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Bid State Current ScadaTechnology Bids
526546 IL Roselle: Botterman STP Aerobic Digester and Belt Filter Press Upgrades.GENERAL WORK DESCRIPTION NOTE: The work should be completed in such a way that the plant
526681 CO City of Louisville: 2017 WTP Design/Build Capital Improvements. Job Location: 1955 N Washington Ave., Louisville, CO.The City of Louisville is inviting proposa
526938 IL Evanston:SCADA Systems Upgrades.Scope of Work: The City of Evanston’s Water Production Bureau of the Public Works Agency is seeking proposals from experienced f
527300 NJ Southeast Morris County MUA: Clyde Potts Water Treatment Plant Membrane Filtration System Module Replacement and Data Acquisition and Reporting
527740 TX San Antonio: (RFQ) SAWS is pursuing professional engineering services for the Dietrich Elevated Storage Tank Project. Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) are bei
527984 OK Okeene: Water system Improvements. Okeene will receive sealed bids at 118 West Madison Avenue, Okeene, Oklahoma 73763 until 2:00 P.M. on the 19th day of October
528020 CA Orange County Sanitation District: PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS UPGRADES STUDY. The purpose of this study project is to review and evaluate commercially available Su
528031 AL Talladega: Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvements Main, Brecon, and AirportCity of Talladega for the rehabilitation of multiple items including screen replace
528095 TX Kilgore: (RFQ) FY2018 ARCHITECTURAL, SURVEYING, AND ENGINEERING SERVICES.The City is requesting Statements of Qualifications from firms and individuals
528097 TX Arlington: (RFQ) 2018 Annual RFQ - Water Utilities.
528120 CA Stockton MUD : SUPERVISORY CONTROL AND DATA AQUISITION (SCADA) ON-CALL SERVICES in strict accordance with the specifications.The City of Stockton Municipal Util
528354 AZ Tempe: (RFQ) 2018-2020 On-call Consultant Short Lists. The City of Tempe requests qualifications for professional consulting services in the following areas: Ap
528592 IL Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation: Construction Services. To furnish and install an above ground diesel fuel pipeline with secondary con
528685 FL South Florida Water Management District: (RFB) Caloosahatchee River West Basin Storage Reservoir Pump Station . The S 470 Pump Station, is a 1,500 CFS pump stat
528708 UT City of South Jordan: Water Tank 7 & 8.
528822 NY Port Authority of NY & NJ : Performance of Expert Professional Engineering Services for PATH SCADA, PLC and Interface Equipment Replacement Stage 3 and Stage 4
528880 WV Mannington: CONTRACT #2 - WWTP IMPROVEMENTS. The work includes installation of a new packaged headworks system, installation of a new flow meter vault, replacem
529037 GA Gwinnett County: On Call SCADA Conversion Preconstruction and Construction Services on an annual contract
529066 CO TOWN OF HAYDEN: WTP CLARIFIER UPGRADE PROJECT FOR THE WATER TREATMENT PLANT.The work will include the following: All necessary labor, supervision, equipment, t
529076 FL SFWMD: Caloosahatchee River (C-43) West Basin Storage Reservoir Pump Station S 470 Hendry County FL.Project Description: The S470 Pump Station, is a 1,500 CFS p
529099 TN Pennington Gap: WATER SYSTEM ZONE METER AND TELEMETRY & WTP IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT t The project consists of the two (2) Divisions, the installation of Division N
529103 UT Moab City Water Facility SCADA System
529172 NC Charlotte: *CANCELED* RFQ Professional Engineering Services for the Catawba Pump Station Rehabilitation and Upgrade: Charlotte Water is soliciting Statements of
529177 FL Village of Wellington: Telemetry Backhaul System Upgrade:The work includes the furnishing of all labor materials and equipment and services for the replacement
529239 UT Moab City*ADDENDUM1*for(Envirobidnet Original bid#) Water Facility SCADA System.The event has been amended for the following reason: Add overnight mail caution.
529328 CA Fresno: (RFQ) Waste Gas Flare Improvements at Wastewater Reclamation Facility. CONSULTING SERVICES FOR PREPARATION OF PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS AND CONSTRUCTION
529343 FL City of Tampa: Robles Park Pump Station Replacement.The project comprises demolishing existing pump station and constructing a new pump station, furnish and in
529347 FL Citrus County:*Extended Q&A and Submission Date*Suncoast Parkway II Water and Sewer Utility Improvements Construction Project
529379 MA Marion: The work of this contract generally consists of the installation and development of three 16 inch by 10 inch gravel packed wells with pitless adapters
529439 TX Fort Bend: City of Sugar Land Business Park Pump Station Improvements Project.The purpose of the project is to rehabilitate the existing Business Park Storm Wat
529484 UT Moab *ADDENDUM1* for (Envirobidnet Original bid#529103)City Water Facility SCADA System.The event has been amended for the following reason: Adding Pre Bid Meet
529537 CA Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority: SCADA UPGRADE TO IGNITION SOFTWARE. VVWRA is soliciting proposals from qualified vendors to evaluate pricing, qu
529641 NJ FREEHOLD : PROPOSALS FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 2018: Consulting Planner; Consulting Engineer; Traffic Engineer; General Engineering Consultant to the Utilities
529778 TX San Antonio: (RFQ) SAWS is pursuing professional engineering services for the Treatment Facilities Engineering Work Order Contract (2018).
529863 NJ PARSIPPANY-TROY HILLS : SOUTH BEVERYCK ROAD BOOSTER STATION. In general, the work consists of the installation of a new 1,300 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) prefabric
529866 FL Sebring: Sun N Lake Water Treatment Plant Process Instrumentation and Control System Upgrades
529916 TN Franklin: WRF Modifications and Expansion Project C The Work includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following. A.Construction of a new headworks stru
530007 UT South Jordan:*ADDENDUM1* for (Envirobidnet Original bid#528708) Water Tank 7 & 8.The event has been amended for the following reason: Addendum 001 - New documen
530030 WA Pullman: SUPPLY OF GOODS AND SPECIAL SERVICES FOR ULTRAVIOLET DISINFECTION SYSTEM. This project is for the supply of an ultraviolet disinfection system for upgr
530053 UT South Jordan:*ADDENDUM2* for (Envirobidnet Original bid#528708) Water Tank 7 & 8.
530127 TX Henderson: City of Chandler - Improvements to Well No. 7 Site.This project will include the construction of a CMU building, driveway, intruder resistant securit
530138 NC Charlotte: *ADDENDUM 1* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID #529172) RFQ Professional Engineering Services for the Catawba Pump Station Rehabilitation and Upgrade: C
530149 NJ Medford: TOWNSHIP 2018 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Utility Instrumentation Programming Engineer Township Planner Township Engineer/Utility Engineer/Conflict Engineer
530207 FL City of Hollywood:*Extended Due Date* Clarifier Nos 5 and 6 Rehabilitation. The project scope involves structural repair and interior coating of Clarifier No.5
530351 UT South Jordan:*ADDENDUM3* for (Envirobidnet Original bid#528708) Water Tank 7 & 8.
530390 RI Warren: Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements, which includes but is not limited to facilities for influent screening, primary settling and treatment equip
530495 IN Newburgh: Construction ofthe Wastewater Treatment Plant Phosphorus Removal.The Project consists of constructing thefollowing: The project includes, but is not
530559 MI Portage: (RFP) Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Upgrade (SCADA)
530581 TX Collin: City of McKinney, Proposals for the Redbud Pump Station, Storage Tank, Pipeline.

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