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Bid State Current Landfills Bids
565113 CA Redwood City: Landfill Disposal Site Service. The City of Redwood City is soliciting bids from qualified and licensed companies to provide landfill disposal sit
567223 CA Shasta County: West Central Landfill Gas Collection and Control System Expansion - 2018. The Work, in general, consists of constructing 25 landfill gas extracti
567718 WI Outagamie Co: Vertical Gas Wells - Northeast Landfill: The Outagamie County Department of Recycling and Solid Waste is seeking bids from qualified contractors t
567851 CO Garfield County: Geosynthetic Clay Liner Material and Installation. The Board of County Commissioners of Garfield County, Colorado by and through the Procuremen
567888 KS Clay County: Construction of the Leachate Collection and Control System Improvements. The Project consists of constructing a 1.5± acre municipal solid waste le
567939 GA Gwinnett County: Landfill Disposal of Bio-Solids and Grit and Screenings on an Annual Contract
568000 AZ Florence: Landfill or Transfer Station Services. The Town of Florence hereby solicits SEALED proposals from qualified contractors to provide landfill or transfe
568117 WI KAUKAUNA: Closed CE Landfill (QUEST #5884837): The project includes the following in accordance with the plans and specifications: Clay, Topsoil, Silt Fence/E-m
568357 NC Cumberland County: Landfill Gas System Expansion Project 2018: This project includes the installation of new landfill gas extraction wells, buried landfill gas
568454 PA County of Lycoming: Fields 1.4 Existing Final Closure Cap System Removal and Replacement Project, at the Lycoming County Resource Management Services Landfill S
568567 AL Decatur: Morgan County Regional Landfill Cell 15. 13 Acre Development of Cell 15 for Morgan County Regional Landfill. Work will include Site Prepping, Grubbing
568845 AZ Phoenix: Landfill Services - Requirements Contract. The City of Phoenix invites sealed offers to provide Landfill Services for a five year period, beginning on
568887 CA Palo Alto: Palo Alto Landfill Groundwater, Leachate and LandfillGas Monitoring and Consulting Services. Under this agreement, the Consultant shall provide basic
568967 CA Sacramento County: KIEFER LANDFILL, 2018 GAS SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS. The work to be performed under this contract includes furnishing all labor, materials, and equ
569101 MA Goshen: Goshen Sanitary Landfill Cap Repair; Repair erosion areas, remove and replace existing swale, install downslope swale and splash pad, install subdrain p
569301 ND Jamestown: 29,000 cubic yards of excavation and layered capping of a 7 Acre Inert landfill.
569709 AK Anchorage: Landfill Leachate Pipe Cleaning.
569919 MD Board of Co. Comm. Washington Co.: Landfill Inspection Services
569927 CA Los Angeles County: CHIQUITA CANYON LANDFILL MONITORING SERVICES. Assist with monitoring the conditions of approval and mitigation measures for chiquita canyon
570057 GA Columbus: Construct in place and ready to operate a Construction and Demolition Landfill Cell consisting of approximately 43,307 CY of excavation, 15,425 CY of
570118 CA Shasta County: West Central Landfill Erosion Control Hydroseeding. The Work, in general, consists of applying erosion control hydroseed mix, straw and stabilizi
570198 PA Borough of Hellertown: LANDFILL/TRANSFER STATION SERVICES. Landfill and/or transfer station services for the disposal of municipal wastes, as that term is descr
570473 NJ CMCMUA : Secure Sanitary Landfill Cell F Gas Collection System Expansion
570977 CO City of Colorado Springs: Landfill Barter Services.
571196 KY Daviess County: Landfill Basin Cleanout (Landfill).
571741 CA Kern County: PHASE 2A, MODULE 4 LINER AT BAKERSFIELD METROPOLITAN (BENA) SANITARY LANDFILL. The work to be performed consists, in general, of earthworks at vari
571831 CA CALTRANS: Landfill Disposal Site in Sonoma County. Contractor shall provide a waste disposal site for disposal for non-hazardous waste which will include but is
571901 SC Colleton County: *DUE DATE EXTENDED* C&D Landfill Improvements: The project consists of placing fill material on the landfill side slopes to the required grade
572373 MA Leominster: Mechanic Street Landfill Repairs Repair erosion areas, swale grading, spillway widening, replacement of protective well casings, decommissioning exi
572573 CA Shasta County: *ADDENDUM 1* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 570118) West Central Landfill Erosion Control Hydroseeding. The Work, in general, consists of applying eros
572631 ID Bannock County: LFGE PIPING INSTALLATION PROJECT This project will consist of installing and modifying the following piping systems for the landfill gas to ener
572700 WI Winnebago Co: 2018 Snell Road Landfill Maintenance Construction: The project generally consists oflandfill maintenance and repair items including but not limite
572965 FL Lee County: Retrofitting the Lee/Hendry Landfill Diesel Fuel System. Contractor to provide a new turnkey fuel management system by retrofitting the existing Le
572969 MA Stockbridge: Supply and install landfill cap material on portion of Town's former landfill. Includes the supply, installation, grading, seeding, and mulching o
573050 NC UNC Chapel Hill: LANDFILL GAS SYSTEM OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (The University) has installed a landfill gas c
573116 FL Polk County: North Central Landfill Leachate Evaporation Technology. Placement of a leachate evaporation system using landfill gas as a fuelsource at the North
573257 NE Grand Island: Environmental Monitoring Services for the Grand Island Regional Landfill
573363 AR Mississippi County, Luxora: Construction of improvements to a Class 1 solid waste landfill at the Mississippi County Landfill facility located near Luxora, AR.T
573724 CA Sacramento County: *ADDENDUM 1 - NEW DUE DATE* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 568967) KIEFER LANDFILL, 2018 GAS SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS. The work to be performed under th
573737 FL Lee County: *Addendum 1* for (Envirobidnet Original bid# 572965) Retrofitting the Lee/Hendry Landfill Diesel Fuel System
573819 NC Cumberland Co: Landfill East Slope Closure: PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project includes the construction of a 12.3-acre final cover system on the Ann Street Lan
573943 CA CALTRANS: Landfill Disposal Site Services - San Luis Obispo. Provide landfill disposal site services for the Caltrans Maintenance and/or Landscaping crews.Est.
573980 TX Houston: TXDOT, Landfill Services - dead animal disposal fees for the West Harris County Maintenance Office.
573986 TX Seguin: TXDOT, Landfill Servicesto dispose trash and dead animals, landfill must be within 20 mile radius from the Seguin Maintenance Office located at 2028 HWY
573989 TX Seguin: TXDOT, Landfill Services to dispose trash and dead animals, landfill must be within 20 mile radius from the Seguin Maintenance Office located at 2028 H
574025 NC Catawba County: *INCLUDES ADDENDUM 1* Blackburn Landfill Unit 3 Phase 2 Subtitle D Landfill Expansion: Contractor Pre-Qualification Notice: This project general
574072 FL DeSoto County: DeSoto County Section 16 Landfill Zone 5 Expansion and Partial Zone 3 and 4 Closure. Proposals from qualified firms and/or individuals to develop
574156 VA Dinwiddie County: Environmental Monitoring for Closed Landfill
574228 SC Colleton Co: *ADDENDUM 1* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID #571901) C&D Landfill Improvements: The project consists of placing fill material on the landfill side

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