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Bid State Current Wells Bids
499318 NM Albuquerque: Well No. 19 Production Facilities Project. RMCI, INC. requests Subcontractor/Material Supplier quotes for the Well No. 19 Production Facilities Pro
512147 MA TOWN OF BARNSTABLE: Lombard Field Park and Field Improvement Project. The Project includes, but is not limited to: full reconstruction of the existing softball
514844 WA CAMP MURRAY: **AMENDMENT #2** FOR (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID #513907) (RFP) Decommissioning & Removal of Camp Murray Monitoring Wells. Locate, assess, and condu
499243 MI MI DTMB *ADDENDUM2* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID#495955) - Design & Construction. Former Pullman Industries - Building Demolition and Impacted Soil Excavation
514600 GA Hart County: Water supply well for the new Sardis Fire Station #10
516037 CA Fresno: *ADDENDUM 1* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 514527) (RFQ) Quality Control and Inspection Services for New Production Wells at Pump Stations 51A, 60A, 156, 210
515836 WI Sussex: *ADDENDUM 1* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID #514533) Well 4 and 5 Water Treatment Plants (Quest Project #5114018) General Construction: In general the
496838 NV Nevada Department of Wildlife, Mason Valley: Mason Valley Fish Hatchery. To drill, case, develop, complete, and test at least two (2) and up to six (6) monit
500944 PA Susquehanna River Basin Commission: Drilling RFP for Rausch Creek Project. Drilling monitoring well(s) within anthracite mines in order to monitor water leve
495538 MI Ann Arbor:Barton Dam Hydroturbine: 10-Year Inspection and Overhaul.
498018 FL Plantation: *ADDENDUM 1* FOR (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID#495364) CENTRAL WTP INJECTION WELL MIT. The project will generally consist of, but is not limited to, th
497187 WI Arcadia: *ADDENDUM 1* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID # 494727) Well #7 Construction (Quest Project #4763274) MAJOR BID ITEMS 25 ft. 24 in Temporary Casing 220 f
510955 UT UNIVERSITY OF UTAH: Drilling Materials and Services. University of Utah on behalf of the Energy & Geoscience Institute is seeking Drilling Fluid Materials and S
507883 LA LA DNR: Abandonment of Oilfield Sites, Monroe Field, Ouachita Parish.
503542 CA El Dorado Irrigation District: *ADDENDUM 4* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 497971) Well Drilling Design and Construction Services for Caples Lake Well Implementation.
504324 CA El Dorado Irrigation District: *ADDENDUM 5* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 497971) Well Drilling Design and Construction Services for Caples Lake Well Implementation.
507909 ID Nampa: Happy Valley and Locust Lane Irrigation Pipeline. Installation of approximately 4,600 lineal feet of 12-inch PVC pressure irrigation water main along
507593 AZ Tucson: Well #74 Rehabilitation Project (Project), which is located in Tucson, Arizona. The Project will be completed in accordance with the Specifications prep
510179 CT New Haven Hartford Springfield Railroad Corridor: subsurface explorations, including the makings of borings in soil and rock; securing samples and other work in
507318 IL Wauconda: Lift Station No.9 Improvements Project. The work for which proposals are invited consists of the construction of the Lift Station Pump Improvement
507952 WI Cottage Grove: WELL #1 ABANDONMENT & WELLHOUSE #1 DEMOLITION: Cottage Grove Well #1, Wisconsin Unique Well Id #BF487, shall be abandoned following a WDNR preapp
509391 FL Melbourne:*ADDENDUM1* for(Envirobidnet Original bid#506234)Horizontal Directional Drill Services. The City of Melbourne is currently seeking proposals from qual
499727 NJ SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS BOROUGH : CLOSURE OF BOROUGH WELL No. 4. GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This project shall consist of the closure of Well No. 4 and the removal of all
496802 NC Buckeye Bridge, LLC: NCDOT Polk County Bridge No. 021 over N. Paceolet River on SR 1501: from DBE/MBE/WBE certified subcontractors and suppliers for Surveying,
497517 PA Schwenksville Borough Authority, Montgomery County: *ADDENDUM 4* (for Original ENVIROBIDNET Bid# 494091) Well No. 4 and Well No. 5 Arsenic Removal Systems Proje
497587 UT SPRINGVILLE: 400 South Well #2 Production Well Drilling Project. Drilling of a production well by the Cable Tool Method. The well is to be used in the Springvil
496857 FL Palm Beach County: Environmental consultants to sample monitoring wells and provide specified analysis on a quarterly basis for three (3) years on the District'
498702 TN Chattanooga: : Summit Landfill Additional Gas Extraction Wells
502008 CO City of Montrose: *ADDENDUM 2* (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID# 499808) Oncall Directional Drilling Services.
500082 IL Geneva: 2017 CHEEVER AVENUE WATER MAIN REPLACEMENT. Furnishing of all materials, labor, and for performing all related work thereto for the Horizontal Direct
496026 MD AAC: Severndale Well 3 Replacement
515239 NC Moore County: *ADDENDUM 1* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID #514764) WELL SCADA PROJECT: The work to be accomplished under this section shall consist of furnishin
496199 TX Fort Bend County LID 7: New Territory Reclaimed Waterline System (via directional drilling).
498302 PA Schwenksville Borough Authority, Montgomery County: *ADDENDUM 5* (for Original ENVIROBIDNET Bid# 494091) Well No. 4 and Well No. 5 Arsenic Removal Systems Proje
513858 WI Cedarburg Light and Water Utility: 2017 High Level Pressure Zone Enhancements (Quest Project #5055694): The work, in general, will include the approximate quant
512918 NC Orange County: *ADDENDUM 1* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID #511055) Efland Sewer to Mebane Phase 2 Extension: THE PROJECT GENERALLY CONSISTS OF the construction
511607 CA Encinitas/San Dieguito Water: (RFQ) As-Needed Construction Management and Inspection Services. The initial on-call list term will be for three (3) years with a
497749 WI Menomonie: Water System Improvements 2017: Provide and install 250 Kw 3-phase standby generator at Well #6. Provide, install, and program system wide SCADA syst
498312 FL North Port: (RFQ) DEEP INJECTION WELL (DIW1 AND DIW2) MECHANICAL INTEGRITY TESTING. The Work to be done under this Contract includes the Mechanical Integrity Te
512287 CA Oakland - EAST BAY MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICT: *ADDENDUM 2* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 510571) Geotechnical Investigations for Oakland Inner Harbor Pipeline Cross
501190 AZ Prescott: Airport Well #4 Monitoring Project. DESCRIPTION: This project generally consists of drilling, installation, and testing of one (1) new monitor well at
501643 TX Fort Bend: City of Sugar Land, Construction of Laura Morrison Water Well and Woodchester Water Well No. 3 Rehabilitations.
499138 IL Joliet: Forest Park Phase 1 Water Main Improvements Disadvantaged businesses are being sought for subcontracting opportunities in the following areas: lands
496524 WI SPARTA: RIVER RUN GOLF COURSE WELL IMPROVEMENTS: Improvements to the existing irrigation well at River Run Golf Course located at 1210 East Montgomery St. The
500201 TX Nueces: **ADDENDUM 1** (Original ENVIROBIDNET # 497837) City of Corpus Christi, City-Wide Water Distribution System Repair and Replacement 2017 (IDIQ) Procureme
515524 NC Moore County: *ADDENDUM 2* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID #514764) WELL SCADA PROJECT: The work to be accomplished under this section shall consist of furnishin

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