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Bid State Current Tanks Bids
561091 WA XX Columbia-Walla Walla Fire District #2 : SMALL WORKS ROSTER. The fire district is establishing their 2018 Small Works Roster of qualified contractors wishing
562352 WA XX Pullman : SMALL WORKS ROSTER NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS."Small Works Roster" bidding procedures may be used by the City of Pullman on construction projects with e
569060 WA XX Blaine School District #503: Small Works Roster. The Blaine School District #503 is currently updating its Small Works Roster.
570089 WA XX MONROE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 103 : SMALL WORKS ROSTER R.C.W. 28A.335.190 and 39.04.155 provide that school districts establish a Small Works Roster of qualifie
573462 WA XX Public Utility District No. 2 of Grant County :Small Works Roster for public works projects. Vendors already approved for the Small Works Roster need not app
594925 IL Mt. Vernon: Construction of the Opdyke Elevated Tank.The Project consists of constructing repair and repainting of the existing Opdyke Elevated Water Tank.Bids
598997 FL Lee County: w/ *Addenda 1-4* Fiesta Village WRF Sludge Handling. Lee County Board of County Commissioners seeks to contract with a highly qualified Contractor
599218 IL Monee: Well House 5 and SCADA/500,000 Gallon Elevated Tank 3 - Eagle Fair17-T0359.01 - Well House 5 and SCADA. All proposals shall be sealed in an envelope, add
599230 GA Gwinnett County: Repair and Rehabilitation of Aboveground Pre-Stressed Concrete Tanks on an Annual Contract
599562 CT Town of Coventry: Oil Tank Removal and Replacement. Proposals are being solicited for Oil tank removal/replacement at 78 Ripley Hill Road, 1776 Main Street, 345
600151 SC Denmark: Repair Elevated Water Tanks: Nibco Tank 1241 Locust Street, Denmark, SC 29042, Install new vent, Repair level indicator, Washout Tank. E. Voorhees Tank
600290 NC Durham Co: *ADDENDUM 1* pH Adjustment System Rougemont Water System: The work contemplated will include installation of chemical feed system, installation of ch
600438 CA Perris - Eastern Municipal Water District: Hunter Tank Interior Recoating. The work comprises construction of interior recoating and construction of tank retrof
600619 CA South Tahoe Public Utility District: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* 2019 Heavenly Tank Improvements Project. The site of the work is located on Heavenly Valley Ski Resort pro
600629 CA CAMARILLO: (RFQ) North Pleasant Valley Desalter Project. The project to be constructed consists of: The construction of a brackish groundwater water treatment f
600645 FL City of Mount Dora: w/ *Addenda 1-2* Sandblasting and Painting Ground Storage Tanks
600753 NM NMDOT - Environmental Geology Bureau: *ADDENDUM 1* Site Monitoring and Maintenance For Storage Petroleum Storage Tank Sites. The New Mexico Department of Transp
600761 AR Sulphur Rock: Morgan Hill Tank Painting and Repairs for the Rock-Moore Public Water Authority.
600770 IL Glasford: T-L Rural Water District Construct Pleasant Grove Pump Station Improvements. Project includes replacing pumps in existing water booster pumping stati
600922 AR City of Fayetteville: Construction - Goshen Water Storage Tank Improvements.
600944 WI Milwaukee MSD: Sodium Bisulfite Storage Tank No. 1 Repairs at Jones Island Water Reclamation Facility (Quest Project #6290152): Furnish all labor and materials
600949 IL Trivoli: T-L Rural Water District Construct 50,000 gallon elevated steel water tower Project includes water tower construction, foundation, electrical work, de
600964 FL Department of Transportation: w/ *Addenda 1-3* Replace of Emergency Standby Generator, Fuel Tank & Automatic Transfer Switch Various Locations FPID No. 190734
601037 NY NYCDEP: *DUE DATE EXTENDED* *ADDENDA 1-3* Reconstruction of Digester Tanks at Wards Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Work includes, but is not limited to,
601190 IL Mount Prospect: *ADDENDUM 2* Rehabilitation of 1,000,000 Gallon Station 5E Ground Storage Tank ADDENDUM ADDED
601226 FL Fairpoint Regional Utility System: Fairpoint Booster Station & Ground Storage Tank. The Project consists of constructing a three pump booster pump station, a 2
601237 CT Town of Killingly: Underground Fuel Oil Storage Tank Replacement, Killingly Central School
601244 CA Perris - EASTERN MUNICIPAL WATER DISTRICT: QUAIL VALLEY I TANK INTERIOR RECOATING. The work to be constructed is located in the City of Menifee off the access r
601284 MT City of Billings: *DUE DATE CHANGED* Leavens Reservoir Expansion and Zone 1 Improvements. The project generally consists of:Leavens Site• Construction of a new
601372 OK Kay County: Construction of: Add Manway and Tideflex System to 12’ 9” x 110’ Standpipe and repaint both interior and exterior and all appurtances will be receiv
601396 WY Big Horn: Town of Cowley Water Tank Replacement and Water Line Improvements Project. Owner Project Number: 5966.001.00. Estimated Value: 3,500,000.00. Project
601470 CT Weston Board of Education: Excavation & Removal of Two Underground Storage Tanks
601566 CA East Bay Municipal Utility District: Birch, Cull Creek, and Sherwick Reservoirs Rehabilitation. This project involves the replacement of one steel reservoir wit
601572 CT Town of Westport: w/ *New Document* Removal of Underground Storage Tank. The Town of Westport (the Town) is converting to natural gas heat at the Town Hall, an
601688 WA North Perry Avenue Water District : Sunset Reservoirs Overcoating. Notice is hereby given that North Perry Avenue Water District, hereinafter known as “Owner”,
601738 CA Ontario: OMUC UT1033 INSTALLATION OF ABOVE GROUND WATER TANK SYSTEM AT 9456/9465 E SCHAEFER AVENUE. The subject property address at 9456/9465 E Schaefer Avenue,
601831 VA VA DOC: Repairs and Recoating to Water Tanks at Haynesville, Augusta, and Coffeewood Correctional center The project is generally described as making repairs an
601847 IL Hanover Park: 1,000,000 Gallon Reservoir (Schick Road)Exterior Overcoat Wet Interior Repaint.
601890 NH Town of Derry: CWS Tank Inspection & Cleaning. The Town of Derry, New Hampshire Department of Public Works, seeks proposals for:Cleaning and Inspection of 2 Co
601899 NC Asheville: *REBID* MILLS RIVER WTP MISCELLANEOUS UPGRADES: This project includes, but is not limited to, the installation of a new bulk sodium hypochlorite tank
601924 FL City of Edgewater:*Addendum 1* Removal and Replacement – Sodium Hypochlorite Tanks & Piping. The City of Edgewater is seeking a qualified and licensed State of
602020 TX Schleicher County: City of Eldorado - Elevated Tank Demolition.Work of the Project includes furnishing all materials, labor and equipment to demolish and remove
602025 IL Buckley: Elevated Tank RestorationThe Project includes the high-pressure power washing of the tank exterior, mechanical surface preparation and priming where n
602036 IL Rockton: Repair and Repainting of 300,000 gallon legged water tower including roof hatch, roof vent, over flow flap gate, painter’s rigging rail, etc...
602062 CT City of Middletown: *Addenda 1-2* Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) Decommissioning. Work to include but not limited to the draining and cleaning of tank
602073 MO Memphis: Water Tower Painting will generally include the following:The project consists of taking the existing elevated tower off line, draining, repairing any
602105 FL Town of Davie: Storage Tank Inspection and Cleaning

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