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Bid State Current Water Treatment Bids
562779 PA Jackson Township Sewer Authority, York County: Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and Outfall Relocation Contract No. 1 - General Construction. **BID DUE DATE
573462 WA XX Public Utility District No. 2 of Grant County :Small Works Roster for public works projects. Vendors already approved for the Small Works Roster need not app
594653 CA *CANCELLED* San Diego: w/ *ADDENDA 1-11* North City Pure Water Facility. The NCPWF will be constructed north of Eastgate Mall across from the existing NCWRP. Th
598783 CA Monterey One Water: SALINAS STORM WATER GRANT SALINAS TREATMENT FACILITY STORAGE AND RECOVERY PROJECT (PHASE 1B). The Project work covered by the Project includ
598997 FL Lee County: w/ *Addenda 1-4* Fiesta Village WRF Sludge Handling. Lee County Board of County Commissioners seeks to contract with a highly qualified Contractor
599028 SC Columbia: *ADDENDUM 1-4* RFQ Wastewater Compliance and Lift Station Maintenance Facility: The city is seeking an A/E firm(s) with the ability to complete pre-de
599169 SC Berkeley Co: *ADDENDUM 1-7* Lower Berkeley WWTP Aeration System Improvements: The intent is to obtain sealed bids to include demolition and construction of a ne
599205 FL Clay County Utility Authority: Mid-Clay Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) Phase II Expansion. The Authority is seeking letters of interest and statement of q
599363 SC Ridgeland: Jimmy Mixson Wastewater Reclamation Facility (WRF) Expansion: The project consists of upgrades: Purchase, construction and installation of new influe
599667 CA Mendocino City Community Services District: Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements and Recycled Water System Project. A mandatory Pre-bid Conference and site w
599726 MA City of Brockton: Biological Nutrient Removal Upgrade at the Brockton Advanced Water Reclamation Facility. The project involves process/mechanical improvement
600290 NC Durham Co: *ADDENDUM 1* pH Adjustment System Rougemont Water System: The work contemplated will include installation of chemical feed system, installation of ch
600297 NC Forest City: Everest Textiles Water and Sewer (Quest Project #6276528): THE PROJECT GENERALLY CONSISTS OF: Wastewater system improvements to the Brackett Creek
600499 CA Los Angeles - Metropolitan Water District of Southern California: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Main Motor Condition Assessment for Colorado River Aqueduct Main Pump Rehabili
600619 CA South Tahoe Public Utility District: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* 2019 Heavenly Tank Improvements Project. The site of the work is located on Heavenly Valley Ski Resort pro
600629 CA CAMARILLO: (RFQ) North Pleasant Valley Desalter Project. The project to be constructed consists of: The construction of a brackish groundwater water treatment f
600774 NC High Point: Ward Water Treatment Plant Caustic and Alum Pump Replacement: The work includes demolition of existing alum and caustic chemical feed systems and re
600776 SC GRAND STRAND WATER & SEWER AUTHORITY: BULL CREEK WTP CHEMICAL FEED VAULTS: The project includes the installation of two new chemical feed vaults on the 30-inch
600878 NY Binghamton: Scattered Site Pump Station Upgrades and Hazardous Materials Abatement. The project consists of providing upgrades to storm water and sanitary sewer
600918 CA Tahoe City Public Utility District: West Lake Tahoe Regional Water Treatment Plant Project – Membrane Filtration System Equipment Procurement
600919 CA Tahoe City Public Utility District: West Lake Tahoe Regional Water Treatment Plant Project – Ultraviolet Light Disinfection System Equipment Procurement.
600922 AR City of Fayetteville: Construction - Goshen Water Storage Tank Improvements.
600935 WI Veolia Water Milwaukee LLC: South Shore Water Reclamation Facility Grit Basin #1, 2, 3 & 7 Repairs Public Bid No. 45600: The project contemplated herein consist
601037 NY NYCDEP: *DUE DATE EXTENDED* *ADDENDA 1-3* Reconstruction of Digester Tanks at Wards Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Work includes, but is not limited to,
601052 WI Veolia Water Milwaukee LLC: South Shore Water Reclamation Facility, Grit Basin #1,2,3 & 7 Repairs (Quest Project #6287339): The project contemplated herein cons
601053 WI Veolia Water Milwaukee LLC: **CANCELLED** DC0101 Metropolitan Interceptor Sewer (MIS) Gate Replacement: (Quest Project # 6288499) The project contemplated herei
601069 NC JOHNSTON CO: WATER TREATMENT PLANT, 12-14 MGD EXPANSION: The work will consist of the following: Construction of improvements to the raw water pump station incl
601176 TX Travis County: City of Pflugerville Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Phase 1 Project.The scope of work is described in general, non-inclusive terms as demol
601236 CA CAMARILLO: NORTH PLEASANT VALLEY GROUNDWATER DESALTER (REBID). The project to be constructed consists of: The construction of a brackish groundwater water treat
601244 CA Perris - EASTERN MUNICIPAL WATER DISTRICT: QUAIL VALLEY I TANK INTERIOR RECOATING. The work to be constructed is located in the City of Menifee off the access r
601284 MT City of Billings: *DUE DATE CHANGED* Leavens Reservoir Expansion and Zone 1 Improvements. The project generally consists of:Leavens Site• Construction of a new
601291 CA Sacramento: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Combined Sewer System Regulatory Compliance Support. A detailed scope of work will be developed after selection of the most qualifie
601317 OK Tulsa: *Addendum#1* HAIKEY CREEK WWTP ACTIVATED SLUDGE MANAGEMENT REHABILITATION. Notice is hereby given that pursuant to an order by the Metropolitan Utility A
601320 SC North Charleston Sewer District: Primary and Secondary Scum Well Rehabilitation. Location: Felix C. Davis WWTP, Charleston, SC: The North Charleston Sewer Distr
601372 OK Kay County: Construction of: Add Manway and Tideflex System to 12’ 9” x 110’ Standpipe and repaint both interior and exterior and all appurtances will be receiv
601382 CO Pueblo West: *Addendum#1* North Tank Farm Improvements Projects JVA Project Number 1770.12c. In general, this project will consist of the construction of a new
601386 IN New Albany: Construction of the Wastewater Treatment Facility Wet Weather Secondary Clarifier Improvementsproject.The project will consist of-The replacement an
601390 CA Malibu: Civic Center Wastewater Treatment Facility Phase 2. The City of Malibu is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide Professional Engineering
601396 WY Big Horn: Town of Cowley Water Tank Replacement and Water Line Improvements Project. Owner Project Number: 5966.001.00. Estimated Value: 3,500,000.00. Project
601416 OH Englewood: EXISTING AEROBIC DIGESTERS SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS. In general, the work consists of removal and replacement of the existing aerobic digester blowers, ai
601417 NY Cayuga Heights: WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT UPGRADE PHASE 1 HEADWORKS REPLACEMENT. Separate sealed Bids will be received for the following: Contract No. 1 Genera
601438 KS Louisburg: 0.7 MGD Wastewater Treatment & Collection Improvements.KWPCRF #C20-2010-01
601566 CA East Bay Municipal Utility District: Birch, Cull Creek, and Sherwick Reservoirs Rehabilitation. This project involves the replacement of one steel reservoir wit
601640 TX Montgomery County MUD 139: Interim Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase II – 0.28 MGD – Lease.The lease will include a 0.14 mgd steel package wastewater treatment p
601641 TX Montgomery County MUD 139: Interim Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase II – 0.28 MGD – Construction.
601645 WI Veolia Water Milwaukee LLC: Rail Loadout Dust Drag Conveyor Repairs - 45594: (Quest Project # 6302600) The project contemplated herein consists of the Contracto
601650 NC ELIZABETH CITY: WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT IMPROVEMENTS: The Project consists of the installation of concrete repair work at the Influent Structure; aeration pi

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