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Medina, WA Sample Bid Opportunity #705130

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Construction Manager
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(RFQ) CITY OF MEDINA 501 Evergreen Point Road - Medina, WA

Architect, Civil Engineering - all services, Consulting/Engineering, Landscape architects

Medina: (RFQ) Comprehensive Plan Update. The City of Medina is soliciting proposals from a qualified planning consultant firm or team of consultants to assist in updating its Comprehensive Plan, herein after referred to as the “Plan.” The consultants must demonstrate their expertise in planning, urban design, and community engagement. Background Information Located on a large peninsula in Lake Washington, the City of Medina (“City”), is a small, predominantly single-family residential community with a population of less than 3,000 residents. Encompassing an area of about 4.8 square miles, the City seeks to encourage quality development while preserving the natural amenities and other characteristics that contribute to the quality of life for its citizens of all ages. As such, the City is beginning the next periodic review and update of its Comprehensive Plan, which was last updated in 2015. Timeframe The entire project, including final report and Council presentation, shall be completed no later than December 31, 2024. The City anticipates the project commencing in the summer of 2022. Scope of Work General This RFP seeks to establish a partnership with a qualified planning firm or team of consultants to prepare a new Comprehensive Plan for the City of Medina with a 20-year planning scope. The Plan will be an internally consistent and legally defensible tool to guide the City’s decision making. The Plan shall outline development and redevelopment strategies that consider future land use patterns and the infrastructure improvements required to facilitate such patterns. The Plan will serve as a framework for subsequent planning and future studies and shall include implementation strategies that will achieve the goal and vision of the community. Plan Elements The following is a general overview of the consultant’s required tasks. The project includes assembling and analyzing data regarding the existing conditions within the City and utilizing that data to develop policies, actions and implementation timelines to guide future development, redevelopment and decision making within the community. The requested services cover all phases of the work to develop a Comprehensive Plan and shall specifically include, but not be limited to, the following: Vision Identify or create a community identity and vision that will then be used to shape a sense of place for existing and future residents. The vision will be the cornerstone of the community’s aspirations that should be the outcome of the Plan being faithfully followed, 20 years from now. Public Engagement Lead a number of public open houses, workshops, and meetings with community stakeholders, City Advisory Boards, and the City Council to gather information and direction to complete the study. The engagement will be focused on soliciting feedback not only from the residents who live in the city, but also from the small pocket of nonresidential uses (schools, plant nursery, local grocery store, and country club). The City would like to utilize a variety of engagement formats including but not limited to traditional public meetings, pop-ups, surveys (Bang the Table’s EngagementHQ), social media (Twitter, Facebook, infographics for Instagram, NextDoor), and helping to maintain a city-hosted website to encourage people to engage in the process. Plan Update Review, update, and revise, as appropriate, the contents of the Comprehensive Plan, along with updating technical and supporting data consistent with regional policies and GMA requirements. The plan elements included are: Land Use, Capital Facilities, Utilities, Transportation, Park and Recreation, Natural Environment, Shoreline Management and Community Design. The City would also like to include Climate and Solar goals and policies, either as standalone elements or included in existing chapters. Please note that the Housing Element is not included in this scope of work. As a final piece of the plan update, the consultant will identify existing development regulations that need to be revised or updated to be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan changes. Plan Format Design the comprehensive plan document, including development of the format and layout, as well as production of high-quality illustrations and graphics. Undertake the primary responsibility for editing and writing a cohesive comprehensive plan document. This will include editing existing text or drafting new clear, concise text and policies that are supported by information in existing documents, new plans and studies, data analysis, public input, best practices, and/or successful application in other jurisdictions. Project Administration/Management Support City Staff through adoptions and certification. Please note that the City Council would like to take an iterative approach to adoption whereby as each piece is completed, it will be adopted. Submittal Requirements The following information shall be required in the RFP submittal: Letter of interest: Introduce the team and demonstrate the team’s understanding of the nature of the proposal. Personnel: Identify individuals and include brief resumes listing qualifications—including experience with Growth Management Act compliance and comprehensive planning processes—of key personnel who would be assigned to this project and describe the anticipated roles of team members in the project. Specify the Principal in Charge and the Project Manager who will serve as the primary contact person. Provide a chart showing the organizational structure of the team. The qualifications of each member of the team are important criteria in the selection process. The selected team will not be allowed to substitute any members without prior approval by the City. The City, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to accept or reject proposed changes to the team. Team members may participate in multiple team submittals. Experience: Discuss the company’s experience in 2-4 relevant projects, including client and project information, the firm’s responsibility in the project, the challenges presented by the project, and the results or tangible efforts that have followed completion of the project. Approach to Project: How would you approach this project, given your experience and the scope as presented? Identify key tasks, who will be responsible for completing them, and what is needed from the client or other sources to ensure successful completion. Include timeline expectations that reflect your experience in what is practical. Estimated Effort and Proposed Budget: Estimate your team’s effort by team member and demonstrate how you can complete the desired work in the timeline presented in this RFP. Provide a statement that clearly conveys the ability of proposed project personnel to complete the project in view of the firm’s current workload. Provide a detailed budget breakdown, including costs for each component of the project (branding, public participation plan, survey, etc.). Final budget will be negotiated with awarded Consultant. Client References: Please provide three references who are familiar with your company’s ability to undertake and complete comparable projects. Include contact names, titles and contact information. Time and Place for Submittal of Proposals SUBMIT TO: One (1) copy of your proposal must be received via the email listed below no later than 4:00 PM on Wednesday, May 11, 2022. Proposals received later than the submitted deadline will not be accepted. Please put “Comp Plan RFP” in the subject line of the email and send it to: Aimee Kellerman City Clerk akellerman@medina-wa.gov All submittals will become the property of the City and will become public documents subject to public disclosure with limited exceptions. The Washington State Public Disclosure Act (RCW 42.17) requires public agencies in Washington to promptly make public records available for inspection and copying unless they fall within the specified exemptions contained in the act or is otherwise privileged. Qualifications submitted under the RFP process shall be considered public documents and with limited exceptions submittals that are recommended for contract award will be available for inspection and copying by the public. Tentative Schedule The following schedule outlines the anticipated schedule for this RFP process. The City reserves the right to modify or reschedule milestones as necessary. RFP Announced April 20, 2022 Proposals Due May 11, 2022 Evaluation of Proposals Week of May 11th Interviews Week of May 16th Consultant Selected Week of May 16th Contract Negotiation Week of May 23rd Council Approval June 2022 Proposal Modifications and Clarifications The City will not reimburse the Respondents for the Request for Proposals (RFP), for any costs involved in the preparation and submission of proposals, or for attendance at subsequent interviews. This RFP does not obligate the City to accept or contract for any express or implied services. The City reserves the right to negotiate regarding the terms and compensation for any proposal. The City reserves the right to request any respondent to clarify their response or to supply any additional material deemed necessary to assist in the evaluation, and to modify or alter any or all of the requirements herein. Selection Process Interested parties are requested to provide a response containing all required elements herein to the City by the deadline given. Submittals will be examined by staff to evaluate the completeness of the proposal, responsiveness to RFP content, overall approach, project understanding, qualifications and experience of proposed team, fee structure and estimate, and suitability to perform the intended scope of work. Interviews will be scheduled for top teams to supplement the submission; sub-consultants should be present at the interview. A selection committee will review and evaluate all proposals, with the intention of selecting a consultant team based on its innovation, ability to solve problems, meet needs, and assist the City in pursuing opportunities to achieve a unique plan. Please note that selection will not be based solely on the lowest cost proposal. The consultant evaluation will include the following: Evaluation Criteria -- Weight Project Understanding and Approach – The City is looking for innovative approaches that demonstrate leading edge thinking and best practices. Demonstrate understanding of how to communicate complex and potentially controversial growth options and solicit meaningful feedback. Develop a project-specific approach to managing and delivering this project, including how the team plans to address challenges unique to this project. -- 25 Public Engagement – Medina’s decision-making is informed by robust community involvement that meaningfully and effectively engages the community early and often, focusing on key topics of interest in a manner that is equitable, barrier-free, and recognizes the needs and interests of both the community and the City. Consultants will be evaluated on understanding the city’s approach and needs as well as on public engagement best practices and specific approach recommendations. -- 25 Project Management Approach - Must demonstrate an ability to assess the political / relational aspects of a municipality, draw strong inferences from their observations, and effectively communicate the pros and cons of recommendations. Demonstrate a process that ensures that recommendations are vetted, practical, and implementable. Must demonstrate an experienced project management team and project lead, with effective quality control, communication, and reporting processes in place. -- 15 Work Product – Work samples must be from projects similar in size and scope that clearly show a high-quality end product. Evaluation will include review of production processes and quality control measures in place. -- 15 Qualifications & Capacity – Team member qualifications, particularly those of Lead Consultant, are important. Subconsultant qualifications are also very important and will be taken into account. Must indicate that team members have capacity to take on this multiyear project and demonstrate experience with relevant projects similar in scope and size. -- 10 Proposed Fees/Cost – Provides the best value for the City while achieving the City’s goals for this update. -- 10 Total -- 100 pts

Agency contact for this bid is Steven R. Wilcox, Development Services Director (425) 233-6409 swilcox@medina-wa.gov

*Bid specifications not available for past bids.

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