay County: *Addendum 1* Water Treatment Plant Sodium Hypochlorite Tank Replacement Project. The Bay County Board of County Commissioners (County) seeks bids fr
614805 NJ BRIELLE: OLD BRIDGE ROAD ELEVATED WATER TANK. Work of the project shall include mobilization, demolition and removal of existing elevated tank foundation and si
614935 CT Regional Water Authority: Woodbridge Tank Aeration Trihalomethane Removal System.The project includes installation of one floating spray aerator designed to aid
614951 OR Roseburg: *Addenda#1-2* Chlorination System Improvements. The City of Roseburg currently uses a mixed oxidant system for disinfection which is generated on-site
615024 TX City of Garland: *Addendum* Rowlett Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Clarifier Upgrade.
615030 WI Bloomer: Tertiary Filter Building Bloomer, Wisconsin, Clean Water Fund Program (CWF): Project is constructing a tertiary treatment process to remove phosphorus
615043 GA Carroll Co. Water Authority: Construction of an elevated water storage tank at which time & place they will be publicly opened & read. The new multi-column tan
615049 NC Lenoir: Biosolids Facility Improvements (Quest Project #6507357): Lower Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant 1905 Broadland Rd, Lenoir, NC 28645: The project genera
615057 SC Abbeville: Long Cane Creek WWTP Upgrades: The Project consists of subdividing the existing aeration basin into a smaller aeration basin and two aerobic digester
615170 OR North Plains: RESERVOIR AND PUMP STATION NO. 2. The WORK includes a new 1.0 MG steel water storage reservoir, a new pump station, cement deep soil mix ground i
615226 GA Blairsville: Construction of Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements – Grit Removal System in Blairsville, Georgia.
615250 TX City of Austin: Ullrich Water Treatment Plant Lime Feed Loop. Modify the lime feed system at Ullrich Water Treatment Plant to lime slurry delivery to match what
615300 TX Coryell County: City of Evant, Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements.
615301 TX Hot Springs Village: POA – MILL CREEK & CEDAR CREEK WWTP 2019 IMPROVEMENTS.MCE Project No.: 19-5730.
615377 CA Calabasas - Las Virgenes Municipal Water District: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* Digester No. 2 Rehabilitation Project.**Pre bid conference date was changed from 9/25/2019 1
615383 CA Inland Empire Utilities Agency: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* REHABILITATION OF RECYCLED WATER STORAGE RESERVOIRS 1158 EAST AND 1158 WEST. The Work consists of all materials
615454 NC ROCKY MOUNT: *ADDENDUM 1-2 No. 5 Tertiary Rebuild Project
615464 NJ Dover: CRANE HILL AND PRINCETON AVENUE PUMP STATION UPGRADES. The contract will include approximately: Upgrades to the Crane Hill Pump Station, including instal
615506 TX Garland: Hot Springs Village POA - Mill Creek & Cedar Creek WWTP 2019 Improvements. Equipment replacement and improvements at Cedar Creek and Mill Creek WWTP's.
615517 ME Brewer: Water Treatment Plant Upgrades Contract 1. The City of Brewer Water Department (Owner) will receive sealed Bids for the Water Treatment Plant Upgrades
615528 ND Cavalier: WATER TOWER AND WATER MAIN REPLACEMENT. The Work is comprised of three (3) contracts: Contract No.1 - Water Tower Replacement; Contract No.2 - Electr
615612 UT Twin Creeks Special Service District: constructing a 1 million gallon reinforced concrete water tank. The project is identified as TCSSD 1MG Tank.
615630 CA El Dorado Irrigation District: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Reservoir 2/2A Tank Recoating - Coating Inspection. The District is contracting the recoating of both Reservoir 2
615717 SC Myrtle Beach: *ADDENDUM 1-2* RFQ Stormwater Management Fee and Level of Service Analysis: The City of Myrtle Beach (City) is requesting qualifications from expe
615725 FL Perry: Water Treatment Facility Upgrade MM Project No. 391406
615762 TX Hopkins County: City of Como 2018-19 TxCDBG Wastewater Improvements (#7218091).
615783 TX Moulton: WATER PLANT DISINFECTION CONVERSION TO CHLORAMINES. Installation and relocation of building(s), chlorine gas feed system, liquid ammonium sulfate (LAS)
615789 TX Waco: *Addendum 1* Riverside Water Treatment Plant High Service Pump Station Improvements (60WTR01612).
615813 CA Livermore: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* WRP Phase II Aeration Tank Modifications. Modifications to the two existing aeration tanks and the adjacent blower building, as well
615876 CA Inland Empire Utilities Agency: Coating Inspection Services for the 1158 Reservoirs. The Inland Empire Utilities Agency invites submittal of sealed Proposals fo
615901 CA Shasta Lake: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Water Storage Tank Services Contract. The City of Shasta Lake (City) is soliciting qualifications and proposals from qualified Proj
615921 CA Shasta Lake: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* (RFQ/RFP) Water Storage Tank Services Contract. The City of Shasta Lake (City) is soliciting qualifications and proposals from qual
615936 TX Jefferson County: Countryside Estates Wastewater Treatment Plant.Construction of a Proposed 0.130 MGD ADF Wastewater Treatment Plant

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