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Bid State Current Remediation Bids
531047 CO Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety: Reflection Project.The Reflection Project is located in and around Black Hawk and Central City, Colorado.
537115 NC NC DEQ: Full Delivery Projects to provide Stream Mitigation Credits within the Cataloging Unit 03050105 of the Broad River Basin: The Department desires to acqu
537116 NC NC DEQ: Full Delivery Projects to provide Stream and Non-Riparian Wetland Mitigation Credits within the Cataloging Unit 03020202 of the Neuse River Basin
537117 NC NC DEQ: Full Delivery Projects to provide Riparian Buffer Credits for Cataloging Unit 03020203 of the Neuse River Basin
537119 NC NC DEQ: Full Delivery Projects to provide Stream Mitigation Credits within the Cataloging Unit 05050001 of the New River Basin
537120 NC NC DEQ: Full Delivery Projects to provide Stream, Riparian Wetland, and Non-Riparian Wetland Mitigation Credits within the Cataloging Unit 03010104 of the Roano
537121 NC NC DEQ: Full Delivery Projects to provide Stream, Riparian Wetland, and Non-Riparian Wetland Mitigation Credits within the Cataloging Unit 03010103 of the Roano
537122 NC NC DEQ: Full Delivery Projects to provide Stream Mitigation Credits within the Cataloging Unit 03040101 of the Yadkin River Basin
537123 NC NC DEQ: Full Delivery Projects to provide Stream and Riparian Wetland Mitigation Credits within the Cataloging Unit 03040201 of the Yadkin River Basin
539756 CO Eagle County: On-Call Emergency Services. Eagle County is soliciting proposals for the provision of services and supplies that might be needed in emergency situ
540753 NC NC Dept of Agriculture: Sludge Removal and Application: On behalf of the Tidewater Research Station (TRS) Division, is soliciting proposals from qualified Vendo
540900 IL Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad CorporationMETRA: Environmental Clean-up and Disposal of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste. DUE DATE EXTENDED
541313 IL Glenbard Wastewater Authority (GWA): DIGESTER CLEANING AND MUNICIPAL SLUDGE DISPOSAL.Currently GWA estimates total volume of 200,000 gallons of material will be
541318 OK Norman: Removal and Land Application of Liquid Bio-Solids. The City of Norman, Oklahoma, will receive sealed bids in the Office of the Purchasing Agent, City of
541522 VT Missisquoi Nat. Wildlife Refuge: WATERSHED MANAGEMENT.The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has a mission to preserve, enhance, restore and conserv
541886 OR Ashland: Ashland Gun Club Wetland Remediation & Mitigation Project will be physically received by Kaylea Kathol, Engineering Project Manager, in the Siskiyou Co
541937 WA XX Ellensburg : SMALL WORKS ROSTER. The City of Ellensburg has established two separate small works rosters for qualifying City projects. The rosters may be use
542053 MD MD Dept of Natural Resources: Underground Tank Removal, Hallowing Point, Calvert County MD Remove (1) abandoned underground 500 gallon gasoline storage tank,
542096 WA Sound Transit L115 – Lynnwood Link Extension Early Demolition. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project is an early demolition of residential houses, apartment building
542146 WA Department of Ecology : Tacoma Smelter Plume - Yard Program Group 9 EPA
542158 WV Upshur County Commission: Environmental or engineering firm to provide professional and technical services necessary to undertake remediation planning activitie
542350 LA State of LA - CPRA: West Belle Pass Barrier Headland Restoration Project - 2018 Maintenance Event. Scope: The contractor shall provide all labor, materials, and
542421 NM NM NMED: Professional Services and Emergency Response. PURPOSE: The State of New Mexico Environment Department's (NMED) Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau (PSTB) req
542581 CA Sonoma County: Stream Maintenance Program. The Sonoma County Water Agency (Water Agency) invites project Proposals for habitat restoration services in support o
542677 NJ MIDDLESEX COUNTY : UST Systems Removals, Site Remediation and Above Ground Tank Installations for Highway and Bridges Complex.
542848 WA Bellevue : WETLAND MITIGATION AT LARSEN LAKE. *DUE DATE EXTENDED* . Work contemplated to be performed under this contract is as follows:Invasive Species Control
542872 ME Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management: Design-build companies to remove two existing Underground Storage Tanks (10,000 and 8,000 gallons ea.)
542919 LA Lafayette: DEMOLITION & REMEDIATION - FORMER BONIN FUEL TANKS. The scope of work shall consist of but not limited to Tank Removal & Remediation. All work shall
542923 OH Montgomery County: Underground Storage Tank Removal Project. The Eastern Regional Water Reclamation Facility (ERWRF), located at 1802 Spaulding Road, Kettering,
543078 CA Tulare City Elementary School District: SOIL AMENDMENTS AT VARIOUS SITES
543182 NJ Warren County : Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRP’s) for the Warren County Department of Public Safety . Deadline is Thursday, February 22, 2018.
543207 WA Pierce County Parks and Recreation Services: (RFQ) 2003 NORTH LAKE TAPPS PARK BULKHEAD REPLACEMENT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Pierce County Parks and Recreati
543233 CA CALTRANS: (IFB AND ADDENDUM 1) Identification and Removal of Hazardous Materials/Waste and Tanks in Los Angeles, Ventura, & Orange Counties. Contractor agrees t
543512 NY NYCDEP: LEAD RECLAMATION AND BACKSTOP CONSTRUCTION AT BEERSTON FIRING RANGE. Project Description: The Beerston Firing Range is an active DEP Police outdoor shoo
543551 TX Houston: (RFP) Disaster Debris Removal Services.
543554 IL Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation METRA: *ADDENDUM 1* DUE DATE EXTENDED (For Envirobidnet Original Bid # 540900) Environmental Clean-up
543590 CA CA Department of General Services: (RFQ) Environmental Services Retainer, Northern, Southern and Coastal California. The Environmental Services Unit is interest
543617 MD MD Department Of Juvenile Services: Underground Fuel Storage Tank Removal at GRYC MX-023 Small Business Reserve -- This project consists of the Contractor remo
543690 MI Detroit: UST and Contaminated Soil Removal.The Work will consist of pre-construction mobilization, underground storage tank excavation, removal, and disposal,tr
543772 CA CALTRANS: (RFQ) Environmental Generalist Services. Caltrans is soliciting Statements of Qualifications from qualified firms that may lead to the award of a cont
543856 MO Jackson: Proper land application, injection, or disposal of wastewater biosolids from the City of Jackson Water PollutionControl Facility
543947 CA San Diego County: AS-NEEDED HOMELESS ENCAMPMENT ABATEMENT SERVICES. The contract term is anticipated to be an initial (base) period of one (1) year from the dat
543986 NJ Springfield BOE: Tree Top Drive Site Remediation Project
544002 CO Denver Water: Disposal of TENORM Residuals and Biosoilds. The Board is soliciting bids for the disposal of approximately 30,000 cubic yards of water treatment r
544036 CT Shelton: Soil Excavation & Disposal at 223 Canal Street
544049 CA Newport Beach: ON-CALL MARINE ENGINEERING SERVICES. On-Call Professional Marine Engineering Services may be provided on an as-needed basis. The services reques
544059 MN ATC Group Services, LLC, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency: Contaminated Soil Excavation - Moose Lake, MN (MPCA Leak #LS0020289).

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