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Website Help and Tutorials to Make the Most of our Environmental Sector Bids

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Searching Bids

Our new website updates, allows our customers to search for bids in three ways! If you want to use our "Classic" Envirobidnet search area, under the Heading "Search Bids" and adjust the toggle switch to Classic Envirobidnet Look. Please note some new features are not available in the Classic search area. Below will describe the new search area.

Check out our bid searching tutorial! We also have an advanced searching tutorial!

Searching by States and Categories:

  • Start with entering any keywords, including city. Enter words separated by a space. There is a 200 character limit for this field. Make sure you have some states and categories selected or you will not have any results.
  • Please note that keyword searching looks for bids that match ALL keywords you enter, if you enter any. For example, entering keywords "park engineering" will get you bids where both "park" and "engineering" are part of the bid.
  • Then, choose how recent you would like to see bids. This needs to be a number that you type into the field. This will get bids posted in the last X days only. It defaults to 30. To get bids posted in the last year, for example, use 365 in the field. To get today bids only, use the checkbox next to the number or type 1 in the box.
  • Select the states in which you want to see bids. Use the select all box to toggle between all and no states, or check/uncheck the states you wish to search. *You will only have access to states associated to your subscription. We have a new online state request area
  • Select the categories for bids you want to see. You have access to all bid categories available (your chosen bid categories only determine which bids you are sent via email).
  • Before running a search, you will also see an option to save the search. This will be discussed in a separate help topic found on the left hand side of your screen.
  • To run your search, click Get Bids

Searching by Envirobidnet Bid Number:

  • First, click on the tab for Envirobidnet Bid Number in the lavender menu at the top of the bid search area. You
  • Type in the bid number you desire and click the button. Note that you will only be able to view the bid if it is in a state to which you have access.

Run Save Searches:

  • There is also a tab which will show you the searches you've saved. There is no limit to how many searches you can save and, for your convenience, you are able to name a search for future reference.
  • The saved search table will show you the states, categories, and keywords of the search you saved, as well as the number of days since the bid was posted. This last "number of days since posted" field does not have a specific timestamp on it - so running a search on 8/18 for bids posted in the last 7 days will show you bids since 8/11, running that same search on 6/21 will give you bids posted since 6/14.
  • Once you save a search you cannot update it. You can run that search with the applicable button in the table, or you can delete it with the appropriate delete button in the last column.
  • To delete all your saved searches, use the Clear All button in the top right. Careful, this cannot be reversed!

Once you've gotten your search results:

  • First, you will see a button that allows you to run a new search and a button that allows you to save the search. More on saving a search will be included in another help topic on the left.
  • You will also see a table with all the bids that matched your search criteria. You will see the bid ID, state, category, brief description, and the expiration.
  • For each bid, you will see buttons to the right.
  • The first button allows you to view that bid in full. Hovering over that button will give you some additional details about that bid, such as when the plans are available, and the requesting agency. While the additional information may appear to cover up the view button, you can still click the view button.
  • The second button allows you to set a reminder for that bid. We will send you the bid information of this bid on the date you requested. You can find more information about bid reminders by visiting the Bid Reminder section on the left.
  • To filter your search results right on this page, you will first need to click the "Show Filters" button at the top of the table on the left. This will create a menu of state and category filters. To hide the panel, simply click the "Hide Panel" button at the top of the filters.
  • To start filtering results, check or uncheck the respective checkbox and results will appear/re-appear as requested! Note that you can only filter by the states and categories used on initial search.
  • If you want to create an interactive table (a table in which you can sort rows and filter results), click the "Allow Table Sorting" button, also on the left panel. If you have a large number of results, it may take a few seconds to perform your request. You will receive a pop-up message when the searchable, sortable table is ready for you to use.
  • At the bottom of your search results, we may alert you to bids that match your search criteria but are outside your subscription states. If you want to see them, you can click the prompt (e.g. "Request FL now") and a member of our staff will process your request in 48 business hours. Note that adding states will change your bill if approved by our team. As soon as you click the link, you will see a small box in the top right corner telling you the request was processed. To cancel this request, see the help section on managing your chosen states.

Viewing a specific bid (click the VIEW button from the results table):

  • The bid information will populate in a table, the bid attachments will be shown at the bottom of that table. To download an attachment simply click on the file name you wish to download.
  • Save Bid/Unsave Bid - use this feature to save the bid for your later review. Bids that are 180 days expired will automatically be removed from your saved bids. To view your currently saved bids, check out the "Saved Bids" help section to the left. If you currently have the bid saved, you will see an option to unsave that bid. You can always go back and save it later, as long as the bid is active.
  • Download Bid (.TXT) - this will allow you to download the bid information as a .txt file. Attachments will not be downloaded with this button, they need to be downloaded separately. A .txt file can be read with any normal word processing program on your computer.
  • Schedule Reminder (the bell icon) - you can schedule a date for us to remind you of this bid. More information can be found under the "Bid Reminders" help section.


Besides the help content below, you may find this video helpful.

  • To login to the site, click on the Login button in the blue bar at the top of the screen, type in your username in the first box, then, type in your password.
  • If your credentials are incorrect, if your account is pending (if you signed up for a free trial or are mailing your subscription fee), or if your account is expired, you will be alerted on the screen.
  • If your login credentials match what we have stored in our system, you will be redirected. From there, you can go to any page to which you have access.
  • If you'd like to be signed in even when you close the browser, click the "Remember Me" checkbox.
  • If you do not remember your username or password, hit the "Forgot Username/Password" button on the login page.
  • Choose which item you forgot - your username or password with the applicable radio button. If you choose "Username", you'll have to type in the email associated to your account and your username will be emailed to you. If you choose "Password", we request your username. We will instantly create a new password for you. Your new password will be sent to the email address associated to your username. If you do not know your email address, please give us a call.
  • For your security, we have implemented an account lockout policy after twenty failed login attempts in a single day. You can instantly unlock your account by hitting the forgot credentials button, selecting "Password" and a new password will be emailed to you. Your account will then unlock. If you are having trouble unlocking your account, please give us a call as we can unlock it for you with a new password.
  • For your security, we recommend not sharing your username or password with anyone. A great perk of Envirobidnet is that you can request additional users be added to your paid subscription FREE OF CHARGE!
  • If you have just signed up for a paid subscription with a credit card, your account will not become active until we can confirm payment was successful. If you signed up for a subscription with a mail invoice, your account will not be activated until we receive payment.
  • If you are a new free trial user, you will not be able to use Envirobidnet until your account is approved by our team. Once your free trial runs out, your account will become expired and you will get an error message when you attempt login.
  • To logout of your account, click the Logout button in the blue banner at the top of the screen. For security reasons, after you log out, you may want to close your browser.

Change Password

  • To change your password, make sure you are signed into your account, then click the "Account" tab in the blue panel at the top. There will be an option for Change Password. If you don't know your password or are locked out of your account, visit our Forgot Credentials Page.
  • You will be prompted to enter your current password and then a new password. This is for your security. You will receive an email with your new password as confirmation.


  • To contact us, please visit our contact page.
  • Our email is contact@envirobidnet.com
  • Customer service hours are Mon-Fri 8AM - 5PM EST.

Emailed Bids

  • In order to provide real-time leads to our valued customers, we email bid notices FOUR TIMES DAILY!
  • To ensure emails get delivered to your account, please check the following:
  1. Add our no-reply email address to your contacts so our messages don't go to Spam.
  2. Ensure your account profile has the "Send me Bid Alerts from Envirobidnet" option set to "YES". This is under Account in the blue bar at the top, then Manage Account Info. In the gray box on the left the first option you'll see is this dropdown menu. You will not receive bid alert emails from Envirobidnet if this option is set to NO.
  3. Ensure you have bid categories selected on your account. Sign into your account, then click on the "Account" tab in the blue panel at the top, go to "Manage Account Info" and click on "Update Bid Categories". Select the categories you desire and click "Update Categories". There is a separate help section on the left which describes this process. You will not receive bid alert emails if you do not have categories associated to your account.
  • If you are still having trouble receiving emails, please give us a call. You will be able to search bids in the Bid Center even if you are not receiving emails. Ensure you sign into your account to do so.
  • If you are trying to view a bid from one of our emails, simply click on the link provided in the email. Make sure you are signed into your account. If you want to be able to view bids at any time from your email, you can choose "Remember Me" on sign-in. This will make it so that you do not have to sign in every time you visit our site.

Saved Searches

Video tutorial for saved searches.

  • Saved searches are a great way to avoid entering the same criteria day after day. Please note that our system will only save the criteria you used to search, not the bids that are shown as a result of that search.
  • Your saved searches are found in the bid center. Make sure the toggle switch under the heading "Search Bids" is set to New Envirobidnet look. Then choose the Saved Searches option from the lavender menu at the top by clicking on it. From here, you can run any of the searches and delete them. You cannot update a saved search.
  • You can save a search either from the search center or from the search results. On the main searching screen, you will find the Save Search button next to the Get Bids button at the bottom. After you've gotten your bids, it'll appear in the top right corner.
  • Clicking the save search button will bring up a pop-up window which summarizes the criteria of the search you are saving (states and categories used, keywords applied, and number of days since posted). You cannot edit this content from this pop-up window, it is just a summary for your reference. Blow the summary, you have the option to give the saved search a name, which can be used for your reference. This name cannot be updated later. It defaults to the current timestamp. **Note you can have searches with the same name.
  • You can have as many saved searches as you want. To delete all your saved searches click the button at the top right corner of the screen. Please note that this cannot be reversed.

Saved Bids

To help ensure the information you need is at your fingertips, our new site has introduced a "Save Bid" feature, allowing you to easily track bids that are a great fit for you! Check out this tutorial video!

  • To access your saved bids, make sure you are signed into your account, then go to the "Bid Center" tab in the blue panel at the top of the page. Click on "My Saved Bids".
  • You will then be able to see all the bids you've saved for later. You can click the "Unsave" button next to the bid you no longer want to save.
  • Bids that are 180 days past their expiration will be automatically removed from your saved bids.
  • To save a bid, navigate to that bid's individual page, either through the bid center or by using the bid's ID. At the top of the bid's page, you can click the "Save Bid" button to save the bid if you don't currently have it saved and there will be a button to unsave the bid if you do currently have it saved.

Bid Reminders

Here's a video introducing this new feature.

  • Our site now allows you to schedule a reminder to be sent (emailed) on a selected day with the information for a bid you specify.
  • Simply go to the bid you want, either in your bid query or on the individual bid page and click the bell icon. Choose a date for the reminder to be sent (they are automatically sent at a pre-defined time early in the morning on that day). You cannot pick a date before the current date and cannot pick a date after the bid expires.
  • You can schedule unlimited reminders and you can schedule multiple reminders on the same bid as well. Please note you cannot update the reminders for a particular bid on the individual bid page. Follow the instructions below to update an existing reminder.
  • To see your current reminders, go to the Bid Center tab then to My Bid Reminders. This is where you can update the day on which you want your reminder sent or you can delete a reminder. Reminders that have already been sent will not show up in your bid reminders section (they are deleted after they are sent to your email). To clear all your bid reminders click the Clear All button in the top right corner. This action cannot be undone.

My Emailed Bids Log

One of our latest new features is an emailed bid log so you can see all the bids you’ve received from Envirobidnet in order of when they were sent. In the Bid Center dropdown, click on “My Emailed Bids Log”. By default, you will see bids sent in the last 30 days, categorized by day sent. Click on any of the dates to expand that section. A table will show you when the email was sent and some information about the bid.  In the last column of the table, there is a View Bid link that will take you to that bid’s full info. 

If you’d like to choose a different window than the default 30 days, use the blank at the top of the page to choose a number between 1 and 60, then click GO to rerun the report for that window. Please note that we track bid emails in Eastern Time.

Good news if you’re the account manager for a multi-user account! You can see this same report for any of the users on your account. Just click on a user from the regular account manager dashboard, then open the sidebar and click “Emailed Bids”.

Bid Tracking System

Why should I use the Bid Tracking System? What does it do?

The bid tracking system is designed to help your organization stay organized as you pursue numerous bid opportunities. Your company can avoid that large spreadsheet, long email chains, or stacks of papers and instead use our system to track bids as they move from stage to stage of the procurement process. From initial interest through award, you can manually update information about the bid, assign it to a user on your account, and add notes remarks for your records. The best part is it is FREE and you can store UNLIMITED BIDS!

Do I have to pay to use it?

No, it is completely FREE and NO HIDDEN FEES!

How can I access the bid tracking system?

In the blue navigation bar at the top, click on “Bid Center” and then select “bid tracking system”. Please note that if your company is enrolled in a multi-user account, the bid tracking system is shared amongst your organization to assist with collaboration.

How many bids can we track using the bid tracking system?

You can track unlimited bids with our bid tracking system, but please be aware that you will only be able to view a maximum of 500 bids at any given time. If you have more bids than that, you will need to apply filters to refine your result set.

How can we add a bid that we find on Envirobidnet?

If you’d like to add a bid from Envirobidnet to your bid tracking system, simply navigate to that bid how you normally would (through a bid email, or through a bid search). Then, in the top right corner click the blue “Add to Bid Tracking” button, and it will copy the bid to your organization’s bid tracking area and redirect you there. If that button is disabled/displaying grey, that bid has already been transferred to your bid tracking system by you or someone else in your organization.

How can we input a bid that we find elsewhere?

If you find a bid elsewhere (not from Envirobidnet.com), you can still add it to your bid tracking system manually. Underneath the sections for Filtering and Ordering Bids is a blue panel. Click on the “Manually Enter a Bid” button. You’ll be shown a pop-up window to enter information. Enter as much or as little information as you want, it is up to you! You are not able to add notes or labels at this stage. It will immediately be added and you can manage the labels and notes after it is added. 

I want to update a bid - how can I do that? I read that I can assign labels as well - where do I manage those?

First, click on the “Manage” button of the bid you want to manage. Note that you cannot manage a bid that is in your archive - you must first unarchive it to manage. You may update any of the information you see on the pop-up screen. You will notice that a few additional fields that were not there when adding, including Bid Status (where in the process the bid is), and a field called “Primary User”. This is so you can track who the primary person responsible for the bid is, and this is a filterable field in the search at the top, essentially “assigning” it to a user from your organization. There is also an area for labels. On the left side of the labels section are the labels currently assigned to the bid. These are labels added by you and your organization only. To delete a label, simply click on the red trash can icon next to the label you wish to delete. If you want to add a label, simply fill out the “add label” field and click add. You’ll immediately see it added on the left. Please note that labels are a maximum of 50 characters long. You can have unlimited labels on a bid, and you can use these labels in your search at the top of the screen to easily navigate to bids later. 

What happens when I archive a bid?

A bid’s full information is preserved when you move it to the archive, and it will remain in the archive until you unarchive it, or after 60 days. After 60 days, archived bids will be deleted and cannot be recovered. Your archived bids are tracked separately from your current bids.

How can I see bid archives? Can I unarchive a bid? What happens to archived bids?

After navigating to the bid tracking system, click the blue “Archived Bids” button in the top right corner. Here, you will see only your archived bids. Click the blue “unarchive” button on any bid to move it back to your current bids. Any bid that has been in the archive longer than 60 days will be permanently deleted. You cannot manage an archived bid. If you need to manage an archived bid, you must first unarchive it, and then you will be able to manage it in your current bids.

How do I filter and order bids? 

Filtering bids means refining to a subset of the bids you have stored. To filter bids, click on the first accordion menu to expand the section, then use a combination of one or more fields. If you leave a field blank, it will not be searched. To order bids means to change the way they are displayed in that moment for your use. Select up to three orderings, which go in priority order from left to right. In other words, ordering by “State” in the first dropdown and “Bid Expiration” in the second would put all the bids from AL, AR, etc. together in groups, and within those groups they would be displayed in order of the bid expiration attached to the bid. You may choose whether they appear in ascending (A-Z) order or descending (Z-A) order for each field. Then, click the Apply Filters and Orderings to see your search results. 

There’s a bid I don’t want to see anymore, can I delete it?

You can’t delete a bid directly, but you can archive that bid. Then, after 60 days in the archive, it will be automatically deleted.

Custom Bid Report

  • This new feature allows you to view four groups of bids, completely tailored to you and updating frequently!
  • The first section is bids in your states which were the most recently posted.
  • The second section is bids in the states and categories to which you subscribe that have the most views by other customers.
  • The third section is bids that are associated to agencies whose bids you have previously downloaded or currently have saved.
  • The last section is our custom forecasting of other bids you might like based on keywords that comprise it the project description of the bid based on past bids you've downloaded documents or currently have saved.
  • Click the "See More" buttons for the first three sections if you would like to see more popular, new, etc. bids.
  • This feature is completely customized for YOU! As you save bids and download bid specs, and as more bids are posted and viewed, the bids given to you in your custom report will change! Be sure to check back often!

Posting Bids

Envirobidnet allows parties to publicize their bid opportunities FOR FREE on our site!

  • If you wish to reach a large number of qualified candidates, click on the "Bid Center" tab in the blue panel at the top, then "Post Bid".
  • Enter the required information. Select the best category for the project. A member of our staff will adjust these categories as needed.
  • You will be allowed to attach documents on the next page. Attach any relevant project documents. Ensure that they meet our approved file types list. If you do not wish to upload any documents, click "Proceed without upload"
  • Only legitimate projects will be posted - each bid will be reviewed by our staff before being offered to site members.

Manage Account Info

  • You are able to change your demographic information under the "Account" tab, then "Manage Account Info"
  • Here, you will see your current demographic information. You may change any of the information listed. Make sure to submit your changes.

Change States

Our new site allows you to request changes to your states through your online account! Here's a video describing how.

  • To access your states, click on the "Account" tab in the blue panel at the top, then go to "Update States".
  • You will see three panels. The first panel lists states to which you are currently subscribed. The middle panel lists states you can add to your account. The last panel will show any pending state requests (e.g. you requested a state to be added or removed from your account).
  • If you want to add a state to your subscription, click the corresponding "Request Addition" button in the middle panel.
  • If you are the member of a business account, you can click the Request Addition button, but the state will be automatically added so long as your account is paying for that state (it will not require approval from our team)
  • If you have pending state requests, you may cancel them before they are adjudicated by clicking the Cancel button next to the respective state.
  • Please note that to remove a state from your account you must call Customer Service.
  • IMPORTANT! There will be no changes to your bill until a state request is approved! You will be notified via email once we process your request.

Change Categories

Here's a video describing how to update states.

  • Changing your categories allows you to decide the kind of bids that will be emailed to you daily. We do not charge for bid categories - you will always have access to ALL bid categories through the Bid Center, and you can update your categories any time.
  • To update your bid categories, click on the "Account" tab, then "Update Bid Categories".
  • Use the checkboxes to choose the categories for which you'd like to see emailed bids. Be sure to click "Update Categories" to save your preferences. Note that it may take up to 4 hours until your email leads for that category are updated.

Update Credit Card

  • To update your credit card, go to the Account Tab, then Update Credit Card. If your credit card can be updated online, you will see fields to submit new information. You may get a message to call us if it cannot be updated online. We do not keep credit card information in house for your security.
  • To update your credit card, you can also call us at (888) 888-0900. For more information please visit this page.


Thank you for considering Envirobidnet to meet your company's needs!

  • To subscribe, click on the "Subscribe" tab on the blue panel at the top, then click on "Subscribe".
  • Pick a username and password, make sure the password fields match. If you've entered a username that is already in the system, you will be prompted to enter a different one.
  • Once your username and password have been registered, please enter the requested demographic information. It is very important that you enter your email address correctly. As part of our service, we email you leads that match your needs - we want to make sure those leads are going to the correct email address!
  • Once you've entered all demographic information required, you will continue on to pick the states and bid categories you want. Once you submit your demographic information, you will not be able to return to that page. Once your account becomes active, you will be able to update this information at any point.
  • Choose your desired states from the table, you will see the price change as you select states. Choose your desired bid categories as well. These are the categories for which you would like to receive email leads. All customers have access to all bid categories through the bid center - you do not pay for bid categories.
  • At the bottom, choose a payment method. You may choose credit card or mail invoice. Credit cards have both a monthly and an annual payment option. Mail invoice is annual only. There is an annual fee for processing of all mail invoices. Once you've chosen a payment option, proceed to the next screen. If you chose mail invoice, you will see a copy of that invoice and it has also been emailed to you. If you chose credit card, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information with our billing service as we feel this is the most secure method for our customers. Once you've entered your credit card information, you will see a copy of your receipt, it will also be emailed to you. Please note that if your credit card is not accepted you will need to be in contact with Customer Service before being able to use our service.
  • Your account will not become active until we confirm payment has been made.

Free Trial

Since we're so sure you'll find great value in our service, we offer a 30-day FREE TRIAL! You get all the benefits of site members at no cost to you!

  • To request a free trial, click on the "Subscribe" tab in the blue bar at the top of the screen, then "Free Trial".
  • Pick a username and password. If you pick a username that is already in use, you will be prompted to choose a different one.
  • Once you've registered a username and password, you must fill out the demographic information as required. It is essential that you provide as much information as possible so we can determine if you will be granted a free trial. Please review the information you've provided as you will not be allowed to return to this page after you submit your information. You will, however, be able to update this information under the "Account" tab if your free trial becomes active.
  • You will then be directed to pick the states and bid categories you desire. All states are free with a 30-day free trial. Categories are ALWAYS FREE! Once you finish setting up your account, you will get an email letting you know we've received your request. You will receive an email from our team once we have made a determination on your request.

Price Calculator

Get an instant free quote on our pricing page!

  • Click the checkbox next to the state you wish to add to the quote. You will see the running total change for both monthly and annual pricing at the left of the page.
  • Both the monthly and annual quote will show the base price as you click.
  • If the number of states you select meets our criteria for national pricing, you will see a static price at the top of the screen. That means that you will not be charged for additional states beyond that amount.
  • Note that we only accept one payment frequency (annual or monthly) per account.
  • If you'd like to email yourself a quote, click "Email Me this quote!"

Account Activity

So you can see the IMMENSE VALUE you are getting from Envirobidnet, we’ve recently added “Account Activity” to the Account dropdown in the blue navigation bar. This will show you your all-time totals for bids viewed, documents downloaded, bids saved, and more! Remember, higher numbers/statistics don’t cost more! It’s all part of your value-packed Envirobidnet account!

If you’re the account manager of a multi-user account, you can see this for each user on your account. Just click on a user from the regular account manager dashboard, then open the sidebar and click “Account Activity”. On your account manager dashboard, you will also see a section for the aggregate activity for your entire account. Just click on the section to expand it and see the data!

*Common Problems/Solutions

I tried to log in but your site says my account is locked.

  • For your security, we have implemented an account lockout after twenty failed attempts in a day. In order to unlock your account, you will need to click "Forgot Password" on the login page. If you are a member of a business account, you may ask your account manager to reset your password to unlock your account. If you are still having difficulties or are unable to access your account, please contact us.

I subscribed with all the requested info and chose a payment option, but I can't access my account.

  • Your account will not become active until we have confirmed payment. If you chose the mail-in option, your account will not become active until we receive a check. If you chose credit card, we must ensure the payment was processed successfully by our billing partners before your account is activated, however, this is normally accomplished within minutes. Give us a call if you wish to discuss this.

I'm not receiving emailed bids

  • Make sure we are on your email account's list of approved senders and make sure your email is correct on your account profile. Please also make sure under your account information that "Send me emailed bids from Envirobidnet" is set to "yes". For more specific information, please click on the "Emailed Bids" help topic on the left panel.

I just landed on a page that said "Action Could Not Be Completed"

  • This is usually caused by data that no longer exists or data that cannot be processed. Follow the directions on the page, such as checking to see if your request was made partially or fully, closing your browser, and ensuring the data you entered is correctly formatted. If the problem persists, please contact us.

I just landed on a page that said "Access Denied"

  • You may be trying to access a page or information to which your account does not permit access. This may be a bid or bid document that is in a state you don't have on your account, for example. If you believe you received this message in error, please let us know and we will look into your site access.

I thought I had additional saved bids, but now they seem to be gone

  • When a bid becomes inactive (180 days after it expires), it will be removed from your saved bid list automatically.

It's taking a long time to create a searchable, sortable table from my bid results

  • If you have many thousand rows in your result table, it will take a few seconds to create this searchable, sortable table as this happens in real time. Your browser of choice and computer may impact this as well. Try refining your search results upon initial search to limit the number of rows in the table. This should speed up the creation of a searchable, sortable table if you are experiencing long wait times.

The emailed bids are going to the wrong email

  • Email us contact@envirobidnet.com we will help

I want to add more users to my paid subscription

  • Please refer to the "Business Accounts" tab on the left panel.

Business Accounts

At Envirobidnet, we allow our customers to request additional users for their paid account at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

If you would like to enroll in a business account:

  • The process is simple! Give us a call at (888) 888-0900 or email contact@envirobidnet.com to let us know you'd like to add more users to your paid subscription.
  • Additional users are FREE!

If you are looking for help managing your business account:

  • If you are the account manager for a business account, go to the "Account" tab, then to "Manage Account Info". In the top right there will be a button to "View Business Account". If you are not the manager of an account, you will not see this option - this management tool is only for account managers.
  • You will be redirected to your business account dashboard. At the top, you will see a list of all the states attached to your account. This includes states on your personal account as well as states attached to any account members. Below you will see a table which shows your account members. The search bar allows you to filter results in the table. There is also a button panel with options such as "CSV", "Excel", etc. which allow you to export that table to a spreadsheet or PDF.
  • You will also have the option to add a new user to your business account (blue button at the top of the page). While you can add this user on your own with no intervention from our team, we will be notified of the new user and it is subject to review by our team.
  • Pick a username and password for the new user. If you pick a username that is already in use, you will be prompted to choose another one.
  • You will then be prompted to enter demographic information for the user. Fill out anything that is required. Once you submit this information, you will not be able to return to this page. However, you or the user can update this information through their account profile.
  • You will then be prompted to choose states or categories for this user on initial setup. You can choose from any states your account has access to. You can select from all available bid categories.
  • Other functions on the dashboard include "Remove", "Change PW", and "Reset PW". Remove allows you to remove a user from your business account. Change PW allows you to pick a new password for that user. Their new password will be emailed to them. Reset PW allows you to have a new password automatically generated and emailed to the user. If a user is locked out of their account, changing or resetting the user's password will instantly unlock the account.
  • To manage a user on your account, click the "Manage" button. This will take you to the user's demographic information. You can update any of the information displayed, make sure to click "Update Information" to save your changes. There is also a section at the bottom of that page which allows you to see the user's saved bids.
  • There is also an "Options" button which will show you a side panel with four options. Clicking "Account Home" will take you to your business account dashboard.
  • "Update Bid Categories" allows you to select the bid categories a user has on their account. Make sure to click "Update Categories" to save your changes.
  • "Update States" allows you to request that states be added to this user's account. This works in much the same way as your personal account. See the "Change States" help topic on the left. States that your account already has access to will not require a request. However, you will still click the "Request Addition" button. Any requests will be processed by our team. If you want to add a state you currently do not pay for, it will only be initially added to the account that made the request. After it has been approved for one user, you can add that state to other users on the account, or they can add it themselves. The new site does not change what you pay for, only the process by which users add and remove states to their account.
  • You may also see a user's saved searches and bid reminders. As the account manager, you have the ability to delete a saved search. You can also delete a bid reminder. On the bid reminder page you can click the Update button next to the reminder you'd like to update - here you can select the new date the reminder should be sent. Clicking the "schedule reminder" button on the bid reminder page allows you to schedule a new reminder for that user. Enter the bid ID and the time. The reminder will only be successfully scheduled if the user has access to that bid.

If you are seeing an "Audit Required":

  • As an account manager. we have asked you to look over the list of users on your account. This happens periodically as a part of our regular operations. You will need to get to your account manager dashboard (Update Account and then click view business account)
  • At the top a new section will appear with some basic instructions and a button to complete the audit. Click the button to get started.
  • You will need to click the checkbox next to the name of each user on your account. This means you are specifying that they still work for your company and need access to Envirobidnet. Before you start your audit, please look over your list of users and remove any users who no longer work for your company or who no longer use our site.
  • Once you've marked all users as "checked" the Complete Audit button will be enabled and you can finish the audit. That's it, it's that simple! The next time you visit this page, you will not see any audit instructions until the next time we ask you to audit your account.

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  • To view our privacy policy, please click here.
  • To view our user agreement, please click here.