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Denver, CO Sample Bid Opportunity #704057

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Construction Manager Examining Bid 704057 in Denver,  CO
Please note this bid is EXPIRED and is SAMPLE content of what we offer to our paid subscribers

(RFP) Denver Water Engineering Division 1600 West 12th Avenue - Denver, CO

Architect, Civil Engineering - all services, Consulting/Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Consulting, GIS Mapping, Hazardous Waste, Water, wastewater treatment construction/rehab

Denver Water: *Additional documents* General Consultant (On-Call) Services. Denver Water is seeking long-term agreements for General Consultant Services to provide professional services and assistance on an as-needed basis to support a variety of discipline areas. Contract(s) will be awarded for an initial three-year base period, with an option to extend for two (2) additional one-year periods. Denver Water has not set a maximum number of Task Orders to be awarded to any single firm but intends to distribute discipline-specific assignments among the selected firms. Denver Water anticipates awarding contracts under the technical discipline areas listed below. The final number of contracts awarded under each technical discipline area will be at Denver Water’s discretion. 1. Aerial Mapping Standard aerial mapping services including digital imagery, orthophotography, and aerial mosaics for Denver Water facilities and watersheds. 2. Architectural Services Architectural services directly applicable to municipal and waterworks structures, including new building design, remodeling, and construction. Includes code reviews and compliance, permitting, and updates to design and construction standards. 3. Business Consulting Business consulting work related to electronic Operations and Maintenance manuals and asset management applications, or other business consulting applications. 4. Cathodic Protection Cathodic protection services for impressed current and/or galvanic systems for pipelines and other facilities. Services shall include system troubleshooting, design testing, close interval survey, ACVG/DCVG, and cathodic protection design including drawings and specifications. Knowledge of protective coatings and linings is desirable. Cathodic Protection Discipline lead should be an Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) certified Cathodic Protection Technologist (CP3) or higher. Firms and proposed engineers shall be familiar with and follow Denver Water’s Capital Projects Construction Standards (CPCS), Capital Projects Procedures Manual (CPPM), federal, state, and local code requirements, and industry standards. 5. Dam Engineering Services Raw water development and engineering services related to dams including dam safety inspections and hydrologic, hydraulic, geotechnical, geologic, structural, and mechanical services. Specific relevant experience with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Colorado State Engineer’s Office is preferred. Potential Failure Mode Analyses (PFMA) and Risk-Informed Decision Making (RIDM) or similar risk experience and facilitation should be highlighted. Underwater inspection services utilizing remotely operated vehicles will also be considered in this discipline to inspect underwater features (e.g., dam face, gates, valves, trash racks, hydraulic lines). In-person physical dive inspection services will not be considered. Companies with unmanned aerial system mapping inspection capabilities are encouraged to submit under the Surveying and Geomatics Services Discipline. 6. Drainage and Floodplain Services Civil drainage design and permitting, erosion and sediment control design and permitting, and services related to floodplain CLOMR and LOMR. 7. Drafting Services Drafting assistance associated with the development of contract documents per Denver Water’s design, drafting, and CAD standards. 8. EI&C – Electrical, Instrumentation, and Control Engineering design services and services during construction shall be performed by a Professional Electrical Engineer registered in the State of Colorado. Services shall include, but not be limited to: power distribution and control systems through 25,000 volts, power generation, SCADA, instrumentation and control systems, electrical system analysis, programming of various devices and controllers, grounding and lightning protection, communications, fire alarm and security systems, construction means and methods, field testing, commissioning, inspections, and troubleshooting at water treatment plants, pump stations, dams and reservoirs, vaults, hydroelectric powerplants, and commercial and residential buildings. Firms and proposed Professional Electrical Engineers shall be familiar with and follow Denver Water’s Capital Projects Construction Standards (CPCS), Capital Projects Procedures Manual (CPPM), federal, state, and local code requirements, and industry standards. 9. Environmental Acoustics Conduct in-situ noise measurements, regulatory compliance assessments, noise level predictions, permitting, and noise mitigation recommendations. 10. Estimating Services Construction cost estimates (opinions of probable construction costs) for Capital Projects at varying levels of design completion. Project levels of design completion will vary from conceptual levels to 30%, 60%, 90%, and bid-ready Contract Documents per Denver Water’s Capital Project Procedures Manual. Capital Projects include pipelines, pump stations, structures, water treatment, civil infrastructure, electrical and mechanical disciplines, and other facilities related to the water system. 11. Geotechnical Services Geotechnical engineering services including conducting exploratory test holes, soil sampling and analysis, and design recommendations. Findings of such services are to be formalized into geotechnical investigation reports and/or geotechnical recommendation memorandums. Geotechnical recommendations will cover the design and construction of buildings, wet wells, pump stations, reservoirs, tunnels, trenchless pipelines, foundation tie-back systems, rock stabilization, rock scaling, and/or rock bolting projects. Expertise in the analysis of soils and groundwater contamination will be required, including determination of requirements for Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) dewatering permits. Companies with earthfill dam experience are encouraged to submit under the Dam Engineering Services Discipline. 12. Geotechnical Services for Trenchless Tunneling Geotechnical engineering services associated with trenchless pipeline installation, including conducting exploratory test holes and soil sampling and analysis, formalized into Geotechnical Data Reports (GDR). Following GDR generation, the geotechnical engineer will be asked to build a Risk Assessment Memorandum (RAM) and risk registry to define potential risks. The GDR and RAM will be used to develop a Geotechnical Baseline Report (GBR) that creates the basis for the design of tunneling methods based on soils conditions and available technologies. In addition to local inhouse geotechnical engineers with extensive experience in the Denver Water service area, the submitted resumes for this technical discipline area shall also include a minimum of two (2) (no maximum limit) third-party licensed Geotechnical Engineers with both design experience and continued litigation experience to act as independent peer reviewers of GBRs, as deemed necessary for particular projects. 13. Hazardous Material Services (Hazmat) Environmental characterization and remediation during the design and/or construction phase of the Capital Project including, but not limited to: site characterization and assessment, groundwater sampling and analysis, regulatory compliance assessment, permitting, recommendations and treatment design, design review, oversight during construction, inspection, design, proposal, document and submittal reviews, and cost estimating of mitigation measures. This discipline will most often be used as it relates to groundwater, but other types of remediation services may be needed. Designs should follow Denver Water’s Capital Projects Construction Standards (CPCS), along with federal, state, and local requirements. 14. Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Plumbing, and Fire Protection Systems Mechanical engineering design services for water treatment facilities, pumping facilities, office buildings, and shop buildings. Services include HVAC load calculations, energy studies, design, field testing, and troubleshooting. Fire protection services for Denver Water facilities include field inspection and testing, design, and life-safety code compliance. 15. Hydraulics Treated water system analysis, including operational studies, distribution system hydraulic modeling, surge analysis, sizing of new facilities, service studies, distribution system measurements, and asset management. 16. Mechanical Systems Mechanical engineering design services for reservoir outlet works, control valve vaults, fuel stations, and hydraulic power units, including specialized valve design services, valve actuation, and unleaded/diesel fuel storage and dispensing systems. Mechanical engineering design services for new and existing pump stations, including hydraulic analysis, alternatives analysis, pumping system design and selection, valve and piping design, mechanical equipment installation, and mechanical support services. 17. Structural Engineering Services Structural engineering services for structural improvements associated with water treatment, conveyance, transmission, and other support facilities and repairs using state-of-the-art techniques. Companies with structural services related specifically to dams are encouraged to submit under the Dam Engineering Services Discipline. 18. Surveying and Geomatics Services Surveying and geomatics services for the design, construction, and as-builts of water transmission lines and other water-related facilities, including underground utility locating and mapping for plan and profile design of proposed construction corridors; Professional Land Surveying services in adherence with state statute; and geomatics services such as 3D laser scanning, modeling, point cloud processing and registration, unmanned aerial system (UAS) mapping, LiDAR mapping, traditional aerial mapping/photogrammetry, and other mapping and data analytics-based technologies. The prescribed feature code library is to be adhered to when collecting data and provide collected data on Denver Water Grid coordinates. Companies providing UAS services specializing in dam inspection are encouraged to submit under this discipline. 19. Water Transmission and Distribution Systems Raw and finished water transmission and distribution pipeline systems services, including management of flow metering systems, control valve vaults, pressure regulating stations, and other relevant structures. 20. Water Treatment Processes Services including upgrades or improvement projects for existing and/or new potable and recycled water treatment facilities; planning studies surrounding processes such as water treatment and reuse plants; water quality evaluations; water quality modeling; technical advising for treatment process evaluation or design; pilot testing design, operation, data analysis, and reporting for process optimization and regulatory deliverables. 21. Construction Management Services Respondents are to demonstrate within their proposal their qualifications and experience for Construction Management and/or Construction Inspection Services with Denver Water or with clients similar to Denver Water.

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