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Pittsboro, IN Sample Bid Opportunity #709619

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Construction Manager Examining Bid 709619 in Pittsboro,  IN
Please note this bid is EXPIRED and is SAMPLE content of what we offer to our paid subscribers

(RFP) Town of Pittsboro 33 E Main Street - Pittsboro, IN

Architect, Civil Engineering - all services, Consulting/Engineering

(NA) PITTSBORO: DESIGN, BUILD, OPERATE, FINANCE AND MAINTAIN THE POLICE STATION PROJECT THROUGH A PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT I. INTRODUCTION A. Statement of Intent and Overview. Pittsboro, Indiana (the “Town”) is pleased to present this Request for Proposal and Qualifications (“RFPQ”) to prospective entities or groups of entities (“the Offeror[s]”) interested in submitting proposals and statements of qualifications (“PSOQs”) to design, build, operate, finance and transfer the Town’s Police Station Project (“the Project”) pursuant to a public-private partnership agreement (“PPA”) with a selected Offeror pursuant to Ind. Code §5-23 et seq. (“the Act”). The Town is growing and in conjunction with the growth its public safety, including law enforcement, need to grow and keep pace with such growth. The Town current police department facilities are part of the Town Hall building and do not provide adequate administrative and law enforcement amenities to effectively manage the current police force. The Town is seeking to develop a structure for the police force for its current needs and with the ability to be expanded in the years to come as needed by the Town’s growth in area and population. B. Proposal Deadline and Requirements. Sealed PSOQs in response to the Town’s RFPQ shall be received by the Town at 80 N Meridian Street, Pittsboro, Indiana 46167 The PSOQ should be clearly marked “RFPQ Response: Police Station Project” on the outside of the envelope and marked “Do NOT Open”. Provide three (3) hard copies of your proposal and one (1) copy on a portable USB drive. Any confidential information included in the PSOQ shall be labeled “CONFIDENTIAL”; provided, however, the Town is not guarantying that Town will be able to maintain the information as confidential or to resist property presented requests for public records except tot eh extent necessary to protect the propriety of the request for proposal process. C. PPA Structure. Throughout the term of the PPA, the Town will own the land and will grant the selected Offeror a construction easement, license, or lease for the purposes of constructing the Project. The Town will work with the selected Offeror to identify suitable locations for a construction office, construction staging, and parking during construction (which, based on the location chosen, may have an associated cost), with associated utility and rent payments to be the responsibility of the selected Offeror. Any professional services and consultants required to build, operate, finance, and maintain a project of this magnitude, including, but not limited to architectural, civil, structural, and mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology (MEPT) engineering, audio-visual and information technology (AV/IT, security, procurement, etc.) shall be engaged by the selected Offeror. II. PROJECT DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES A. Project Goals. Goals for this project include: 1. Construct the Police Station and related amenities; 2. Provide a high quality, resilient, and efficiently maintainable facility; 3. Achieve facility operational savings through selection and commissioning of efficient building systems; 4. Achieve operational efficiency through efficient planning of space to accommodate departmental processes; and 5. Achieve best value in the construction, furnishing, operation, and maintenance of the facility, taking into account the long-term cost impacts of design, construction, and equipment. B. Building. The Project involves the design, construction, development of site, procurement of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE), operation, financing, and maintenance to construct a new Police Station for the Town at a location yet to be determined. The Town currently contemplates that the building for the Project will include: Two (2) story building with approximately 10,000 to 15,000 square feet with the following amenities: 1. Secure fire poof evidence room. 2. Two (2) interrogation and interview rooms. 3. Secure weapons locker or room. 4. Offices. 5. One connected garage bay with an electric door opener. 6. Break room. 7. Work out room. C. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment. The Town intends the selected Offeror to assist with the selection and then purchase all necessary furniture, fixtures, and equipment. D. Site Development. Site development includes any and all site development required for the development of this Project, including but not limited to on-site new utilities and reconfiguration of existing utilities, hardscape, landscape, road and traffic control improvements (on and adjacent to the site), parking modifications, overall site security upgrades, and utility improvements from the property boundary to support the Project. In addition, all Geotech and soil investigations will be part of the site development. E. Project Site. The Project site may be located at 33 E Main Street, Pittsboro, Indiana, or other sites as identified during the scoping process. All sites shall be controlled by Town. III. RFPQ AND PRELIMIANRY PROJECT SCHEDULE Award and execution of Scoping Agreement July 26, 2022 This schedule is subject to modification at discretion of the Town, in its sole discretion. Offerors will be notified of any change in schedule for the RFPQ by addendum to this RFPQ. IV. BUDGET AND FINANCE A. Budget. The Project will be funded by the selected Offeror. The Town has yet to determine a budget for the costs associated with the design, construction, furniture, fixtures, equipment, relocation, operation, and maintenance of this Project. The Budget will cover all hard and soft costs of the Project. B. Project Financing. The Town will complete financing for the project and project financing should not be considered as part of this RFPQ. C. Procurement Method. It is anticipated that the selected Offeror will develop, design, construct, procure FFE, operate, and maintain the Project. Offeror and the Town shall negotiate milestones for construction and turn-over of the Project to the Town after substantial completion, which will be incorporated into the PPA. D. Procuring Agency. The selected Offeror will be the procuring agency for the Project. E. Key Stakeholders. The Project will be led by the Town Council, Town Manager, their respective designees, and other stakeholders as assigned by the Town. F. Bonding Capacity and Attestation. The selected Offeror will be required to provide payment and performance bonds. For a payment bond, an amount not less than one hundred percent (100%) of the cost to design and construct the Project. For a performance bond, an amount not less than fifty percent (50%) of the cost to design and construct the Project. Bonds will be required no later than the date construction of the Project commences. Bonding capacity may be provided by any entity so long as it is in the name of the Offeror’s. Offerors will be required to submit with any PSOQ an attestation in a form acceptable to the Town. V. PROPOSAL CONTENTS AND REQUIREMENTS Each Offeror shall submit its PSOQ in accordance with the above submission format and timing requirements, and submit its Proposal in accordance with the following content requirements: A. Cover Letter. The PSOQ should be accompanied by a cover letter which should clearly designate the Offeror’s preferred contact person and office (name, phone number, email address) for all correspondence through the RFPQ process. B. Project Approach to GMP. The Town intends to establish a GMP for this Project at the end of the Scoping Period and prior to execution of the PPA. The Offeror shall present within the PSOQ, including the Offeror’s approach and timing for establishing a GMP. The Offeror shall include its proposed strategy, if any, for shared cost savings, with a narrative describing how such strategy will provide the Town with the lowest total GMP. C. Project Schedule. A milestone design and construction schedule for the Scoping Period of the Project shall be included with the PSOQ and will be attached to the Scoping Agreement, including a narrative describing how such schedule shall be developed with the Town to meet its scheduling objectives. D. Project Experience with Public Private Agreement and GMP. List a minimum of three (3), but no more than five (5) projects led by Offeror that are most representative of Offeror’s performance in the following areas: (a) development or delivery of a municipal building, or (b) delivery of a public private partnership. The total number of projects submitted by an Offeror shall not exceed five (5) reference projects and shall including the following details for each project: project name and location, Town, Offeror representatives on each project and their roles, designer name, project type, and size, and contact information of the Town or Town’s representative for each project. E. Qualifications. Include in the main narrative of the Proposal a description of the Offeror ’s qualifications, including Offeror representative’s qualifications, to perform and complete all their portion of the services, in accordance with the requirements of the RFPQ and clearly state which portion of the services are being performed by each Offeror team member. F. Main Narrative. The PSOQ shall include, at a minimum, within the main narrative, the following sections: 1. Understanding of services to be performed: The Offeror shall specifically describe its understanding and approach to the requirements of the services to be performed and deliverables required. The Offeror’s main narrative shall explain its proposed methodology for fulfilling the requirements for the PPA. 2. Execution Plan. The Offeror shall provide a detailed plan (the “Execution Plan”) which shall outline the Offeror’s approach to collaboration with stakeholders, management of milestone Town approvals, maintenance and communication of Project schedule and budget status, and document and information management. The Execution Plan should also include the Offeror’s approach for overcoming any challenges and problems and mitigating risks in order to avoid problems. G. Communication. From the date of issuance of this RFPQ until an Offeror is selected by the Town, the following rules of contact shall apply. These rules are designed to promote a fair and unbiased procurement process. “Contact” includes face-to-face, telephone, facsimile, electronic mail (e-mail), other electronic means or formal written communication. The specific rules of contact are as follows: 1. Questions regarding this RFPQ must be submitted in writing via email to James A.L. Buddenbaum at jbuddenbaum@parrlaw.com and Jason Love at jlove@townofpittsboro. org. The Town may, in its sole discretion, respond to submitted questions. All responses to submitted questions will be made in written format to all of the Offerors via email. No questions will be deemed confidential. All questions must be submitted by June 9, 2022 at 5:00p.m. Each Offeror shall designate one representative responsible for contacts with the Town and shall correspond with the Town regarding the RFPQ only through Town’s Representative. 2. Offerors shall not contact, communicate with, or discuss any matter relating to this RFP during the procurement process with any elected official of the Town, members of the Evaluation Committee or their advisors, other than the persons noted above. No oral interpretation or clarification will be made to any Offeror as to the meaning of the RFP or other information furnished by the Town with this RFP. Answers to questions will be distributed, in the Town’s sole discretion, by publication on the Town’s website or other means and will constitute Addenda to the RFPQ. The foregoing restriction shall not, however, preclude or restrict communications with regard to matters unrelated to the RFPQ or participation in public meetings. Any Offeror engaging in such prohibited communications may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the Town. 3. Any such communication initiated by an Offeror or shall be grounds for disqualifying the Offeror from consideration of this Project award. H. Town’s Reserved Rights. The Town reserves, at all times in connection with the procurement, all rights available to it under the Act and applicable law, including without limitation, with or without cause and with or without notice, the rights to (1) terminate the RFPQ, in whole or in part, prior to execution of the PPA; (2) issue subsequent RFPQ after withdrawal of this RFPQ; (3) reject any and all are RFPQ responses; (4) terminate suspend or elect not to proceed in negotiations with the selected Offeror anytime; and, (5) waive any deficiencies, nonconformities, irregularities, or apparent clerical mistakes, in their FPQ response. The issuance there are RFPQ and responses thereto does not commit or buying the Town to enter into a PPA or proceed with the procurement process. Unless otherwise stated herein the town assumes no obligations, responsibilities, or liabilities to reimburse all or part of the cost incurred by parties responding to this RFPQ, which cost shall be borne solely and exclusively by each Offeror. VI. PROCUREMENT PROCESS A. Selection of Offeror. Pursuant to the Act, the Town is authorized to solicit requests for proposals, to conduct discussions with Offerors to clarify their proposals, to have eligible Offerors revise their proposals and to negotiate best and final offers with responsible Offerors who submit proposals that the Town determines to be reasonably susceptible of being selected for award of the PPA. Pursuant to this authority and in accordance with the process described in this RFPQ, the Town intends to select an Offeror to enter into a PPA with the Town. The selection of the Offeror will be based on the Town’s evaluation of the factors and criteria described within this RFPQ. Following submission of the PSOQs, the Town reserves the right to conduct discussions with one or more of the Offerors to clarify their PSOQs and to understand and evaluate them in accordance with the process set forth herein. A. Evaluation Committee. The successful Offeror will be determined by the Town Evaluation Committee. The Evaluation Committee will consist of the following individual(s): 1. Town Manager 2. Two Town Council Members 3. Town Building Commissioner 4. Town Police Chief The Evaluation Committee reserves the right to meet and confer with one another and the Town’s advisors as part of its evaluation process. B. Evaluation Methodology. The Town’s decision to enter into a PPA with an Offeror will be made on the basis of the best qualified Offeror’s qualifications, project approach, and ability to deliver the Town with the best value over the life of the Project. C. Acceptance of Proposal. The Town will evaluate the original PSOQs or, if applicable, revised PSOQs, based on the criteria described in the RFPQ. Award of a PPA will be made to the selected Offeror who’s overall PSOQ, in the Town’s sole judgement, best meets the content and other factors of the RFPQ. All Offerors are encouraged to include their most favorable terms and as much information as possible in their PSOQ. B. Scoping Agreement. The Town intends to negotiate with and award a professional services agreement with the selected Offeror (the “Scoping Agreement”) for the purpose of further defining the scope, programming, and total cost of the Project, including a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) (the “Scoping Period”). Upon completion of the deliverables within the Scoping Agreement, the Town intends to enter into a PPA that includes the GMP. If the selected Offeror is unable to present an acceptable proposal for: (a) the design, and (b) the establishing of a GMP for the Project (the “GMP Proposal”), the Town reserves the right to terminate the Scoping Agreement at any time pursuant and enter into negotiations with another Offeror. All materials, studies, approvals, permits, drawings, design, and any other work completed under the Scoping Agreement shall be deemed “work for hire” owned and exclusively by the Town and available f or its use as it sees fit even if selected Offeror does not enter into a the PPA with the Town. VII PUBLIC PRIVATE AGREEMENT A. General. During and upon completion of the services to be performed in the Scoping Agreement, the parties shall negotiate the PPA, including the final GMP. The failure of the successful Offeror to execute the PPA and to supply the required bonds when the PPA is presented for signature, or within such extended period as the Town may grant, based upon reasons determined adequate by the Town, shall constitute a default, and the Town may either award the PPA to the next highest evaluated Offeror or re-procure. B. Selected Offeror’s Responsibilities. The following describes the selected Offeror’s responsibility. 1. Environmental. It will be the selected Offeror ’s responsibility to advance, obtain, and maintain any additional environmental reports and undertake any necessary remediation of environmental issues, which they may deem necessary and in accordance with applicable laws, statutes, or regulations. The Town is not aware of any environmental issues on the site at this time. 2. Permitting. It will be the selected Offeror’s responsibility to advance, obtain, and maintain all required permits for the Project. 3. Geotechnical. The Town will make results of geotechnical investigations, if any, available to all Offerors. The selected Offeror may, at its option, choose to pursue additional geotechnical investigation in connection with the Project during the Scoping Period. The Town will retain responsibility for any site conditions that differ from the geotechnical investigations made available to Offerors. 4. Utilities. It will be the selected Offeror’s responsibility to coordinate all utility services to the Project site, with the non- financial assistance of the Town provided as necessary. 5. Design. selected Offeror will be responsible for all aspects of the design for the Project. All drawings and building information models shall be made available to the Town. All requests for deviations shall be included in the PSOQ documentation. 6. Construction. The selected Offeror will be responsible for construction and commissioning of the Project. 7. FFE Procurement and Installation. The selected Offeror will be responsible for selection, procurement, delivery, coordination, and installation of all furniture, fixtures, and equipment for the Project. This will include all IT, A/V, security, signage, environmental graphics, and specialty equipment, unless otherwise noted. 8. Relocation. The selected Offeror will be responsible for providing relocation services, if any, for the Project. This includes providing required temporary secure rooms or enclosures to meet operational security requirements of stakeholders. 9. Lifecycle Maintenance. The selected Offeror will be responsible during the Operating Period for lifecycle maintenance, repairs, and capital replacement necessary to sustain the projects. All costs associated with such lifecycle maintenance, repairs, and capital replacement shall be paid by the Town. 10. Facility Management Services. The selected Offeror will be responsible for keeping occupied areas clear of construction debris and traffic during the terms of the PPA. To the extent required for the Project, the selected Offeror must be flexible in accommodating existing building operations and communicate clearly with occupants of the building to ensure that construction operations cause minimal impact to daily operations of the occupants. Final cleaning of entire building exterior and interior, construction area and adjacent existing buildings to the extent affected by construction shall be completed after the completion of the renovation. 11. Hand Back. The selected Offeror will be responsible for ensuring that the Project is handed back or returned to the Town following the satisfactory completion of the PPA. 12. Security. The selected Offeror will be responsible for security of the Project until completion and hand over to Town. At all times, the Town will be allowed to provide additional security and limit selected Offeror access to critical and sensitive areas of the existing buildings. 13. Operations and Maintenance; Warranties. The selected Offeror will be responsible for performing operations and maintenance for the Project for a minimum period of 30 days after the date the Project is handed over to the Town (the “Operating Period”), subject to further agreement of the parties during the process of developing the PPA. The selected Offeror’s designer-builder will also be required to provide a warranty of the design and construction work for a period of 1 year after Project is handed over to the Town. The selected Offeror’s responsibility for performing operations and maintenance during the Operating Period shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the PPA, which shall include, but not be limited to, the following: (a) the Town shall have the sole right to direct the work to be performed during the Operating Period; and (b) all work performed during the Operating Period shall be included within the GMP, unless otherwise subject to applicable warranties or otherwise negotiated by the parties. For the avoidance of doubt, the Town shall be responsible for the costs of operations during the Operating Period. ______________________________________________________________________

Agency contact for this bid is Jason Love Town Manager jlove@townofpittsboro.org

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