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Bid State Current Landfills Bids
610438 MA Town of Longmeadow: *Addenda 1-4* Birnie Road Landfill Closure Project - Phase I. The work consists of site clearing, erosion controls, final cover system cons
610453 WA Seattle : *DOCS ADDED* for South Park Landfill Site Coordinator. *They include the PowerPoint slides, tips on completing the Inclusion Plan, and a Questions an
610481 GA Thomasville: Construction of Cell No. 5A and Sediment Pond No. 3 at the Thomasville/Sunset Drive MSW Landfill, Phase IV, City of Thomasville, Georgia. The work
611021 FL Escambia County: *Addendum 1* Perdido Landfill 2019 Gas Collection and Control System (GCCS) Expansion
611494 FL County of Volusia: *Addenda 1-2* Electrical Maintenance of Leachate System. Volusia County Solid Waste Division maintains two leachate collection and treatment
611722 FL Department of Management Services: (RFQ) *Addendum 1* Closure of Coyote Navarre, C & D Debris Disposal Facility. This is a Request for Qualifications. The Depa
611814 CA Sacramento County: MODULE 4 PHASE 1 BASE LINER SYSTEM KIEFER LANDFILL. ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION COST: $23,800,000. The work under this contract includes furnishin
611924 CA Palo Alto: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Landfill Post-Closure Maintenance. The City of Palo Alto is seeking an experienced Contractor to provide on-call maintenance services
612162 NC NEW HANOVER COUNTY: CELL 9 & 10A CONSTRUCTION: The partial expansion consists of approximately 16 acres of Cell 9 and 10A that will include disposal unit site p
612220 CA Redlands: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3/NEW DOCUMENTS* California Street Landfill Phase 4 Expansion Project. The Work to be performed includes the furnishing of all labor, ma
612462 IL Quincy: *ADDENDUM 1* Landfill Groundwater and Condensate Analysis*Q&A*
612474 MA Marblehead: Post Closure Monitoring Services Landfill 5 Woodfin Terrace
612503 MO Columbia: Alternative Daily Landfill Cover - Multi Year
612570 SC Greenville Co: *ADDENDUM 1-5* *DOCUMENT FOR ADDENDUM 5 ADDED* UNIT 4 CELL 2 CONSTRUCTION TWIN CHIMNEYS LANDFILL: The County of Greenville is seeking sealed prop
612710 CA CALTRANS: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* Landfill Disposal Site in Contra Costa County. Contractor agrees to provide Landfill Disposal Site Services to the Department of Tran
612806 CA Sonoma County: Professional service for landfill cover maintenance. The County of Sonoma is pleased to invite you to respond to a Request for Proposals to perfo
613012 AZ Mohave County: (RFQ) MOHAVE VALLEY LANDFILL GAS REMEDIATION. The County of Mohave, hereinafter referred to as "County" is conducting a competitive ONE-STEP PROC
613199 SC York County: *ADDENDUM 1* RFQ MSW Cap Repair: The Solid Waste Disposal South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) Permit requires Yo
613279 GA Albany: Landfill gas collection and control system upgrades
613385 CA Merced County Regional Waste Management Authority: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Highway 59 Landfill Landscape Rehabilitation Project.
613403 ID Ada County: *ADDENDUM 1* Landfill Waste Stream Analysis 2020
613666 FL St. Johns County: *Addenda 1-2* SJC Tillman Ridge Landfill Leachate System Automation. The Contractor shall be responsible for providing any and all labor, mat
613679 AL Northport: Furnishing Landfill Services
613852 CA Redlands: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Construction Quality Assurance Services - California Street Landfill Phase 4 Expansion.
613861 FL Jacksonville: *Addenda 1-3* Solid Waste Transfer Station(s). Solicitation to secure the services of a Contractor to accept, weigh, unload, process, sort, reloa
613913 WI Madison: WI DNR: Barrett Landfill, Operation and Maintenance Services: The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Bureau for Remediation and Redevelopment is
613918 NC New Hanover Co: GCCS Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring Secure Landfill Operation, maintenance, and monitoring of the landfill gas collection and control sy
614017 OH Grove City - SWACO: Gas collection and control system maintenance and repair services at the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill and Model Landfill.
614060 AR Little Rock: Landfill Cell 5 West Construction.
614062 AR Luxora, Mississippi County: Landfill Construction Project.The County is soliciting bids for the construction of an 8.9-acre Class 1 waste disposal cell, a 6.2-a
614155 MA New Bedford: Post Closure Environment Monitoring Shawmut Ave. Landfill
614360 CA Sacramento: Landfill and waste disposal services.
614373 MA Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District: Environmental Monitoring Services Crapo Hill landfill
614484 CA Mendocino County: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Landfill Leachate Hauling Services. Mendocino County Department of Transportation requires a professional firm to provide leac
614600 CA San Luis Obispo - CA Military Department: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Landfill Cap Removal and Replacement. The Contractor shall furnish all labor, equipment, materials, pe
614619 SD Sioux Falls: Landfill Alternative Daily Cover Material
614958 ME Lewiston: Cleaning and Inspection of the Leachate Collection System which includes furnishing all labor, equipment and materials, required to clean and inspect
615112 VA Newport News: AND *ADDENDUM 1* Denbigh Landfill Cap Improvements
615360 CO Denver: Seeking a design engineering team for professional services necessary to provide basis of design and procurement documents necessary for the Design-Buil
615420 VA Waynesboro: *ADDENDUM 1* Gas Collection System Upgrades at the City's Sanitary Landfill. *Bid due date change to 10/14/19*
615516 OR Grants Pass: Hydrogeological Services for the Merlin Landfill. The Merlin Landfill is a closed municipal solid waste landfill and has entered its post-closure
615526 NH Hampton: *Addenda 1-3* Landfill Monitoring Services. The Town of Hampton requests bids for qualified engineering firms for Post-Closure Landfill Monitoring of
615752 TX Gillespie County: City of Fredericksburg Landfill - Cell 8 Construction Project generally includes excavation ands tockpiling of soil from the Cell 8 liner area
615759 TX Gillespie County: City of Fredericksburg Landfill – Cell 8 Geosynthetics Project generally includes supply and installation of Geosynthetic Clay Liner, Geomembr
615836 NJ Ridgewood : LANDFILL DISPOSAL OF SOLID WASTE. This specification is not for collection services, but for Landfill and/or Transfer Station Services.
615949 NM Northwest NM SWA: (RFQ) Groundwater Monitoring & Testing; The SWA is seeking qualifications from qualified firms to conduct groundwater and environmental monito
616272 FL Department of Management Services: (RFQ) Closure of Coyote Navarre, C & D Debris Disposal Facility-Rebid. The Department of Management Services (DMS),Division o

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