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Bid State Current WasteHaz Bids
609053 WA XX LYNDEN SCHOOL DISTRICT #504 2019 SMALL WORKS ROSTER. Lynden School District #504 solicits interested, licensed contractors for inclusion on its Small Works
615860 WA XX MARYSVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 25: 2019 SMALL WORKS ROSTER NOTICE.RCW 39.04.155, known as the Common Small Works Roster Procedure, and RCW 28A.335.190, known
617447 WA XX LAKEWOOD : SMALL WORKS ABATEMENT ROSTER. The City of Lakewood is accepting applications for a Small Works Abatement Roster for both federally and non-federal
629192 FL Palm Beach County: *Amendment 1-2* Lime Sludge Loading Hauling and Disposal of
629296 FL Melbourne: *Addenda 1-3* Scrap Metal Collection and Recycling Services. This solicitation is to establish a term contract for a two (2) years with two (2) 24-mo
630615 FL Highlands County: *Addenda 1-4* Disaster Debris Removal and Recovery Services. The County and other public entities in Highlands County are seeking a firm with
631190 CA Alameda County: Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA) Consultation Services. It is the intent of these specifications, terms and conditions to describe Certif
631221 CA Anaheim: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* On-Call Waste Management Services. **DUE DATE EXTENDED TO 3/31/20
631271 FL Solid Waste Authority Palm Beach County:*Notice* Recycling of Mercury Lamps, Devices, and PCB Ballasts
631635 FL Palm Beach County:*Amendment 1* Recovery and Recycling / Disposal of Special Waste Material Term Contract. Service of recovering, recycling and disposal service
631655 CA Santa Monica: w/ *ADDENDA 1-5* HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT, TRANSPORTATION & DISPOSAL. Two contracts will be issued as part of the RFP. The Household Hazardous W
631656 CO La Plata County: *Addenda#1-4 & Communication#1* Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Service Event. * Due date is extended to April 14, 2020.*
631768 TX TCEQ: Dry Cleaner Remediation Program Site Activities. TCEQ will issue individual Work Orders which authorize the CONTRACTOR to perform Work as defined
632017 FL Volusia County: *Addenda 1-5* Debris Removal, Reduction and Disposal. The Volusia County (County) Public Works Department (PW) is seeking to establish one or mo
632178 CA CALTRANS: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* (RFQ) A&E Hazardous Waste Site Investigation and Design Services. The DBE participation goal for this solicitation is 14 percent (14%
632182 OK OK ODA: *ADDENDA 1-2* Unwanted Pesticide Disposal . Expiration date extended.
632266 CA Port of Long Beach: w/ *Q&A* (RFQ) Sediment, Water Quality, and Biological Professional Services. The Port of Long Beach Environmental Planning Division is requ
632275 PA PennDOT: (E04863) (SOI/LOI) Design and Misc Services, US 422 Modeling & Corridor Analysis. The Department of Transportation will retain an engineering firm for
632322 FL Coral Springs: *Addenda 1-2* Disaster Recovery Services
632382 FL Orange County: *Addenda 1-2* Battery Recycling for Solid Waste
632453 CA Thousand Palms - SunLine Transit Agency: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* Hazardous Waste. SunLine Transit Agency is seeking fully competent, qualified, certified, and permitte
632471 CT UCONN: Reusable Sharps Management Program. The University of Connecticut Health Center (UConn Health) is requesting proposals from qualified organizations to pr
632478 AK Unalaska: *Addenda#1-2* Annual Household Hazardous Waste Event. The Contract resulting from this Request for Proposal will cover the Annual event for City Fisca
632653 FL Gilchrist County: Disasters Debris Removal and Disposal Services. Gilchrist Board of County Commissioners on behalf of the governmental entities: Gilchrist Boa
632768 FL Jacksonville: *Addendum 1* E-Waste Pickup and Disposal. The collection, re-use, de-manufacturing, recycling, disposal and documentation of End-of-Life Electroni
632914 NC Wake Co Public School System: LAB PACK/WASTE DISPOSAL-HAZMAT(E&G)
632915 NC Wake Co Public School System: EMERGENCY STORM CLEANUP (E&G)
632923 FL Seacoast Utility Authority: *Addenda 1-2* Cleaning of Aeration Basin No.2 at the PGA WWTP. The Project entails the cleaning of Aeration Basin No.2 including rem
632924 SC Columbia: SC Department of Corrections: Infectious Waste Disposal - Contract
632971 MA Quincy: *Addenda 1-4* Asbestos Abatement & Re-Insulation at Bernazzani School. The work includes: Removal and disposal of asbestos containing materials and re-I
632979 ME Bath Housing Development Corporation: Abatement Contractors Moses and Columbia Blocks Hazardous Building Materials Abatement project . The hazardous building m
633080 FL FL Dept of Environmental Protection: *Addenda 1-4* Waterway Debris Cleanup . The Department of Environmental Protection is requesting responses from qualified v
633100 CT Norwich: *Addendum 1* Removal and Disposal of Drinking Water Residuals. The City of Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) is soliciting bids from qualified firms to pe
633129 PA Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority (GLRA): DOORTO-DOOR HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE COLLECTION SERVICES. For Lebanon County Residents for an initial one-year term be
633168 NY Brooklyn: Governor's Office of Storm Recovery Kings Bay YM-YWHA Storm Hardening and HAZMAT Abatement. Location Where Goods to be Delivered or Service Performed:
633190 TX Austin: Disposal, Recycling and Asset Recovery Services of Surplus Technology Equipment.
633219 MN Ramsey County: RFB -PRMG21454-KR-0-2020/KR w/ADDENDA 1 & 2* Class 5 Aggregate Removal - Ramsey County Riverfront. **The solicitation schedule is hereby revised
633326 CA Los Angeles World Airports: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* Hazardous Waste Material Cleanup and Disposal at Los Angeles International Airport and Van Nuys Airport may include
633361 CA Orinda: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* (RFQ) On-Call Environmental Engineering Services. The City of Orinda is situated in the Oakland/Berkeley hills immediately east of the C
633416 TX Houston: HGAC, Regional Electronics Recycling Services.
633431 VA Chesapeake: *ADDENDUM 1* Used Tire Pickup and Disposal
633544 VA Chesapeake: Pickup and Disposal of Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Tires
633572 FL Polk County: *Addenda 1-5* Spent Shell Collection. Polk County, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, requests the submittal of bids from vendors tha
633617 TX North Texas Tollway Authority: 19031 RFI Environmental Emergency Response Cleanup and Hazardous Waste Disposal. NTTA is seeking industry input into a new type o
633626 IL Clinton: removal of sludge lime from Clinton Water Treatment Plant.
633682 NC Lenoir County: DEBRIS MONITORING AND RECOVERY SERVICES Lenoir County is soliciting sealed proposals to provide Disaster Management and Recovery Monitoring Servi
633714 NY Erie and Niagara Counties: NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, Western New York DDSO, Various Roof Replacements and Hazardous Materials Abate
633723 NH Keene: *Submission Update* Household Hazardous Waste Collection Services. The City of Keene, New Hampshire is requesting proposals for the operation of a perm
633725 NJ Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority: *ADDENDA 1-4* OPERATION OF THE MCMUA HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE DROP OFF EVENT DAYS . The work includes collecting
633726 NJ Morris County MUA: *ADDENDA 1-4* OPERATION OF THE MCMUA HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE PERMANENT FACILITY, The work involves providing all labor, equipment and mate

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