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Bid State Current GISMapping Bids
505416 CA Los Angeles Harbor Department: (RFQ) On Call Transportation Engineering/Planning Consulting Service. Consultant will prepare various types of traffic studies/a
505417 CA Los Angeles Harbor Department: (RFQ) On Call Goods Movement/Logistics Consulting Services. Consultant will prepare various types of studies and analyses in supp
505842 CA Santa Ana: South Main St Corridor Improvements. Architectural and engineering firm to provide design services resulting in provision of Contract Documents for t
506007 NV NV DOT: *DOCUMENTS ADDED* (for Original ENVIROBIDNET Bid# 505924) On-Call Architectural Historian Services for the Cultural Resources Section. The scope of
506077 FL Seminole County: Master Services Agreement for Professional Surveying and Mapping Services for Seminole County
506194 CA Tuolumne County: (RFQ) Certified Arborists and/or Registered Professional Foresters. The County of Tuolumne through its Office of Emergency Services, is seeking
506279 CA Tuolumne County: *ADDENDUM 1* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 506194) (RFQ) Certified Arborists and/or Registered Professional Foresters. The County of Tuolumne throug
506431 OR OR DOT: Full-Service A&E PAs for ODOT & Local Agency Trans. Projects. The Oregon Department of Transportation is seeking Proposals from multiple firms qualified
506501 MT Montana DOT: (RFQ) Consultant Pre-qualification for Highway Project Development. Proposals are being accepted from firms not currently on the 2016 Pre-qual
506560 FL St Cloud: RFQ 2017-029 Professional Surveying & Mapping Services.pdf
506718 DE DelDOT: Real Estate Engineering Services. Services include but are not limited to the following: Engineering, Highway Design, and Land Surveying
506726 MS Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality: Land Surveyor.
506850 CT Woodbury: Scope of services and design fees for the intersection of Route 64/Sherman Hill, Middle Quarter, and Old Sherman Hill Roads.
507074 PA Philadelphia: General Consultant Services, comprehensive and strategic Smart City roadmap. The City of Philadelphia, through the Office of Innovation and Tec
507101 MD Salisbury: Technical Consulting and Services for the City of Salisbury Geographic Information System, hereinafter called GIS
507209 UT SPANISH FORK: (RFP) SR 198; Woodland Hills Dr. to Arrowhead Trail in Spanish Fork. The consultant will perform all necessary preconstruction engineering work t
507299 IL Illinois Tollway: Aerial Mapping Services Upon Request- Systemwide Engineering services are required to provide aerial mapping services and aerial photogramm
507609 RI RI Dept. of Administration: RHODE ISLAND VETERANS MEMORIAL CEMETERY SITE SURVEY AND GIS MAPPING qualified firm to conduct a boundary/topographic survey for ce
507628 CA Santa Clarita: Preparation of Landscape Plans, Specification and Estimate for McBean Pkwy Median Realignment. Requested Consulting services shall hereby consist
507676 CA Pomona: (RFQ) Master On-Call Consultant List for Public Works Projects. Every three years, the City issues a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to establish a lis
507723 PA PennDOT: (E03984) (SOI/LOI) Design and Misc Services, Traffic Operations. The Department of Transportation will retain a consultant firm for (1) open-end agr
507724 PA PennDOT: (E03983) (SOI/LOI) Design and Misc Services, Traffic Safety and Engineering. The Department of Transportation will retain a consultant firm for (1)
507742 MI Washtenaw: Multidisciplinary Consulting Services (architectural, engineering, environmental, geo-technical, landscape architecture, & land surveying) for Washte
507932 TX League City: (RFQ) Professional Services for specific types of service disciplines for projects defined or to be defined within the City’s capital improvement p
507955 WV Logan County Public Service District: Consulting engineering firms interested in providing advice and services as necessary for construction of the Coal Mountai
508002 MA Waltham: Design Services Proposals from experienced and qualified design and engineering firms to design and prepare construction documents for the Waltham com
508051 LA LA DOTD: (RFQ) Retainer Contract For Debris Monitoring. The selected Consultant will provide the necessary staffing, equipment, and resources to supplement DOT
508072 PA Mon Valley Initiative: Professional services for a 5-year engagement period in Allegheny Westmoreland and Washington County for our housing Rehab for Resale and
508124 MD Queen Anne’s County: Impervious Surface Update Mapping & Impervious Surface Data Attribution
508189 TN Memphis: Professional Resources –GIS Database Administrator/Analyst *BID DEADLINE EXTENSION 04/28/17*
508210 FL Manatee County: (RFQ) Architect Engineering term contracts. The work consists of providing services on an as required basis for: Architectural/Engineering Serv
508336 OR John Day: (SOQ) Consultant List. The City of John Day is creating a list of consultants under OAR 137-048-0120 and the City's Public Contracting Code. A Consult
508360 PA Franklin Township: ENGINEERING SERVICES. For the procurement of professional Land Surveying, Engineering and Design services. These services include all nece
508424 TX Austin: (RFQ) TFC, Professional Engineering Services for Central Utility Plant Expansion and Utility Tunnel. PROJECT #17-008A-8040. Provide professional eng
508436 IL FOREST PRESERVE DISTRICT OF WILL COUNTY : Professional Services GIS Map Application Development Services - Real Estate Map Application Conversion. This project
508454 WI Ashland 2017 URBAN FORESTRY TREE INVENTORY-RISK ASSESSMENT MANAGEMENT PLAN GRANT. The City of Ashland, Wisconsin is Requesting Proposals for urban forestry wor
508461 MO Buckner : (RFQ) PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING SERVICES The City of Buckner requests qualifications for services of a Professional Engineer. The services required may
508463 UT BOX ELDER COUNTY: TRANSPORTATION MASTER PLAN. Engineering firms to analyze Box Elder County's existing roads, update the County's mapping, seek public input,
508512 TX Spring ISD: (RFQ) Construction Related Professional Services. Services covered in this RFQ include but are not limited to land surveying, geotechnical invest
508567 CA Los Angeles Harbor Department: *ADDENDUM 1* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 505417) (RFQ) On Call Goods Movement/Logistics Consulting Services. Consultant will prepare
508637 MN Hennepin County: (RFQ) Aerial photography acquisition: ortho-rectified, oblique.
508668 TX Irving: (RFQ) Annual Professional Surveying and Platting Services. The City of Irving Capital Improvements Program Department invites Surveyors, Multi-Discip
508672 TX Brazos County: (RFQ) Professional Services - Civil Engineering, Surveyor and Geotechnical Engineering Services. SUBMIT TO: Brazos County Administration
508721 FL FL DOT DISTRICT 5 Major Work : 3.1 - Minor Highway Design Minor Work : 4.1.1 - Miscellaneous Structures 6.3.1 - Intelligent Trans Sys. A
508724 FL FL DOT DISTRICT 6 Major Work: 8.1 - Control Surveying 8.2 - Design, Right of Way, & Const. Surveying 8.4 - Right of Way Mapping Minor Wo
508730 AK AK DOT&PF: Old Glenn Hwy, Artillery Rd Interchange to Lake Ridge Rd Pavement Preservation Design Services. The Contractor shall provide professional design serv
508751 CA Glendora: (RFQ) Annual On Call Professional Services. The City of Glendora is requesting statement of qualifications (SOQ) and a sealed hourly rate fee schedule
508768 RI Warwick: Consulting Services for Stormwater Mapping & Inspections
508773 CA Santa Ana: *ADDENDUM 1* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 505842) South Main St Corridor Improvements. Architectural and engineering firm to provide design services resu

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