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Bid State Current Tanks Bids
609053 WA XX LYNDEN SCHOOL DISTRICT #504 2019 SMALL WORKS ROSTER. Lynden School District #504 solicits interested, licensed contractors for inclusion on its Small Works
615860 WA XX MARYSVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 25: 2019 SMALL WORKS ROSTER NOTICE.RCW 39.04.155, known as the Common Small Works Roster Procedure, and RCW 28A.335.190, known
622271 WA XX CAMAS: 2020 SMALL WORKS ROSTER. The areas of work included on the roster are asphalt paving, building construction, concrete curbs and flatwork, earthwork an
629987 IN Department of Administration: *ADDENDUM 1- 5 DUE DATE EXTENDED* Tanks Management System The purpose of this RFP is to select a respondent that can satisfy the
630254 CA Banning: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* TANK INSPECTIONS AND CLEANING. The Project includes, without limitation, furnishing all necessary labor, materials, equipment and othe
630847 TX Fort Bend:*ADDENDUM 1* Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion to 1.2 MGD.
630877 FL Ocoee: *Addenda 1-3* Fuel Island Upgrade. Installation of a New 20,000 Gallon Double Wall Steel Storage Fuel Tank with Modification of Existing Fuel Tank and it
630927 CA Palo Alto: Corte Madera Reservoir Replacement Project. Qualified firms to provide design - build services for the Corte Madera Reservoir Replacement. The Projec
631037 AK Valdez: Storage Tanks at Valdez Marine Terminal. Crude Oil Storage Tank 8 Internal Inspection Review
631200 CA Merced: w/ *NEW DUE DATE* Well Site 3 Tank Removal. **DUE DATE EXTENDED TO 4/9/20
631251 IL St. Libory: Elevated Water Tower Painting and Improvements, Sandblasting and painting of the interior and exterior of Elevated Water Storage Pedestal Tank, Rise
631273 NJ Manchester: 1.5 MG ELEVATED WATER TANK
631433 IL Garrett: Village of Garrett Water Tower Rehabilitation; The project consists of surface preparation, painting, and finishing of interior and exterior surfaces a
631496 GA DeKalb County: *ADDENDUM 1,2,3,4* Maintenance, Cleaning & Inspection of Fuel Tanks including Removal, Relocation & Installation (Annual with 2 Options to Renew)
631500 GA Ringgold: Miscellaneous repairs and spot painting at the Peters Lane Tank and Clearview Tank in Ringgold, Georgia
631562 GA Savannah: Decommission & Remove Terminal Underground Fuel Tank
631794 SC Conway: Bucksport Water System, Inc: Bucksport Phase XI Water Project – Contract 1 Northern Water Treatment: The Project consists of construction of a reverse o
631913 TX Williamson:*ADDENDA 1-5* Cedar Park Pressure Zone #4 Elevated Water Tank Project. Construction of 500,000 gallon elevated water storage tank and all associated
631947 AL Jefferson County: Phosphorous Control Chemical Addition Improvements for the Five Mile Creek, Turkey Creek, Prudes Creek and Warrior WRFs. This Project provides
631960 OR Clean Water Services: Durham FOG Tank Retrofit Project. Supply and deliver two Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) tanks, ladders, platform and all appurtenances as spe
631983 CT Stafford Public Schools: Fuel Oil Tank Replacement and Related Work West Stafford School
631985 CT Western CT State University: Westside Campus Oil Tank Removal. Western Connecticut State University is accepting bids for oil tank removal services at the Uni
632078 OR McMinnville: McMinnville Municipal Airport - Jet A Bulk Fueling System Project. The scope of work being considered is: the fabrication, testing, delivery and in
632180 CA Santa Fe Irrigation District: w/ *ADDENDA 1-6* SFID Washwater Tank Seismic Improvements and Clearwell Seismic Improvements Project. The work generally consists
632333 FL Mascotte: *Postponed* Elevated Water Tank Coating. The work generally includes furnishing of all labor, materials and equipment for the coating of the existing
632469 CO GREETVILLE CARBONDALE WATER ASSOCIATION: 65,000-GALLON WATER TANK PAINTING. Work to be performed generally includes sandblasting, painting, and disinfection of
632491 CA Crescent City - CA Dept of the CA Highway Patrol: w/ *ADDENDUM 1/Q&A* Above Ground Fuel Tank Removal, Decommission and Disposal. Furnish all supplies, materials
632543 MI Detroit: 2203 Mack Ave - Site Remediation.The Work will consist of mobilization, installation of temporary site security and privacy fencing; demolition of exis
632547 MI Grayling: *Addendum 1* Chestnut Property Demolition and Tank Removal for the Crawford AuSable School District
632562 KY Union: Sandblasting and recoating of the Inside roof of their 750,000 gallon water tower.
632565 TX Bexar:*ADDENDUM1* Kirby, Peppermint Elevated Storage Tank Rehabilitation.This project has had the following changes: Estimate has changed from $486,000 to $468,
632594 IN Frankfort: Wastewater System Expansion Project, Contract B – CR 200W Lift Station and Force Main.Work shall include the installation of three (3) new submersib
632693 IL Riverwoods: Construction of 50,000 Gallon Spheroid Water Tank Repainting; The project involves repainting the exterior only of a 50,000 gallon spheroid water ta
632726 KY Lexington: Replace the above-ground, diesel tank and fuel pump set at PAV H., University of KentuckyMedical Center.
632752 CA Metropolitan Water District of Southern California: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Underground and Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank Testing and Maintenance. Provide annual regula
632763 OR Springfield: Regional Fuel Facility Diesel Tank Replacement. Description: The project is for the complete removal of a 20,000 gallon Brown Minneapolis UL-142 do
632876 CO Del Norte: Upper Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation Project. The Project consists of replacement of rehabilitation of the existing approximate 375,000 gallon bur
632891 ID Hayden Lake Irrigation District: PRE -QUALIFICATION 2.0 Million Gallon Water Tank Project The Project generally consists of construction of a new 2.0 Million G
632895 MI Kent: Fuel facility replacement at the North Complex, 11777 White Creek Avenue, Cedar Springs, Michigan.
632898 AR Brinkley, Monroe County: Bids to paint an elevated 500,000 gallon water storage tank. The tank is located on Highway 17 & Highway 49 just outside the City of Br
632931 AK Kodiak: PROVIDENCE KODIAK ISLAND MEDICAL CENTER FUEL TANK PROCUREMENT, Kodiak, Alaska. The scope of work is to fabricate an 8,000-gallon double-wall fuel tank a
632982 OK Stillwater:*Cancelled* Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal and Water Line WorkPre-Bid Meeting scheduled for March 18th is cancelledThis project will be re-ad
633056 TX Wise:*ADDEDNUM 1* Bridgeport, Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Improvements, Electric Master Control Center and Chlorine Building.This project consists of the
633127 CA San Juan Water District: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* Hinkle Reservoir Outage Temporary Tank Project. The proposed Work includes construction of the following: Providing al
633152 WA WA Department of Fish and Wildlif: *AMENDMENT 1 - 3* Fuel System Management Upgrade . *DUE DATE EXTENDED - SEE BELOW. Re-Post* WDFW is seeking bids for a fuel
633173 MD Wicomico County: *ADDENDA 1-2* Underground Fuel Tank Removal. Wicomico County is seeking bids from qualified Vendors for the removal of an eight thousand gallon
633221 AK Lower Yukon School District: Marshall School Emergency Tank Farm Repair. Work for this project in the base bid includes all work required to move four 20,000 ga
633231 AZ AZ DOT: Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Fuel Tank Systems.

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