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Bid State Current Mold Bids
497829 WA XX SPOKANE: (RFQ) SMALL WORKS ROSTER for the Year 2017 in accordance with RCW 39.04. This roster will identify those qualified contractors interested in submitt
521046 WA XX Port of Vancouver: 2017 SMALL WORKS ROSTER. Notes: The port is updating all eBid rosters. Registration will place the company into categories that will b
525267 MI Indian River: State PrJack's Auto Repair Site - Remedial Investigation.*Contaminated Groundwater Services (Including Discharge Pipe Installation) *Contaminat
525801 WA XX Yakima-Tieton Irrigation District is currently accepting applications from licensed contractors interested in being placed on the District's Small Works Rost
527218 CA CA Dept of Corrections and Rehab: Abatement Multiple Bid Southern CA Institutions.
527447 MI Indian River: **ADDENDUM 1*DUE DATE CHANGED** for (Original ENVIROBIDNET # 525267) State PrJack's Auto Repair Site - Remedial Investigation. *Contaminated Groun
528701 NJ Camden County : HVAC Replacement and Mold Remediation, Winslow Speciality Inspectation Station, Ancora, NJ. EstimatedProjectCost $267,56
528989 TX Killeen ISD: Environmental Remediation to include Asbestos Abatement, Mold Remediation,Lead-Safe Abatement, HVAC Duct Cleaning, Property Restoration, and Demoli
529102 UT Ute Indian Housing Authority:For Service Contract for the Testing of Low Rent homes for Mold and Remediation of Mold The Ute Indian Housing Authority (UIHA), Fo
529143 TX Austin: Asbestos, Lead, and Mold/Particulate Abatement Services. AE requires licensed abatement firms qualified and experienced in the removal, repair, and repl
529445 MI Indian River: **ADDENDUM 2*DUE DATE CHANGED** for (Original ENVIROBIDNET # 525267) State PrJack's Auto Repair Site - Remedial Investigation. *Contaminated Groun
529906 PA Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development: Construction Services, Demolition and Environmental Remediation Project.PROJECT LOCATION: 1201 S. 35TH STREET
529994 AK Sitka: Mt. Edgecumbe Quarters No. 211 Demolition Project. Scope: Abatement, demolition and disposal of Mt. Edgecumbe Building No. 211 and Building No. 211A loca
530121 TX Austin: Asbestos, Lead & Mold Remediation & Demolition- CITY WIDE, IDIQ.Estimated Amount for Solicitation: $3,500,000.00
530143 MI Detroit Public Schools Community District:Asbestos Abatement.Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) is seeking qualified environmental contractors to
530168 MD Aberdeen : Hazardous Materials Abatement of Aberdeen Community Center at 34 N. Philadelphia Blvd. Aberdeen MD 21001
530854 TX Austin: **ADDENDUM 1** for (Original ENVIROBIDNET # 529143) Asbestos, Lead, and Mold/Particulate Abatement Services. AE requires licensed abatement firms qualif
530982 SC Charleston County School District: REMEDIATION AND RESTORATION SERVICE: Charleston County School District is seeking vendors(s) who can perform remediation/rest
531167 SC ROCK HILL: *CANCELLED* Emergency Restoration Services for City owned Buildings: Emergency restoration services at City owned facilities and ancillary buildings.
531649 MS Golden Triangle Planning and Development District: (RFQ) CONDUCTING ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENTS AND REMEDIATIONS.Professional environmental consulting firms inter
531710 NY Buffalo: Professional Mold Remediation Services. The Buffalo Public Schools is soliciting proposals from qualified mold remediation firms top providemold remedi
531711 NY Buffalo: Hazardous Material Inspection & Testing Services (Asbestos, Mold & Lead Based Paint). The Buffalo Public Schools is seeking bids for inspection, sampli
531891 IL Chicago Public Schools: Cassell Elem- Mold Mitigation and Pipe Re-Insulation Cassell Elem-11314 S. Spaulding (Bid)Only Pre-Qualified Various Trades Vendors are
532047 MD MD State Board of Elections: Mold Cleaning and Remediation of Equipment and Supplies
533103 SC ROCK HILL: *CANCELLED* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID #531167) Emergency Restoration Services for City owned Buildings: Emergency restoration services at City
533144 FL Tampa Housing Authority: (RFQ) Professional Services Environmental Consulting: Lead & Asbestos Testing Risk Assessment Hazard Reduction Design Abatement Monito
533384 FL Volusia County: (RFQ) Asbestos, Lead and Mold Testing Services
533764 CA UCLA: Non-Project Specific Environmental Services for asbestos, lead containing paint and other hazardous materials. UCLA requests a written response to the Req
533824 SC Rock Hill: RE BID EMERGENCY RESTORATION SERVICES AT CITY-OWNED BUILDINGS: Work shall consist of bringing the interior of City-owned buildings back to operationa
533876 WA XX Whatcom County Fire Districts 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 16, 18, 21 and South Whatcom Fire Authority Vendor List and Small Works Roster. Notice to Vendors, Contractors
533989 NC Elizabeth City State University: Mold Remediation Commuter Center: An outside air quality assessment was obtained for the Commuter Center and results of the ass
534252 CA Judicial Council of California- State Wide: Industrial Health and Environmental Hygiene, Health and Safety Consultation Services. This RFP is to identify a qua
534322 NC UNC Asheville: LOI Open-ended Service Agreements: Annual Service Agreements (for small projects, under$500,000, on an as needed basis for a one-year period) int
534369 MD Frederick County Public Schools: Unit Price Contract for Abatement of Hazardous Materials Remediation Services, Environmental (Including Rehabilitation Services
534405 NY Suffolk County Water Authority: Mildew removal at water storage facilities, elevated tanks, standpipes and reservoirs.
534432 TX Austin ISD: (RFQ) Professional Services: Environmental Consulting.AISD is seeking qualified environmental consultants with applicable expertise, certifications
534457 TX **FEDBID**Department of Veterans Affairs: Z--Mold Abatement and Remediation, CLC Unit 1C
534703 WA XX CAMAS (RFQ) 2018 SMALL WORKS ROSTER. STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS The 2018 Small Works Roster will become effective on January 2, 2018. The areas of work in
534885 MO University of Central Missouri: Asbestos & Mold Abatement Services
534971 MO Warrensburg: University of Central Missouri: Asbestos & Mold Abatement Services (IFB #18-024).
535492 VA Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority: Environmental Remediation Services, National and Dulles Airports. For the maintenance, repair, remediation, removal
536172 AK Eagle River: Harry J. McDonald Center Mold Remediation and Painting.
536245 CA PARADISE: Black Olive Dr Microbial Remediation Project. Perform mold remediation efforts in the interior of the 5595 Black Olive Drive for isolated areas in the
536279 TX Houston: (RFP) Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing for Allergens and Mold for the University of Houston-Clear Lake.
536456 OK Norman: Mold Remediation in the Cleveland County Courthouse at 201 S Jones, Norman, OK.
536468 CA Aspire Monarch Academy : (RFP) hazmat remediation. Aspire Monarch Academy is located at 1445 101st Avenue, Oakland, CA 94603. The scope of work includes ADA ren
536613 CA CSU, Sonoma: Asbestos/Lead/Mold/Other Hazardous Material Abatement. Sonoma State University invites qualified contractors to submit a proposal in response to th
536647 TX Galveston County: TPWD, Facility Damage Repair - Mold Abatement Phase at Dickinson Marine Laboratory.
536769 MN Minnesota Zoological Garden: Mold remediation and Repair.

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