What Our Customers Are Saying...

Michael Brandman Associates (MBA) has been very pleased with the service that Envirobidnet has provided our firm.  With the notices and updates delivered straight to my inbox it takes a lot of time out of "searching" for qualified leads, especially because you have the ability to be selective on what disciplines you are interested in.  In fact, Envirobidnet has replaced a few of the previous services we were using so that has also been a tremendous help...and money saver.  Envirobidnet has helped me save some time on searching for bids/RFPs and now I am able to spend my time elsewhere in the company and that has also been a huge benefit.  Thanks!

As a fairly new client of Envirobidnet, we have found that your service is an invaluable resource for receiving up-to-date opportunities and information.  The ease of use, accessibility, and availability of links to many of the solicitation documents has considerably reduced the time spent searching for and requesting applicable information.  We feel that Envirobidnet is time and money well-spent

Here's what I just sent our company president when he asked if Envirobidnet was productive: VERY, According to my records for just 2008 ...For VA, FBO, NJ, MD, NY, WV, PA, 44 out of 51 leads were from Envirobidnet.  That's 86%.

As a new customer this year, I have been very happy with your service.  I receive more detailed notifications daily and many times days before the other bid services send their e-mails out. This has allowed us to look at more areas of work and be more up to date on the projects bidding. It has also allowed us to be more selective in ordering plans for projects because more info is known about each project, thanks again

Josh Caster, Demolition Division, TC Construction Company, Inc. www.tcincsd.com

Envirobidnet had been a very good tool to find bid opportunities for me on behalf of my company in Southern New Jersey

I like the attached PDF’s and links to specs on owner or engineer web sites

We subscribe to Envirobidnet because it alleviates our staff from having to comb through the internet every day, searching hundreds of websites for bid opportunities.

The website has been very useful, helping us quickly identify bid opportunities that we would not have otherwise been aware of (or might have come up too late).  Thanks.

Our business has more job opportunities than ever.  Thanks!