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Categories: Environmental Engineering, GIS Mapping
Bid Number: N/A
Bid Description: Lomita: Urban Forestry AND Inventory. Upon award of the contract, the Contractor(s) will be required to perform the following services as needed by the City including, but not limited to: 1. Prior to commencement of work, conduct a pre-job meeting with the City to discuss the City's criteria regards to scope of services, guidelines and schedule 2. Preparation of an Urban Forestry Services schedule for annual tree trimming of parkway and island trees based on grid schedule as requested by the City. The City may adjust the number of trees per year to be trimmed based upon available budget. 3. Provide excel data reports as requested and at contract termination 4. Special service requests per direction of the Public Works Director or Superintendent, including trimming, planting (including procurement of tree specimens), removal, disposal of material/debris, and watering to be scheduled within 2 weeks 5. Emergency services, including provision for 24 hour emergency service calls, including removals and trimmings with a response time of no more than four (4) hours, 6. Urgent services, including removals and trimmings with a response time of no more than one (1) business day, 7. Trimming of trees on City property including City Hall, Parks, and City Property 8. Provide Tree Inventory Management Srevices • The Contractor will maintain a City tree web-based inventory linked with the GIS, and collect and process data to produce an entire tree inventory of trees along City right-of way and parks. The data will be collected by address and include tree species, parkway type, diameter at standard height, crown height, botanical and common name, and other information as recommended by the City. • Attributes to be collected by field personnel will include: • Species botanical name and common name • Tree diameter • Canopy spread • Tree height • Recommended maintenance • Record of maintenance • Existing overhead utilities • Parkway size Parkway type • Public/private code • Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) coordinates for each City tree within one (1) meter • The Contractor will provide the City reports in the form of maps, sheets, or geo-database export files of data as requested. These reports may be produced for the City Council and/or various Commissions or Committees. • The Contractor will provide routine technical maintenance, archive, backup, restore, and disaster recovery procedures as requested by the City. • The Contractor will provide the City with access to the inventory software to retrieve and update information about its tree population. The Contractor shall provide unlimited support with experienced staff available to the City during City Hall business hours within a timely manner. • The Contractor will manage the entire inventory project with no use of subcontractors. • At contract termination, the Contractor will provide the City with the complete set of tree inventory data, both in hard copy and in the software. 9. The Contractor shall provide a certified arborist for tree condition evaluation, as requested.
Agency/Organization Name: City of Lomita
Address: 24300 Narbonne Avenue
City: Lomita
State(s): CA
Zip Code: 90717
Plans Available: 2021-03-10
Bid Expiration: 2021-03-31
Plans and Specs Through: DOWNLOAD BELOW
Solicitation Type: RFP
Contact Name: Carla Dillon, Public Works Department Director
Phone Number: (310) 325-7110 x 124
Email: c.dillon@lomitacity.com
Contact Method:
Bid Specifications and Attachments: Bid Specifications not available for past bids.