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Bid State Current Tanks Bids
536713 VA VDOT: Martinsville Residency Asphalt Tank Replacement Period of Contract: Installation and full acceptance by VDOT ofthe tank shall be made within the nine (9)
537312 WA XX ISLAND COUNTY'S PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT : SMALL WORKS ROSTER FOR 2018. Notice is hereby given that the Public Works Department of Island County is accepting
538117 WA XX Spokane County Fire District 9 : Small Works Rosters for District public works contracts in amounts of $20,000 to $300,000 in accordance with the provisions
538457 WA XX PORT OF PEND OREILLE : SMALL WORKS ROSTER Notice is hereby given that the Port of Pend Oreille (Port) is updating its Small Works Roster for 2018. Applicants
538874 WA XX Port of Anacortes : SMALL WORKS ROSTER. Notice is hereby given that the Port of Anacortes is accepting applications to be placed on the Small Works Roster of
539246 WA XX Ferndale School District #502 : Small Works Roster. This invitation is in accordance with RCW 28A and RCW 39.04. This roster will identify those qualified co
539251 WA XX CONCRETE : SMALL WORKS ROSTER. All applicants must be licensed or registered, as required by law to work in the State of Washington. Contractors appearing on
539599 WA XX SPOKANE AIRPORT: SMALL WORKS ROSTER.The Spokane Airport Board (Spokane International Airport, Airport Business Park, & Felts Field Airport) solicits interest
539916 WA XX PORT OF WALLA WALLA : SMALL WORKS ROSTER.Notice is hereby given that the Port of Walla Walla is accepting applications from contractors who wish to be placed
539919 WA XX Sunnyside : CONTRACTORS SMALL WORKS ROSTER. Port of Sunnyside is soliciting contractors interested in qualifying for placement on the Port’s 2018 Small Works
539926 WA XX Chelan County Public Works : SMALL WORKS ROSTER. Notice is hereby given that Chelan County Public Works Department is receiving applications from contractors
540247 WA XX UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON : 2018 SMALL WORKS ROSTER.The University of Washington (University) is soliciting applications for its Small Works Roster from quali
540266 WA XX PORT OF ROYAL SLOPE : SMALL WORKS / CONSULTANT ROSTER 2018 The Port of Royal Slope (Grant County Dist. #2) is compiling a 2018 Small Works/Consultant Roster
540584 WA XX Mount Vernon School District #320, PUBLIC WORKS CONTRACTORS SMALL WORKS ROSTER. Washington State law, as amended, provides that public works projects such as
540698 WA XX SNOQUALMIE VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 410 : SMALL WORKS ROSTER NOTICE RCW 39.04.155 , commonly known as the Common Small Works Roster Procedure, and RCW 28A
540763 WA XX NACHES VALLEY SCHOOLS – SMALL WORKS ROSTER. The Naches Valley School District JT #3 has established a small works roster and is now accepting applications. A
540767 WA XX Selah School District No. 119 SMALL WORKS ROSTER
540892 WA XX Whitman County : (LOI) from consultants wishing to be placed on the Professional Services RosterWhitman County - Washington is soliciting vendors and contrac
541360 WA XX Department of Transportation : SMALL WORKS ROSTER HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION. The Department of Transportation is soliciting contractors interested in qualifying f
541465 WA XX Naches-Selah Irrigation District : 2018 Small Works Roster.The Naches-Selah Irrigation District is soliciting names of interested businesses for our small wo
541578 WA XX Cowiche Sewer District : 2018 SMALL WORKS ROSTER – NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. In accordance with the Revised Code of Washington 39.04.155, Cowiche Sewer District
541585 WA XX ASOTIN COUNTY : SMALL WORKS ROSTER. This publication serves as notice, in accordance with RCW 36.77.075 and RCW 39.04.155, that Asotin County, Washington an
541611 WA XX Seattle Public Schools : Small Works Roster.Notice to Contractors.Seattle Public Schools (the District) is soliciting contractors interested in qualifying fo
542088 WA XX Blaine : SMALL WORKS ROSTER. City of Blaine is now accepting applications for its 2018 Small Works Roster. The roster will cover projects estimated to cost $
542515 WA SELAH (LOI) PURCHASE CONTRACT ROSTER AND/ OR SMALL WORKS ROSTER.Notice is hereby given that the City of Selah is accepting letters of interest from vendors who
542867 WA XX Spokane County : SMALL WORKS ROSTER. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORSNOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Spokane County has established a small works roster ("SWR") pursuant to
542878 WA XX Lewis County : Small Works Roster. NOTICE OF A SMALL WORKS ROSTER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, in accordance with annual publishing requirements, Lewis Count
546318 WA XX Central Valley School District : SMALL WORKS ROSTER Central Valley School District, located in Spokane Valley Washington with approximately 14,000 students s
546707 WA xx North Central Educational Service District SMALL WORKS ROSTER for general contractors for future construction, alteration, repair or improvement of public wo
547394 WA XX Yakima County Fire Protection District 12 / West Valley Fire Department and Yakima County Fire District 1 / Highland Fire Department 2018 SMALL WORKS ROSTER.
547791 WA XX TIETON : Small Works Roster.The Small Works Roster will be used to obtain the names of contractors who are interested, and who qualify, to bid on small works
548987 WA XX Port of Grandview : Small Works Roster. Applicants must be licensed contractors in the State of Washingtonand comply with the State of Washington prevailing
549202 WA XX QVSD : SMALL WORKS ROSTER NOTICE RCW 39.04.155, commonly known as the Common Small Works Roster Procedure, and RCW 28A.335.l90, commonly known as the Public
549972 WA XX PORT OF DOUGLAS COUNTY: SMALL WORKS ROSTER. The Port of Douglas County is preparing its Small Works Roster for 2018. Contractors on the roster may be asked t
550199 WA XX PENINSULA SCHOOL DISTRICT : ACCEPTING SMALL WORKS ROSTER APPLICATIONS. Peninsula School District is soliciting applications from contractors who wish to be p
555342 WA XX Federal Way Public Schools No. 210 : Small Works Roster.Federal Way Public Schools solicits interested, licensed contractors for inclusion on its Small Works
555576 WA XX Nine Mile Falls School District is updating its works roster for future projects, repairs and services. This invitation is in accordance with RCW28A.335. 190
558592 WA XX Whatcom County Fire Districts: Notice to Vendors, Contractors and Consultants. Whatcom County Fire Districts 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 16, 18, 21 and South Whatcom Fir
558595 WA XX Town of Fairfield, Town of Latah, Town of Rockford, Town of Waverly, City of Tekoa and the Tekoa Parks and Recreation District No. 6 : Small Works/Vendor a
560184 WA XX CAMAS SCHOOL DISTRICT 117 : SMALL WORKS ROSTER RCW 39.04.155 provides that school districts establish a SMALL WORKS ROSTER of Qualified Contractors who wish
561091 WA XX Columbia-Walla Walla Fire District #2 : SMALL WORKS ROSTER. The fire district is establishing their 2018 Small Works Roster of qualified contractors wishing
562352 WA XX Pullman : SMALL WORKS ROSTER NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS."Small Works Roster" bidding procedures may be used by the City of Pullman on construction projects with e
571483 WA XX Yakima-Tieton Irrigation District : SMALL WORKS ROSTER. The Yakima-Tieton Irrigation District is currently accepting applications from licensed contractors
572108 WA XX Sultan School District #311 : SMALL WORKS ROSTER.
572476 CO Regional Transportation District (RTD): Removal/Replacement of Diesel Tanks at East Metro. Estimated Value: Between $250,000 and $500,000. **The bid due date
572537 WA XX Port of Garfield Small Works Roster. In accordance to RCW 39.04.155, the Port of Garfield uses a single general small works roster of all responsible contra
576657 CO Regional Transportation District (RTD): **ADDENDUM 1* (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID#572476) Removal/Replacement of Diesel Tanks at East Metro. Estimated Value: Bet
578517 FL City of West Palm Beach: Diesel Tank Cleaning and Inspection. The City of West Palm Beach on behalf of the East Central Regional Water Treatment Facility (ECR)

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