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Bid State Current WasteHaz Bids
482250 PA State of PA: Electronic Waste Removal and Recycling Services. To remove and recycle E-waste from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (COPA) facilities as requested
504875 TX Cameron: Debris Management - Removal & Disposal Post - Hurricane / Disaster Recovery Operations.
505584 TX Cameron County: Collection, Characterization, Packaging, Transportation & Disposal of Hazardous Waste During Post-Hurricane/Disaster Recovery Operations.
505797 CA Berkeley: On Call Hazardous Waste Management. Qualified firms or individuals to provide hazardous waste management and disposal services for City generated and
505819 NY Buffalo: Tire Disposal. The service shall consist of loading, removal and disposal of tires from the City of Buffalo, Broadway Garage, 197 Broadway, Buffalo Ne
505973 IN Fort Wayne: Biosolids, Lime, Yard Waste, and Resource Recovery Management.
506356 CA CA Dept. Toxic Substances Control: Regional Site Remediation Contract - Hazardous Substances/Materials Site Remediation. This solicitation will result in awardi
506534 TX Abilene: Hazardous Waste Management Solutions and Related Services. Region 14 ESC (the Lead Agency), on behalf of National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCP
506609 NC Raleigh: WAKE CO PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM: Spill Remediation (Hazmat) Please be advised that the WCPSS Environmental & Grounds Department is soliciting bids for Sp
506669 AK Unalaska: Junk Vehicle, Scrap Metal, Tire Bales, and Bagged Net and Line Removal & Disposal Project. The City of Unalaska, Department of Public Utilities, is re
506670 VT VT Dept of Buildings and General Services: Debris Monitoring for Disasters. Agreements with one or more companies that can provide the State of Vermont and its
506693 CA Chula Vista: FULL SERVICE, TURNKEY HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE. The City of Chula Vista is seeking proposals for Full Service, Turnkey Household Hazardous Waste a
506697 CA Los Angeles - Metropolitan Water District of Southern California: Risk Management Program for The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Metropolit
506701 PA Berks County Solid Waste Authority: To provide transportation, dismantling, salvage, sale, reuse, recycling and/or disposal of computer and electronic materials
506715 MN Minneapolis Public Housing Authority: Hazardous Materials Abatement Services.
506723 DE STATE OF DELAWARE: Fire and Water Damage Remediation Services. To establish a contract through competitive negotiation with vendors who provide fire and wate
506752 CA Alameda: Environmental/Hazardous Materials Consulting Services for Alameda Point. The City of Alameda is requesting proposals (RFP) for a highly qualified indiv
506783 OK Muskogee: Abatement of Posted Properties.
506855 ID Ada County Landfill: *RE BID* Electronic Materials Recycling Services.
506886 CA Port of San Francisco: (RFQ) As Needed Environmental and Related Professional Services. Contractors may be required to perform studies and investigations, prepa
506956 CO DENVER HEALTH AND HOSPITAL AUTHORITY: Waste Stream Management. Scope of Work: Throughout this document, the Denver Health and Hospital Authority, a body corp
506980 MD Howard County Latex Paint Recycling Services
507026 CA Riverside Transit Agency: HAZARDOUS WASTE REMOVAL AND DISPOSAL SERVICES. Qualified licensed and permitted firms to provide hazardous waste removal and disposal
507071 MN Minneapolis Public Housing Authority: Hazardous Materials Abatement Services. To provide asbestos and lead abatement services at its various properties throu
507078 CA Solano County: (RFQ) HAZARDOUS MATERIAL EVALUATION AND MONITORING. The County of Solano, General Services Department, Central Services Division, Capital Project
507187 PA SOUDERTON AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT: E.M. Crouthamel Elementary School Asbestos Abatement Project. Asbestos abatement projects in K–12 school buildings. The w
507262 CA CALTRANS: Abatement and/or Remediation Agreement for Asbestos, Lead, Mold and other Hazardous Materials within the City of Los Angeles, the City of Pasadena, an
507448 TX Austin: Integral Care, Syringe and Medical Waste Disposal Services.
507537 CA Berkeley: *ADDENDUM A* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 505797) On Call Hazardous Waste Management. Qualified firms or individuals to provide hazardous waste management
507676 CA Pomona: (RFQ) Master On-Call Consultant List for Public Works Projects. Every three years, the City issues a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to establish a lis
507701 CA CA Department of Water Resources: Hazardous Waste Removal. The contractor will provide environmental consultative services. Such service may include, but are no
507765 MI Hubbell: Hubbell Processing Area - Remeditaion. The Work includes but is not necessarily limited to:*Planning, site preparation, site health and safety, cle
507841 SC SC SFAA: Medical University of South Carolina: INFECTIOUS/CHEMO WST COLLECTION/DISPOSAL
507915 IA Polk County: Disposal of Used Oil, Anti Freeze & Oil Filters.
507930 CA **CANCELLED** Esparto - CALTRANS: Clearance and Demolition. Clearance and Demolition services on properties located at 26674 SR 16, Esparto, CA 95627. The Contr
507981 SC Clemson University: Bio Hazardous Waste Disposal: Clemson University is establishing an Annual Bio-Hazardous Waste Removal Contract to be used for employees on
507987 SC Trident Technical College: BIO WASTE DISPOSAL SERVICES FOR TTC 2017 RE-BID: Trident Technical College (TTC) is seeking a qualified vendor to collect, transport,
508047 LA Orleans Parish School Board: DISASTER RECOVERY SERVICES.
508072 PA Mon Valley Initiative: Professional services for a 5-year engagement period in Allegheny Westmoreland and Washington County for our housing Rehab for Resale and
508097 CA Western Kern County - CA Department of Water Resources: Hazardous Waste Removal. Contractor will provide qualified labor, tools, materials, equipment and incide
508120 MD Baltimore County: Contaminated Gasoline Recycling *BID DEADLINE EXTENSION 04/20/17*
508206 VT VT Dept of Buildings and General Services: **ADDENDA 1,2*(ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID # 506670*Debris Monitoring for Disasters. Agreements with one or more compan
508220 PA Troy Area School District: 2017 Environmental Remediation Project. The work to be performed for the environmental remediation project consists of furnishing
508221 PA Troy Area School District: Multi-Building Asbestos Abatement Project. The work to be performed for the asbestos abatement consists of furnishing all labor, m
508301 FL Ocala: (RFQ) removal of biohazard waste materials from the City's Water Quality Laboratory, located at 4200 SE 24th St Ocala Florida 34471. The laboratory is op

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