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Categories: Environmental Engineering
Bid Number: 1021-013
Bid Description: CA Dept of Conservation: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Vs30-6 Project. The California State Department of Conservation (Department) requires measurements of the shear wave velocity of the underlying soil/rock near strong motion stations. You are invited to review and respond to this Invitation for Bid (IFB), entitled 1021-013 Vs30-6 Project. In submitting your bid, you must comply with these instructions listed herein. The Department must receive bids by September 23, 2021 at 3:00 PM. Contractor agrees to provide to the Department all services as described herein: 1. Determine the Vs30 value within 150 meters (492 feet) of each strong motion station. The Bidder shall determine the Vs30 through the use of a noninvasive, multi-method approach utilizing each of the following methods: • Active Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) method, with interspersed sources. The MASW measurements shall use at least forty-eight (48) geophones and spread no further than two (2) meters apart. At sites where initial Rayleigh wave measurements are not sufficient, the Bidder shall use Love waves to compliment. • Passive two-dimensional microtremor array method with either two (2) microtremor measuring lines perpendicular to each other or nested triangles. At sites that lack ambient noise, where passive microtremor array methods cannot be properly used, the Bidder shall perform a seismic refraction survey along the MASW array line instead. Horizontal/Vertical Spectral Ratio (HVSR) method, using a high-resolution triaxial seismograph. The HVSR measurements shall be used to improve confidence in the depth of the soil/rock boundary in the velocity profile. The Bidder shall collect at least twenty (20) minutes of microtremor data. 2. Bidder will measure Vs30 at each of the fifty (50) stations located within Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. When required, CSMIP will assist in getting permission for the Bidder to access a station. If a station from the list is deemed inaccessible (by CSMIP), an alternate station agreed on by both CSMIP and the Bidder will be used as a replacement. 3. Bidder will provide a copy of the digital seismic waveform data collected in the field. 4. Bidder shall provide a detailed final report (PDF and four (4) printed, double-sided, bound copies), in the format described in the CSMIP Site Characterization Report. The report for each site shall be an appendix which is formatted according to the template provided in the Template for Station Reports and will contain the following: • A site map, showing the locations of the geophone spread for each of the three (3) measurement methods. • A plot showing the shear wave velocity profile, determined to at least forty (40) meters (131 feet) depth. Include a table showing layer thicknesses with S-wave velocity, inferred P-wave velocity, assumed Poisson’s ration and assumed density. • The Vs30 value determined by the registered Geophysicist, in meters/second, with the estimated error. The method used to estimate the error must be described. • The HVSR results, presented as H/V vs frequency. • The dispersion curves derived from analysis of the active and passive surface wave data (phase velocity frequency and wavelength versus phase velocity). • Representative and calculated surface wave dispersion curves (wavelength versus phase velocity). • Description of equipment used with photographs of the equipment being used in the field. 5. The project report will be signed by a registered Geophysicist. 6. Description of equipment used with photographs of the equipment being used in the field. 7. Vs30 shall be measured at these fifty (50) CSMIP locations:
Agency/Organization Name: CA Department of Conservation
Address: 801 K Street, MS 13-35
City: Sacramento
State(s): CA
Zip Code: 95814
Plans Available: 2021-09-14
Bid Expiration: 2021-09-23
Plans and Specs Through: DOWNLOAD BELOW
Solicitation Type: RFP
Contact Name: Benjamin Brown Phone: Email:
Phone Number: 916/323-0502
Email: benjamin.brown@conservation.ca.gov
Contact Method:
Bid Specifications and Attachments: Bid Specifications not available for past bids.
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