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Bid State Current Remediation Bids
618814 NJ North Jersey District Water Supply Commission: *ADDENDA 1 & 2* SHOOTING RANGE REMEDIATION PROJECT. *NOTE: DUE DATE EXTENDED - SEE BELOW. *NOTE: Mandatory Site V
626420 KS Topeka: Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Services.
626592 FL Dept of Environmental Protection: *Addendum 1* Petroleum Contamination Site Cleanup Management. The Department of Environmental Protection is requesting respon
626674 TX Longview: (RFP) Biosolids Removal & Disposal Services.
626849 CA CA Highway Patrol: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* CHP Old San Diego Area office - Above Ground Fuel Storage and Waste Oil Tanks, Removal and Decommissioning. **DUE DATE EXTEN
626885 CT Middletown: *Addenda 1-2* Middletown Community Boathouse Remediation. In general, the work consists of excavation and off-site disposal of approximately 2050 to
626979 WA Island County: (LOI) Architectural, surveying, engineering, and general professional services for 2020. Selection of firms for professional services other than
626987 NV North Las Vegas: 1576 *w/ADDENDUM 1* WELL DRILLING FOR WELL REHABILITATION/ IMPROVEMENT PROJECT. SCOPE OF WORK: The work generally includes pilot borings, produ
627008 VA Virginia Beach: (RFQ) Professional engineering services including, but not limited to, the following: survey, plat preparation; environmental site assessments;
627031 FL Indian River County: Disaster Debris Removal . Debris management resulting from disaster or catastrophic events. Disaster Recovery Contractors are sought to sup
627136 CA Sonoma County: Disaster Debris Removal and Disposal Monitoring Services. The County of Sonoma is seeking proposals from qualified firms to assist with Disaster
627301 FL Dept of Transportation: *Addenda 1-2* Contamination Assessment /Remediation Services
627381 VA Arlington County: *ADDENDUM 1,2,3* Removal and Disposal of Biosolids. *Bid due date change to 2/18/20*
627446 FL Miami: Bio-Hazardous Waste and Spills
627453 MO Lake of the Ozarks Council: Environmental remediation of contaminated soil at 835 Highway 42, Iberia, MO
627457 CO Louisville: 2020 Landfill Disposal of Spoils. The Operations Division is seeking quotes from qualified contractors for the disposal of its spoils at a landfill
627508 CA Corona: w/ *ADDENDA 1-6* WRF1 Storm Event Debris Removal Project. Remove and transport accumulated storm event debris stockpiled at Water Reclamation Facility 1
627513 NY NYCDEP: *ADDENDA 1-3* JEROME RESERVOIR AND AQUEDUCT REHABILITATION, BRONX, NY. Engineers Estimate: $33,500,000.00 - $45,300,000.00
627543 FL Northwest Fla Water Management Dist: *Addendum 1* Hurricane Debris Management Services - Econfina Field Office located in Bay County, Florida. This work entails
627583 CT Wallingford: PCB Abatement. The Public Works Department is seeking bids for PCB Abatement at the Solid Waste Transfer Station located at 25 Pent Road in Walling
627597 RI Cumberland: *Addenda 1-3* Albion Town Landfill Site Investigation Report, Remedial Action Work Plan and Related Site Remediation Services . All proposers should
627699 VT Windsor: Local Hazard Mitigation Plan. Town of Windsor, in Windsor County, Vermont, is seeking the services of a qualified consultant to update a Local Hazard M
627753 FL Kissimmee: *Addenda 1-4* Emergency Response & Recovery Services. The City of Kissimmee is hereby requesting proposals from qualified vendors, hereafter referre
628123 FL Lantana: *Addendum 1* Bioremediation and Rehabilitation of Marine Safety Building. This is a bioremediation and rehabilitation project for the Town of Lantana M
628175 VA Hampton Roads Sanitation District: Bioash Recycling and Reuse Program
628215 WI Oconomowoc: Biosolids Removal Removal of its wastewater biosolids from the Wastewater Treatment Facility located at 900 South Worthington Street in Oconomowoc.
628251 OH MARION CO: Clark Station Property Cleanup and Remediation Project: The project involves a four-step process to remediate a former gas station located on 770 No
628289 CA Stockton: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* STORMWATER MASTER PLAN UPDATE. Qualified Engineering Firms to develop and prepare a comprehensive Citywide Stormwater Master Plan (SWM
628290 CA Stockton: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* WASTEWATER MASTER PLAN UPDATE. Qualified Engineering Firms to update the City's 2008 Wastewater Master Plan (WWMP). The WWMP Update sh
628293 FL Okeechobee County: Disaster Debris Removal and Disposal Services
628304 CA CA Department of General Services: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* UPPER TRUCKEE RIVER & MARSH RESTORATION. Project comprises labor, material and services necessary for: pilot
628552 CA Tracy: Biohazardous Materials Clean-Up and Removal Services. The intent and purpose of these specifications are to provide for the biohazard materials clean-up/
628651 FL Ocala: Biomedical Waste Disposal. Vendor will pick-up and dispose of sharps containers and biomedical waste as outlined below. Vendor will provide all container
628689 CA Sonoma County: Restoration services in support of the Stream Maintenance Program. Sonoma County Water Agency (Sonoma Water) invites project proposals for habita
628695 CA Santa Rosa: Fire Damage Tree Removal - Parks, Open Space, ROW. The selected design consultant will be responsible for the evaluation and reporting of all trees
628705 NV Henderson: 144-20 *w/ADDENDA 1 & 2* Underground Fuel Tank Replacements. **New Close Date & Time: February 27, 2020, at 3:00 p.m**To remove and dispose of two (2
628814 IL Kane County: Qualified firm to secure and install wetland plant plugs. Work shall consist of purchasing, providing, and installing the specified wetland plant p
628821 MD Jessup: Beneficial Reuse Services for Dewatered, Lime-Stabilized Biosolids, Dorsey Run Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWWTP). For the purpose of this cont
628899 MO Rock Creek Public Sewer District: Removal, transportation and disposal of sludge from its Kimmswick Wastewater Treatment Facility. Sludge must be properly land
628959 NY Fayetteville: Limestone Creek & Bishop Brook Stream Bank and Riparian Buffer Improvements. Bids will be received for the following Contract No. 1: Contract No.
628977 KY Clay: Bond Forfeiture G I LON 20 (bids to perform reclamation work on approximately 85 acres of mine land in Clay County).
629202 CA Stockton: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* Abandonment of Water Wells No. 1, 9, 11 and 16. The work includes: Demolition and abandonment of water wells at four locations in Sto
629256 AK Anchorage: (LOI) PCT Port of Alaska Scope of Work 2021. PETROLEUM AND CEMENT TERMINAL DIVISION 02 – EXISTING CONDITIONS A. 02 21 13 - Site Survey B. 02 40 00 -
629263 UT Provo City: Wastewater System Master Plan Update. Request for Qualifications for Engineering services for a Wastewater System Master Plan and Hydraulic Model Up
629340 KY Breathitt: The Division of Abandoned Mine Lands wishes to receive bids to perform reclamation work on approximately 96.4 acres of mine land in Breathitt County
629631 CO Lakewood: Homeless Encampment Abatement Services. 1. The Contractor shall clean up homeless encampment sites and debris as assigned by the City. The C
629646 NE Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy: Environmental engineering services including site assessments, groundwater monitoring evaluations, records review
629770 CA Orange County Sanitation District: Biosolids Offsite Management Option: Energy. Development of an off-site biosolids-to-energy project option within a 200 mile
629777 CA North Marin Water District: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* GALLAGHER RANCH STREAMBANK STABILIZATION. The Work includes approximately 170 linear feet of structural streambank s

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