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Bid State Current Wastewater Pipeline Bids
628305 CA Chino - CA Dept of Corrections and Rehab: Brine Line Inspection, Video Recording and Cleaning Services. This is an agreement in which the Contractor shall perfo
628465 CA Anaheim: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* BACKFLOW PREVENTION DEVICE: INSPECTION AND REPAIR SERVICES. The City of Anaheim desires the services of a qualified Backflow Prevention
628749 OR Eugene: Trainsong South Wastewater Cleanout Construction 900108 400 HR Flaggers; 16 EA Asbestos Pipe Abatement; 73 EA Service Line Inspection, Launch Camera; 10
629942 CA VICTORVILLE: w/ *ADDENDA 1-4* CONDITION ASSESSMENT OF SEWER FORCE MAINS. The goal of the project is to contract with a qualified pipeline inspection company (Fi
630304 TX Plano: Cleaning and Inspection of Large Diameter Wastewater Lines Project 7150.
631180 FL Columbia: *Addenda 1-2* Disaster Debris Removal and Disposal. It is the intent of this solicitation to establish an Agreement or Agreements with one or more qu
631782 WI BOHNER’S LAKE SANITARY DISTRICT: 2020 Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Television Inspection Program. The project consists of the cleaning and televising of approxim
632198 CA San Diego County: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* CCTV SEWERLINE INSPECTION SERVICES - SPRING VALLEY SMALL DIAMETER. The County of San Diego (County), Department of Public Wor
632409 WI ASHLAND: 2020 SEWER CLEANING AND TELEVISING: Televised inspection services for 76,610 feet of sanitary sewer mains and 283 sanitary sewer manholes
632708 PA MUNICIPALITY OF PENN HILLS, ALLEGHENY COUNTY: PENN HILLS 2020 CCTV INSPECTION CONTRACTS. Contract AThis project consists of light cleaning and close-circuit tel
632749 CA Fresno: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Forensic Investigation at Fresno's NESWTF and Fresno-Clovis RWRF. The City of Fresno (City) is soliciting proposals for professional ser
633405 IL Lake Forest: (RFQ) Sewer Collection System Investigation; Professional engineering firms (Consultants) to provide assistance in performing sewer system evaluati
633569 IL Elmhurst: 2020 Inlet Cleaning Program; The work in general shall consist of cleaning approximately 1,200 inlets and/or catch basins and associated lead lines, a
634910 CA EAST BAY MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICT: w/ *ADDENDUM 1/Q&A* Inflow Investigation Services. It is the intent of these specifications, terms, and conditions to descr
635029 CA Sacramento: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* (RFQ) Water Distribution System Flushing Program. Consultants selected on the basis of this RFQ process will meet with City of Sacra
637464 CA Orange County Sanitation District: *DOCS ADDED/Q&A* Gisler – Red Hill Interceptor and Baker Force Mains Rehabilitation. The purpose of the project is to perform
638464 CA Morgan Hill: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* Sewer Pipe Inspection and Condition Assessment Services. The City of Morgan Hill is soliciting proposals from Consultant/Contracto
639885 VT Hartford: Wastewater Collection Line Cleaning, TV inspection and Inspection Reporting at Hartford & Quechee Wastewater Collection SystemsTown of Hartford, Verm
640012 AK Anchorage: POA Port Underwater Pile Inspections.
640104 CA Anaheim: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* (RFQ) Design-Build Master Agreement for Water, Wastewater, and Storm Water Projects. Design, upgrade, construction, alteration, and re
640454 PA Upper Darby Township, Delaware County: Sewer Lateral Inspection & Remediation for Home Improvement Code Compliance Program. The Township of Upper Darby is seeki
640700 IL VENICE: SEWER CLEANING AND LINING PROJECT MCCD FY2019 Grant; The proposed work consists of furnishing all labor, equipment, and materials to complete the cleani
641016 CA Berkeley: ON-CALL CIVIL ENGINEERING SERVICES, SANITARY SEWER PROGRAM, PHASE 2. The services may include, but are not limited to, planning, conceptual design, de
641091 CA Martinez - Central Contra Costa SD: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Large Diameter Pipe Inspection. Qualified Contractors interested in providing technical consulting services
641516 CA CA Dept of Corrections & Rehab: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* CLASS II SURFACE IMPOUNDMENT SAMPLING AND MONITORING SERVICES. Task 1: Sampling of Surface Impoundments - The C
641561 CA Perris - Eastern Municipal Water District: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* (RFQ) As Needed Corrosion Protection Engineering Services. CORROSION ENGINEERING SERVICES 1. Evaluati
641969 CA Arboga - Reclamation District 784: Urban Pipe Video Inspection. The work site is located in the northern Yuba County area.
642454 CA Sausalito Pub Works: 2020 Hot Spot Cleaning Project Location and Description. The Project is located throughout the City limits, and the project is described
643144 IN Warsaw: Solid Waste Disposal Contract.The work is a per ton unit price bid for landfill dumping fees for a four(4) year contract beginning January 1, 2021. The
643835 IL URBANA & CHAMPAIGN SANITARY DISTRICT: “2020-2022 SEWER CLEAN-UP” contract furnishing of all materials, equipment and labor for cleaning services for Category 3

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