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Bid State Current Mold Bids
609053 WA XX LYNDEN SCHOOL DISTRICT #504 2019 SMALL WORKS ROSTER. Lynden School District #504 solicits interested, licensed contractors for inclusion on its Small Works
615860 WA XX MARYSVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 25: 2019 SMALL WORKS ROSTER NOTICE.RCW 39.04.155, known as the Common Small Works Roster Procedure, and RCW 28A.335.190, known
632330 CA CA Dept of the CA Highway Patrol: w/ *ADDENDA 1-4* MOLD, ASBESTOS, AND LEAD REMOVAL AND REMEDIATION. The Department of California Highway Patrol (CHP) invites p
632840 PA School District of Philadelphia: (RFP) Environmental Consulting Services for Asbestos, Lead, Mold & Lab Services. To provide PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTI
632911 NC Wake Co Public School System: MOLD REMEDIATION IAQ (E&G)
633583 LA Ruston: Demolition, Harper Hall and the TH Harris Building, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana.
633614 NC Sanford Housing Authority: RFQ Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments
634887 RI Providence: Hazardous Material for Abatement. Hazardous Material and Waste Services Lead and Asbestos Inspection Services ,Remediation Services, Environmental (
635601 FL Gainesville Housing Authority: Mold Remediation and Air Quality. Gainesville Housing Authority is requesting proposals for mold remediation of a three bedroom,
636025 MA UMass Lowell: *Addendum 1* Water Suspect Microbial and Water Damaged Services - Rebid. The type of work to which the Contractor is expected to respond would in
636055 MI Detroit: Asbestos Abatement, Paint Stabilization, and Moisture Remediation.
636161 FL FL Dept of Management Services: (RFQ) *Addendum 1* Capitol Complex, Design HVAC Modernization.Environmental Engineering from licensed consulting firms that are
636268 FL Flagler County: *Addenda 1-2* Remediation Services for Flagler County. The Flagler County Board of County Commissioners is seeking responses from qualified vend
636568 CA Corona - CA Dept of Corrections & Rehab: Asbestos, Mold and Lead Based Paint Abatement. The Contractor shall furnish all labor, including travel and per diem, m
636841 NJ College of New Jersey: *ADDENDUM 1* Townhouses South Mold Remediation and Restoration
636846 NJ College of New Jersey: *ADDENDUM 1 New Residence Hall Mold Remediation and Restoration Project
636847 NJ College of New Jersey: *ADDENDUM 1* Eickhoff Hall Mold Remediation and Restoration Project
636863 TX Goodrich: Asbestos abatement and mold remediation in the middle school and upper elementary school located at 234 Katie Simpson Street, Goodrich, Texas.
636993 NJ OCEAN TOWNSHIP: Mold Remediation in the Building Located at 1515 Logan Road
637307 FL Escambia County: NED-Environmental Consulting Services. Escambia County Neighborhood Enterprise Division (NED) is seeking environmental consulting services for
638249 FL Manatee County: *Addendum 1* Mold and Water Damage Remediation Services
638449 FL Flagler County: *Addenda 1-2* Remediation Services - Cooperative Procurement. The Flagler County Board of County Commissioners is seeking responses from qualifi
638663 GA Savannah Chatham County Public School System: Establish primary, secondary, and additional backup contracts to obtain environmental cleanup and restoration on a
638707 NY Buffalo Public Schools: PROFESSIONAL MOLD REMEDIATION SERVICES. The Buffalo Public Schools is soliciting proposals from qualified mold remediation firms to prov
638712 NY Buffalo Public Schools: HAZARDOUS MATERIALS TESTING. The Buffalo Pubic Schools is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide on demand, hazardous materia
638949 FL Palm Beach County: (RPQ) Annual Contract - Indoor Air Quality Remediation Services. The County is qualifying contractors for an Annual Contract for Indoor Air
639002 WV Fayette County: Removal of specific common hazardous materials from former Chemistry labs in Fayetteville and Smithers, WV. The project must meet certain specif
639010 TX Texas State Technical College (TSTC): Environmental Consulting Services-Statewide(asbestos, lead and mold surveys). Supplier will conduct all phases of environm
639231 CT Branford Board of Education: Abatement of flooring tiles, carpet, mastic, cove base and cove base glue, at the Branford High School (BHS) and Indian Neck Schoo
639254 RI Providence: Biohazard Remediation Services (2 year Contract)
639463 NJ Casino Reinvestment Development Authority: *ADDENDA 1 & 2* Environmental Remediation Services on an as-needed basis
639667 VA Arlington County: Hazardous Materials Abatement Services
639681 TX Frisco: *Addendum 1-2* Mold Remediation, Foundation Repair and Rehabilitation of Residence
640413 MA MA Army National Guard: Bldg 5232 Mold Abatement The Massachusetts Army National Guard (MAARNG) seeks a contractor to provide all labor, equipment, supervision
640555 PA SCI Mahanoy: Mold Remediation. Vendor to provide mold remediation at a residence on the Department Of Corrections, SCI Mahanoy, grounds as per Statement of Work
640570 TX Brazoria: (RFQ & Addendum 1-3) Asbestos, Lead and Mold Investigations for Courthouse Renovations and Additions.
640818 IL COOK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT # 130: MOLD REMEDIATION; Mold Remediation at Everett F. Kerr Middle School, 12915 Maple Avenue, Blue Island, Illinois 60406
641298 NC CHARLOTTE: *ADDENDUM 1-4* UNSPECIFIED DEMOLITION & ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES FY2021. Onā€Call Services will include (a) securing structures; (b) asbestos abatement
641393 NC Asheville Housing Authority: REMEDIATION AND RESTORATION SERVICES Qualified contractors to perform remediation and restoration services in the event of fire, wa
641694 CO Boulder County: *Addendum 1* Environmental Testing for Boulder County Housing Authority (BCHA) Properties. Boulder County Housing Authority (BCHA) is seeking qu
641695 CO Boulder County: Environmental Decontamination & Remediation for Housing Properties.Boulder County Housing Authority (BCHA) is seeking qualified vendors to prov
641770 FL Orange County Public Schools: *Addendum 1* Asbestos-Mold-Environmental Remediation Services. The purpose of this Invitation to Bid is to establish a contract to
642071 CA San Diego: As-Needed Asbestos, Lead and Mold Abatement Services. The City of San Diego (City), Environmental Services Department (ESD), requires the services of
642290 NJ Housing Authority of the City of Asbury Park: Mold Remediation at Asbury Park Village, Lumley Homes and Washington Village 1. Asbury Park Village Unit 229, 2 At
642392 VA Stafford County Public Schools: *ADDENDUM 1* On-Call Environmental & Mold Abatement
642481 GA DeKalb County School District: *ADDENDUM 1,2* Asbestos and Lead Based Paint Abatement, Mold Remediation and Emergency Response Services
642563 NY NYCHA: Facilitator Services for Campaign for Mold Free NYCHA. NYCHA is seeking a Consultant to develop written and video materials on the prevention of mold, th
643616 NY Kingston: HIGHWAY GARAGE ASBESTOS AND MOLD REMOVAL PROJECT, which includes removal of asbestos and mold from the Town of Kingston Highway Garage located at 906

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