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Bid State Current ScadaTechnology Bids
612591 WA XX Port of Othello (RFQ) Professional Services Consultant Roster. The Port of Othello is requesting Statements of Qualifications from qualified firms to establi
613632 TX Austin: *Addendum 1-3* Walnut Creek WW Treatment Plant Pumping System Improvements. The Work shall include furnishing all tools, labor, materials, equipment, an
613803 FL Village of Wellington: *Addendum 1* Telemetry System Upgrade Phase II.The work includes the furnishing of all labor, materials, equipment, services and incident
614172 VA Henrico County: *ADDENDUM 1* Provide INTEGRATION services for replacing the existing Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system at Henrico County D
614321 IN Evansville: *ADDENDUM 1-4* DUE DATE EXTENDED East Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity Expansion – Phase IIThe Work for which bids are to be received consists o
614442 CA Coachella Valley Water District: w/ *ADDENDA 1-3* Water Reclamation Plant No. 7 Aeration Improvements. The WRP 7 Aeration Improvements Project shall include inv
614744 NC Raleigh: Walnut Creek Lift Station – Odor Control Improvements (274-WCO): The Project consists of the following major items:  Replacement of the existing caust
614848 FL Pinellas County: *Addendum 1* SCADA System Master Plan Update Professional Engineering Services. Pinellas County seeks the most qualified professional engineeri
614929 AL Lexington: Water Meter Replacement - Labor Contract The project consists of installing new AMR water meters and SCADA.
615049 NC Lenoir: Biosolids Facility Improvements (Quest Project #6507357): Lower Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant 1905 Broadland Rd, Lenoir, NC 28645: The project genera
615382 SD B-Y Water District: Construction of a copper ion generation and feed system at Intake Pumping Station Nos. 1 & 2 on the Lewis and Clark Reservoir including cop
615464 NJ Dover: CRANE HILL AND PRINCETON AVENUE PUMP STATION UPGRADES. The contract will include approximately: Upgrades to the Crane Hill Pump Station, including instal
615528 ND Cavalier: WATER TOWER AND WATER MAIN REPLACEMENT. The Work is comprised of three (3) contracts: Contract No.1 - Water Tower Replacement; Contract No.2 - Electr
615571 CA Modesto: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* (RFQ) Design-Build Services for Upgrade to Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition (SCADA) System. Design-Build Entities(DBEs) for fixe
615590 IN TriCo Regional Sewer Utility: Project 1901 – Lift Station 14 Parallel Forcemain project Consisting of approximately 5,850 LF of 14” HDPE forcemain installed by
615625 AZ Gilbert: (RFQ) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Support Services Job Order Contract. Project Description: It is the Town of Gilbert's intent to
615789 TX Waco: *Addendum 1* Riverside Water Treatment Plant High Service Pump Station Improvements (60WTR01612).
615925 MI Norton Shores: (RFQ) Engineering, Sheffield Street Pump Station. The City invites statements of qualifications, experience, and interest from qualified engineer
615985 ID Idaho Falls: Well 4 Well House ReplacementThe project consists of demolition and removal of the existing well No. 4 Well House and its associated piping and app
615993 NC Jones Co: USDA Water System Improvements, Contract No. 5 SCADA System
616101 CA Monterey One Water: Professional Services SCADA/PLC Support. Qualified firms to provide SCADA/PLC technical support for M1W's infrastructure.
616123 WI Somers: Replacement of the 11th Place Lift Station: The proposed construction consists of a 620 square foot masonry building and concretework, cast-in-place con
616124 WI Bloomfield: Wastewater Treatment Plant SCADA Server Upgrades: The proposed construction consists of the replacement of the SCADA server equipment and the necess
616197 RI Providence: *Addendum 1* Wonderware and SCADA System Support
616456 MA Ashland: *Addenda 1-2* SCADA Maintenance Services Three Year Contract
616481 KY Boone, Campbell, and Kenton Counties: Pump Station Telemetry Improvements.Owner Project Number: 20-004.The project generally consists of, but is not limited to
616641 TX Bell County: City of Harker Heights - Ferrous Chloride Odor Control System - Trimmier Creek Lift Station.The work to be performed consists of furnishing all mat
616664 FL Lauderhill: (RFQ) Miscellaneous Professional Services for the City of Lauderhill. categories and disciplines: Roadway, Traffic and Transportation, Land Develop
616678 NJ Ramsey: Arsenic Treatment System Replacement Facilities.In general, the Contract Work consists of all related site construction work associated with the install
616688 IL Oswego: Fox Metro Water Reclamation District PUMP STATION BYPASS RISER For all work associated with: - New 24x12-inch tapping sleeve and 12-inch tapping valve
616689 IL Oswego: Fox Metro Water Reclamation District Albin D. Pagorski (ADP) Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) Phosphorus Removal - Liquid Facilities Project The propose
616692 NM La Union Mutual Domestic Sewer & Water Association: Construction of the La Union Water System Improvements. The Project consists of replacement of the main wate
616714 NJ Evesham Municipal Utilities Authority: Locust Avenue Pump Station Upgrades including demolition of existing dry well, pumps and control, construction of new ele
616765 AZ Mesa: *Addendum#1* Water/Wastewater SCADA Reporting Solution. This Request for Information is to collect information for the purpose of studying, comparing and
616855 NC Greensboro: TOWNSEND WATER TREATMENT PLANT LAGOON 2 The work in this contract consists of but is not limited to constructing a new 5 million gallon (MG) lagoon,
616897 OK Tishomingo: (RFQ) Upgrades to an existing water treatment facility from Contractors for the following packages on October 17, 2019: Admin Building, Site Civil,
616985 AL Pelham: Campbell Ridge Well Control Upgrades
617017 CA Corona: w/ *ADDENDA 1-8* KEITH 1220-ZONE POTABLE WATER TANK. Construction of 2.5 MG Type I pre-stressed concrete water tank and appurtenant piping improvements.
617072 TX Fort Bend County: City of Sugar Land, Lift Station Rehabilitation for First Colony Commons (No. 38), Trudeau (No. 45), Sartartia (No. 403) and Campbell Elementa
617170 MA Cambridge: Water Treatment Plant Systems Maintenance Process Controls and Instrumentation. The City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Awarding Authority, invites
617217 TX Elgin: SCADA SYSTEMS.The City is seeking proposals from control firms for installation of new SCADA equipment, software, programming and on-call support service
617229 GA Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority: PETE SHAW WATER STORAGE TANK NO. 2. The PETE SHAW WATER STORAGE TANK NO. 2 project includes the following: Install one (1)
617282 NH Merrimack Village District: Turkey Hill Booster Pumping Station. Work includes construction of concrete foundation and concrete slab for placement and connecti
617289 CA Palo Alto: SCADA Components for Water and Gas Facilities. The City of Palo Alto is soliciting for the purchase and delivery of specialized SCADA Components for
617338 TX CRESSON: BLUEBONNET HILLS TRINITY SAND DEEP WELL 3A AND PUMP at Plant No. 3: Bids are invited for: One Trinity Sand Deep Well and Pump, Connection to Existing
617341 MO Johnson Co: Douglas L. Smith Middle Basin Wastewater Treatment Plant,Sodium Bicarbonate Feed System: The work consists of the following: a) Construction of a n
617449 AK Skagway: WWTP Odor Control Improvements. The Municipality of Skagway is accepting bids to construct a new Ultraviolet Odor Control System, new Odor Control Duct

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