Frequently Asked Questions

Least expensive, most cost effective of all services, HOW?

Don't you just love it when you check pricing and it says, "starting at" ! Or, come on in and see what we charge for total service!. At when you choose a state, you get bids from the entire state, every city, town, county, agency, etc.. We post only honest total pricing, one price fits all! Compared to other services we have more live relevant bids in CA alone than some have nationwide. Because we concentrate on the environmental industry we do not have to waste our time searching documenting the majority of bid notices which are for construction and infrastucture, saving time and resources passing the savings on to you. You may have as many users as needed at no additional cost! Our clients tell us we are the most comprehensive, that we provide more bid relevant information than any competitor and in a more timely manner. We do not charge for specifications whenever available. The cost of specs in other services can cost more than our total pricing per state. Once more, our service is all inclusive no low cost come-on's. Stop paying for the search for bids in other categories and for inforation you do not need. For more than 20 yrs we have been the go-to bid service exclusive to the environmental, civil and architect industy.

Try our 30 DAY FREE TRIAL, no credit card required, because we believe as do our clients you will find to be the BEST job source available!  No-one is better at it than US! Bottom line, if you want to grow your business from the best available information, in a cost effective manner, try us, you will like us!


                                ENVIROBIDNET IS VETERAN OWNED

ENVIROBIDNET is the outgrowth of Grow Biz Inc., a company formed in 1995 to provide bid notification service in MA.CT & RI. In 1995 we started a revolution when we launched our fax bid service. Until that time, bid notices were clipped from newspapers, copied and mailed to clients.  In 1997 we established the first 30 day free trial, which we still offer today.  In 1998 we moved to an on-line bid notification system exclusive to the environmental field under the name Envirobids.. Due to customer demand we expanded to cover the entire US. Today, our dedicated staff offers over 90 years combined industry-related experience and we continue to listen, make improvements, and offer the best service possible and in a 'no gimmick' cost effective manner. We are the proven leader in the industry.

Why should I join envirobidnet, there are others out there!

Our clients tell us we are the most comprehensive, that we are the most efficient at getting the bids out in a timely manner, and the most responsive to questions or problems. They appreciate us for not charging specifications fees. There are no "STARTING AT" pricing with us,. Our pricing includes everything no additional or hidden charges. Our staff is the most professional and knowledgeable in the industry. We have been the innovators of the industry since 1995. No one does it better! We work 364/24 hrs a day to ensure you get the information you need to build your business!  As one of our clients said "Any company remotely connected to the environmental industry could use this valuable resource."

There are other services with similar names, are they affiliates?

We stand alone, innovators since 1995, any other like named companies are not connected to us in any manner. It is said that "imitation is the greatest form of flattery", we have been imitated but never duplicated! Others may offer these services - we specialize in them.

What are the terms of a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL

Because we are so sure you will find our service to be cost effective, we offer a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL. There is no credit card required, simply and truly a Free Trial. During the trial you are treated as a paid subscriber with all the benefits. Five days prior to the completion of your trial you will receive an email that your trial is ending. Your information will never be shared or sold, and you will never be billed, or hounded by sales people as we believe our service speaks for itself.

How do I know I will be getting the infromation most useful to me?

When you register for a free trial or subscription, you choose the states, and categories most relevant to you. Categories are in a simple format and can be changed at any time. We will work with you to ensure all relevant information will be available to you.

Am I notified of new bids daily or weekly?

New notices are emailed 4 times daily, 7 days a week. The bids can be manually checked on site at any time. Addenda and any changes to a bid are emailed upon notice and posted on site as well.

How much does it cost?

Please see our pricing summary for details on our home page under Overview and Pricing, or email or call us for national pricing. You pay by state, which covers all state, city and municipal agencies bids in that state. You choose as many categories and may have as many users you wish at no extra charge. Specifications are always free of charge as well. Unlike our competitors our pricing is posted on site and there are NO hidden charges. One price, no add-ons!

As a subscriber, how do I pay for the service?

Payment may be made monthly or annually by credit card online, which is completely secure, (no information other than last 4 numbers are held) and gives you immediate access to the bid opportunities. You may also pay for annual or semi-annual subscriptions by check, however your account will not be activated until payment has been confirmed. There are discounts for multiple states and national subscription to be found at the bottom of the page, and special discounts for some single discipline companies. And remember, our pricing is all inclusive no added fees! We welcome phone call or email pricing questions.

Who can I contact regarding the bid/opportunity information?

Agency contact information is included with every bid notice and direct url and specifications included when available to us.

If you have specific questions about the actual opportunity information, please send an email to or call (888) 888-0900 8 a m - 5 p m EST Email is the best form of communication.

Who do I contact about technical problems with the website?

If you encounter problems with the web site, send an email to or call (888) 888-0900 Customer Service phone line hours are Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm EST.

Can I advertise on your site

Yes call 888-888-0900 or email us at We do, however, restrict the number and value (to our clients) of ads on our site.