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Bid State Current Wells Bids
503884 PA PennDOT: (E03866) (SOI/LOI) SR 3007 Over I-70. The Department of Transportation will retain an engineering firm for a project specific Open-end agreement for
504116 NJ ROXBURY : HIGHLAND MANOR SEWAGE PUMPING STATION UPGRADE. The work consists of improvements to the Highland Manor Sewage Pumping Station located within the Towns
504660 FL FL DOT DIST 2: BRIDGE REMOVAL AT LEVY COUNTY CR 456 (GULF BLVD) AT DAUGHTRY BAYOU AND LEWIS PASS BRIDGE The improvements under this contract consist of milli
504735 NC MOUNT OLIVE: SEWER COLLECTION SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS: The Project consists of constructing approximately 5,300 feet of 6 inch force main, 1,650 feet of 6-inch for
505395 NV Nevada Division of Water Resources, Carson City: Plugging and Abandoning Artesian Relief Well at South Fork Dam.
505869 TX Bandera County: TPWD, Water System Replacement & Distribution and Install Water System at Group Lodge, Hill Country State Natural Area. Project includes: Pro
505916 SC Dorchester County: RIDGEVILLE INDUSTRIAL CAMPUS WATER EXTENSION PHASE 1: The project consists of the following generally described work: The installation of a
506046 MT Toole County: Plugging and Reclaiming the Danielson 1 and McManus 12 wells.
506049 MT McCone County: Beery 2 and Beery 22-24.
506181 CA Tulare: CONSTRUCTION OF WELL AT 1258 N. J STREET. The City of Tulare is requesting bids for drilling a 665-foot deep hole, running an electric log and caliper l
506210 NJ FLEMINGTON : WELL 10 IMPROVEMENT PROJECT - improvements include but are not limited to: New Well 10 Improvements on Block 39 Lot 10 (45 William Street) the pr
506234 FL Melbourne:Horizontal Directional Drill Services. The City of Melbourne is currently seeking proposals from qualified contractors for annual services pertaining
506342 CA Sacramento County: GROUNDWATER WELL DOWNHOLE CONSTRUCTION: HOOD ONSITE WELL (W25). The work to be performed under this contract includes the furnishing of all l
506537 OK Lexington: Repair Well 2 at LARC. Project Location: Lexington Assessment & Reception Center, 15151 OK-39. Cost Estimate: $90,878.00. Using Agency: Oklahoma Depa
506587 IL Genoa: Water System Improvements, Well No. 4 Description of Work . The proposed construction consists of the installation of a diesel generator in a weather
506594 FL Lynn Haven: PHASE V WATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS PE FILE #14364-E The project will generally consist of installation of approximately 4,700 LF of 4"-8" PVC water m
506615 NC CARRBORO: ORANGE COUNTY: Historic Rogers Road Sewer Expansion: The Project consists of furnishing all materials, labor, equipment, tools, etc. unless otherwise
506681 CA Tulare County: Central Yard Well Project. The Project consists of drilling a new 14 inch domestic well to a depth of 610 feet. Providing all equipment, material
506720 MT Krone/Augusta: Plug and Reclaim Krone-Augusta 31-32 Well.
506844 KS Anderson County: Well Plugging - Helen Merrill Project.
506928 NJ SEASIDE PARK : WELL #7 DECOMMISSIONING. The scope of work includes the decommissioning of well No. 7 in the Borough of Seaside Park, Ocean County, New Jersey.
506958 NC CARY: Holly Brook Water and Sewer Extension Project
507027 WA PUD #2 of Grant County: Priest Rapids Spillway Monolith Coring, Testing and Piezometer Installation
507076 PA Columbus Township: (L00237) (SOI/LOI) Design and Misc Services, Stewart Road Bridge Project. The Municipality will retain a consultant firm for the following
507092 CA Kern County - CA Department of Fish and Wildlife: Canebreak Ecological Reserve - New Domestic Well. The project is located at Canebreak Ecological Reserve, Kern
507155 AK AK DOT&PF: Term Agreement for Drilling Services 2017. The Northern Region State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DEPARTMENT), Divi
507193 IA Ames: Water Treatment Plant Five-Year Well Rehabilitation Project. The City of Ames currently has 22 potable water wells located in four well fields within A
507318 IL Wauconda: Lift Station No.9 Improvements Project. The work for which proposals are invited consists of the construction of the Lift Station Pump Improvement
507393 OR Wasco County: Mosier Deep Well Construction. The Wasco County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is working with Oregon Water Resources Department, Mos
507482 AL Madison Utilities: Northeast Force Main Phase II. In general, the project includes approximately 16,900 feet of 14" DR17 HDPE force main, horizontal directio
507495 MA Billerica: New Irrigation Well at Shawsheen Valley Technical High School.
507548 NJ Evesham Municipal Utilities Authority : 2017C-3 Well No. 4 Generator Project. APPROXIMATE ESTIMATED ITEM QUANTITIES 1.Mobilization LS 2.Demobilization LS 3.S
507593 AZ Tucson: Well #74 Rehabilitation Project (Project), which is located in Tucson, Arizona. The Project will be completed in accordance with the Specifications prep
507618 SC LOWCOUNTRY REGIONAL WATER SYSTEM: Water System Improvements for the Lowcountry Regional Water System Brunson-Gifford Water Line: The work to be done consists of
507717 PA Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa of Beaver County: (RE-BID) 2017 WELL CLEANING AND REHABILITATION The scope of work includes the testing, cleaning, red
507820 FL Lake County: Well Maintenance and Repairs, Lake County Facilities
507859 CA Kern County - CA Department of Fish and Wildlife: *ADDENDUM 1* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 507092) Canebreak Ecological Reserve - New Domestic Well. The project is
507883 LA LA DNR: Abandonment of Oilfield Sites, Monroe Field, Ouachita Parish.
507885 LA LA DNR: Abandonment of Oilfield Sites, Greenwood Wascom Field, Caddo Parish.
507905 UT UNIVERSITY OF UTAH: (RFP) Drilling services for the Energy & Geoscience Institute of the University of Utah. Contractor will provide a fully equipped drilling r
507939 TX Nueces: Corpus Christi Aquifer Storage and Recovery Feasibility Study; drilling services for an ongoing study to determine aquifer storage and recovery (ASR)
507943 TX EL PASO: CITY-WIDE WELL DRILLING PROJECT. The work under this contract shall be for furnishing all labor, materials, transportation and services for the cons
507946 NH Atkinson: NH DOT bid for Drilled well & pump for Heide Skeirik
507947 NH Mason: NH DOT bid for Drilled well & pump for Greg Pugliese
507952 WI Cottage Grove: WELL #1 ABANDONMENT & WELLHOUSE #1 DEMOLITION: Cottage Grove Well #1, Wisconsin Unique Well Id #BF487, shall be abandoned following a WDNR preapp
507961 NC Buckeye Bridge, LLC: NCDOT DM00205 Replace Bridge 555 Buncombe County and DM00204 Replacement of Bridge #434 Buncombe County: DBE/MBE/WBE certified subcontract
507963 NC Raleigh: E.M. Johnson WTP 12MG Clearwell Rehabilitation Phase 1: The Project consists of the following major items: Removal and Replacement of Clearwell Influe
508015 MA Shawsheen Valley Regional Vocational-Technical School District: New Irrigation Well at the Shawsheen Valley Technical High School ESTIMATED COST: $35,000

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