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Categories: Civil Engineering - all services, Consulting/Engineering, GIS Mapping, Program and construction management services
Bid Number: N/A
Bid Description: Yucaipa: (RFQ/RFP) Civil engineering design services including plans, specifications, & construction cost estimates for the design of offsite water utilities to deliver potable and non-potable water and offsite sewer. Task 1 - Project Administration - Provide project management services including communications, schedule / budget tracking and attendance of meetings. Task 2 – Research - Obtain utility record maps, available improvement plans, general design criteria, standard plans, site-specific agency requirements, and available horizontal/vertical control from the appropriate agencies. - Analyze existing project information to determine opportunities, constraints and issues that may be relevant to the project design and construction. - Notify the project team of issues that should be addressed during the preliminary design stage of the project. Task 3 – Aerial Topography - Obtain current aerial topography for the project sites. The topography will be compiled at a scale of 1”=40”, with 1-foot contour intervals. This line item includes the field work to set horizontal and vertical control required for the aerial effort. The control will be based on an assumed horizontal basis, and available local agency vertical datum, unless specifically requested otherwise. - In addition, a color digital ortho-photo is requested from the photography. The ortho-photo will be a rectified image to closely match the compiled topography. - Deliverables will include a digital CAD file containing the resulting data as well as Digital TIFF image(s) of the ortho-photography along with corresponding geo-referenced World files. Task 4 – Mapping Services - Prepare a base map of the property that illustrates record mapping data (centerlines, rights of- way, and adjacent property lines) for the project limits based on available record maps and assessor parcel maps. Information will be based on the compilation of record data and a minimum amount of field measurements in order to adequately tie the boundary to the aerial topography. - Deliverables will include a digital CAD file containing the resulting data. Task 5 - Preliminary Utility Design - Prepare a preliminary plan to identify connection points, conduit alignments, pipe sizes, and major appurtenances for the proposed potable water, non- potable water, and sewer systems. - The overall schematic potable water, non-potable water, and sewer design study will be based on coordination with the City of Yucaipa and YVWD, available information collected as part of the research task, and YVWD design parameters. - Deliverables include plan view exhibits for each utility identifying preliminary alignments, pipe sizes, materials, points of connections, and major appurtenances. Preliminary profiles will also be drafted and provided. Task 6 – Utility Improvement Plans - Prepare potable water, non-potable water, and sewer improvement plans for the project in conformance with YVWD standards. Plan sheets for each utility will be drawn at a scale of 1” = 40’. Potable water and non-potable water greater than 8” as well as sewer will be profiled at a horizontal scale of 1” = 40’ and a vertical scale of 1” = 8’ (5:1 vertical exaggeration). Plans will identify major appurtenances including hydrants, air-vacs, blow-offs, valves, laterals, etc. as needed to construct the project. The following sheets will be included in the proposed plan sets: o Title Sheet o Index Sheet and Construction Notes o Utility Sections o Plan and Profile (9 sheets) o Horizontal Control o Details Task 7 - Specifications and Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Cost - Prepare an Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Construction Costs for the final design of the offsite utility improvements for civil engineering-related items and fees. - The cost will identify anticipated quantities and unit cost for each construction item, based on the construction and improvement plans prepared by the responding firm. Assumptions - Traffic control plan to be prepared and processed by the future developer through the City of Yucaipa. - Utility pothole work along Avenue E, Oak Glen Road, Colorado, and 10th street will be provided by YVWD and/or the City of Yucaipa after 60% and prior to 95% design.
Agency/Organization Name: City of Yucaipa
Address: 34272 Yucaipa Blvd
City: Yucaipa
State(s): CA
Zip Code: 92399
Plans Available: 2021-03-02
Bid Expiration: 2021-03-23
Plans and Specs Through: DOWNLOAD BELOW
Solicitation Type: RFQ
Contact Name: Caroline D. Velarde
Phone Number: (909) 797-2489 Ext. 227
Contact Method:
Bid Specifications and Attachments: Bid Specifications not available for past bids.