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Bid State Current ScadaTechnology Bids
552351 TN FRANKLIN: FRANKLIN WRF MODIFICATIONS AND EXPANSION PROJECT. The Project generally consists of the furnishing of all materials, equipment and labor for the const
552924 MD Charles County: Design-Build teams to complete a full replacement of the existing belt filter press dewatering units and associated equipment, electrical, instr
556904 TX Laredo: (RFQ) Sierra Vista Pump Improvements Project for the City of Laredo - Utilities.Engineering Services for the improvements at the Sierra Vista Booster S
556971 FL Manatee County: Pond Control Measures at IMG
557060 GA Clayton County: Shamrock, Blalock, & Hooper Reservoirs Water Quality Improvements. The Project consists of improvements at two sites, Shamrock and Blalock Reser
557731 CT Torrington: WATER POLLUTION CONTROL FACILITYCOMPREHENSIVE UPGRADE PROJECTThe Project consists of upgrading the Torrington Water Pollution Control Facility in H
557968 CA Irvine Ranch Water District: 3.7 MG Zone 1 Reservoir Project. The 3.7 Million Gallon (MG) Zone 1 Reservoir Project includesconstructing a 145-ft outside diamete
557979 CA Carlsbad: (RFQ) Master Agreement Consulting Services. The City of Carlsbad and the Carlsbad Municipal Water District, a subsidiary district of the City, arerequ
558068 AK Anchorage: Dowling Rd PRV & 92nd Ave PRV Projects.
558314 ME Bangor: Odlin Road Pump Station Replacement The work shall consist of the replacement of the City of Bangor's existing Odlin Road pump station including the re
558459 CA Shasta Lake: (RFQ) 2018-2021 On-call Professional Services. The City of Shasta Lake (City) is requesting Statements of Qualifications from qualified firms for o
558773 TX City Of Laredo: (RFQ) Engineering Services- Sierra Vista Pump Improvements Project.The selected firm will be expected to provide turn-key design services includ
559040 FL City of Clearwater: Marshall Street WRF MCC No 9 Electrical Systems Upgrades. The work includes: Demolition of existing MCC, cable tray, conduit and wire and o
559404 MI St. Joseph: Construction of 2018 SCIP Water Treatment Plant Phase 1 Project.The Project contemplated consists of drinking water treatment plant improvements inc
559494 NC High Point: SCADA System Upgrade: Work for this project includes providing, installing, and commissioning into service a cellular modem and network, programming
559498 FL City of Clearwater: Marshall St. WRF MCC9 Electrical Upgrades. Demolition of existing MCC, cable tray, conduit and wire and other associated equipment shown on
559503 FL Manatee County: *Addendum 1* for (Envirobidnet Original bid# 556971) Pond Control Measures at IMG (968-95)
559523 CA Grass Valley: DESIGN-BUILD SERVICES FOR 2018 WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT. The project will replace the aging SCADA system at thewastewater t
559648 AR City of Bull Shoals: Construction of the Bull Shoals Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements.The Project consists of constructing wastewater treatment plant imp
559719 TX San Antonio: (RFQ) SAWS, Artesia Pump Station Improvements. Estimated Cost: $1,300,000.00Professional engineering services for the 2018 Production and Transmis
559777 FL Manatee County: *Addendum 2* for (Envirobidnet Original bid# 556971) Pond Control Measures at IMG (968-95)
559975 MA Pittsfield: Pre-qualifications for General Contractors and Sub-contractors for the Wastewater Nutrient Removal Project, Pittsfield MA. The Project consists of b
559978 MA Reading: CHARLES STREET PUMPING STATION IMPROVEMENTS -The work of this Contract includes furnishing all labor, materials, equipment, and incidentals necessary t
559989 CT Cromwell: Sewer Pump Stations SCADA System This is a design-build project. The contractor shall provide, install, configure and program one new micro PLC based
560070 TX Garland: (RFQ) Professional engineering services for various water and wastewater projects on an as-needed basis.The contract term will be for a period not to e
560082 TX Harris County WC & ID 36: Wastewater and Lift Station Improvements Phase III Project. The Project consists of replacement or refurbishing components of the Wast
560119 IL METROPOLITAN WATER RECLAMATION DISTRICT OF GREATER CHICAGO (MWRDGC): *RFP & ADDENDUM 1* Provide Dedicated Point to Point Telemetry Communication Service.
560139 CA Eastern Municipal Water District: (RFQ) Perris II Desalination Facility PREQUAL ONLY. The Project includes construction of the Perris II Desalination Facility,
560209 CO La Plata West Water Authority: Phase 1 Rural Distribution Pipeline and Blue Hill Tank. Sealed Bids for the construction of Contract 2018-1 will be received by
560276 NC CAPE FEAR PUBLIC UTILITY AUTHORITY: Kings Bluff Pump Station Improvements: Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is accepting bids for the Kings Bluff Pump Station
560324 CA Sacramento: (RFQ) On-Call Consultant Services. The Sacramento Department of Utilities (DOU) seeks to pre-qualify up to 14 professionalengineering firms for vari
560432 TX Tarrant: *RE-POST*with extended due date*ADDENDA 3-5* (for Original ENVIROBIDNET # 550916) IPL-CSP JCC1 Pump StationDescription of WorkA. Work is to build Packa
560486 IN Griffith: I & C AND SCADA SYSTEM IMPROVEMENTS AND EMERGENCY POWER GENERATORS.This project includes overall SCADA system implementation and revisions to power di
560583 TX City of Gunter: Downtown Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project includes installation of a temporary and permanent sanitary sewer discharge line, concrete pa
560639 CA Encina Wastewater Authority: SOLIDS THICKENING DESIGN PROJECT. As noted in the "SCADA System Responsibilities" document, EWA's SCADA Integrator and Consultant w
560674 CA Pomona: (RFQ) SUPERVISORY CONTROL AND DATA ACQUISITION (SCADA) SYSTEM SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES. The City of Pomona requests a long term support and main
560703 TX Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 536 Interim Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 2 Expansion to 0.28 MGD to serve Marcello Lakes - Construction.
560733 WA King County : Technical Services for King County Solid Waste Division’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System on Work Order Basis Requesting Dept./Div
560735 CA Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District of Los Angeles County: CONSTRUCTION OF VALENCIA WATER RECLAMATION PLANT UV DISINFECTION FACILITIES. The work consists
560737 CA Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District of Los Angeles County: CONSTRUCTION OF SAUGUS WATER RECLAMATION PLANT UV DISINFECTION FACILITIES. The work consists of
560849 MD Frederick County: Ballenger Zone 2 Elevated Water Tank Work under this contract includes, but is not limited to, excavation, earthwork, cast-inplace and precast
560886 WA North Bend : Wastewater Treatment Plant High Priority Improvements.The project (Base Bid) includes construction of: a new 80-foot diameter clarifier; renovation
560888 WA Olympia : Chambers Creek Village Commercial STEP.This project provides for the installation of a 20,000 gallon STEP tank including filters, pumps, electrical, c
560898 IN Jamestown: Construction of the Jamestown Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements Project.The contract will consist of the following: New Influent Lift Statio
560992 NJ NEW BRUNSWICK : Maintenance and Repairs of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System for the Water Utility
561038 AZ Avondale: (RFQ) *Document added* FOR (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID#560836) FY2018/2019 Professional Consultants Selection List. Statements of Qualification must be
561039 IL HIGHLAND PARK: FORT SHERIDAN LIFT STATION REHABILITATION PROJECT.The project shall consist of demolition and installation of: pumps, pump controls, SCADA, elec
561084 CA Sacramento: *ADDENDUM 1* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 560324) (RFQ) On-Call Consultant Services. The Sacramento Department of Utilities (DOU) seeks to pre-qualify u

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