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Bid State Current GISMapping Bids
554570 CA Fresno - State Center Community College District: Professional Services Construction Related Consultants. Professional services related to construction consult
555795 UT Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy : NOTICE OF SOLICITATION FOR DESIGN PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
556604 CA Chowchilla: City Wide Tree Inventory. The City of Chowchilla is seeking proposals from consultants to conduct a complete field assessment of allCity-maintained
557163 CA Monterey: Ord Military Community (OMC) Storm Water Outfall Study. The City desires to obtain the services of an outside organization to help develop a storm wat
557247 CA San Diego: 2019-20 City, County & Port of San Diego Consultant Rotation List DISCIPLINES 14-26. The City of San Diego (City), County of San Diego (County), and
557419 CA **BID CANCELLED**Pomona: Infrastructure GPS Identification Services. The City of Pomona, Water Resources Department (City) is seeking to have a global positioni
557603 FL Winter Garden: (RFQ)Continuing Services Contracts for Professional Surveying Services. Professional surveying firms that are interested in providing general sur
557794 CA Monterey: *ADDENDUM 1 - NEW DUE DATE* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 557163) Ord Military Community (OMC) Storm Water Outfall Study. The City desires to obtain the se
557979 CA Carlsbad: (RFQ) Master Agreement Consulting Services. The City of Carlsbad and the Carlsbad Municipal Water District, a subsidiary district of the City, arerequ
558039 MA MVPC: Drone Technical Engineering Services The Merrimack Valley Planning Commission (MVPC), on behalf of its member communities, seeks proposals from qualified
558163 GA Roswell: (RFQ) Standby Engineering Design Services. The purpose of this RFQ is to select qualified Consultants to provide professional engineering services to a
558400 CA **BID CANCELLED** Pomona: *ADDENDUM 1 - NEW DATES ADDED) *ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 557419) Infrastructure GPS Identification Services. The City of Pomona, Water
558446 FL City of Holly Hill: (RFQ) Professional Surveying Services. The City is seeking the services of a Professional Surveyor to provide land surveying and mapping se
558459 CA Shasta Lake: (RFQ) 2018-2021 On-call Professional Services. The City of Shasta Lake (City) is requesting Statements of Qualifications from qualified firms for o
558524 CA Merced County: (RFQ) On-Call Roadway and Bridge Design. The County of Merced Department of Public Works is seeking to retain up to three (3) roadway and bridge
558723 CA Lake County: Archaeological Services for Middletown Multi-Use Path Project. The Lake County Department of Public Works invites proposals from qualified consulta
559156 CA Pomona: *BID CANCELLED* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 557419) Infrastructure GPS Identification Services. The City of Pomona, Water Resources Department (City) is se
559188 CA Contra Costa County: Marsh Creek Corridor Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study. Areas of expertise needed:Bicycle and pedestrian planning and facility design with
559496 AK AK DOT&PF: Term Agreement for NR GIS LPV Surveys & ALPs 2018. The Northern Region State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DEPARTMENT
559564 TX Fort Worth: (RFQ) STORMWATER MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICES.Services are requested for the following types of work efforts:• Identifying issue
559730 CA Menifee: (RFQ) On-Call Professional Engineering Services. The City of Menifee invites consulting firms to submit a Statement of Qualifications (RFQ) to beconsid
559819 UT Lehi City : General Plan Land Use Element and Land Use Map Update
559874 CA Coronado: (RFQ) Storm Water Regulatory Program. Environmental and/or civil engineering firm with extensive storm water and wastewater experience to provide as-n
560041 IN Indianapolis Airport Authority: Rehabilitate, Relocate & Widen Taxiway B & Lighting at the Eagle Creek Airpark (E-16-055c)
560046 NV FERNLEY: (SOQ/RFQ) ENGINEERING, DESIGN, AND CONSULTANT SERVICES. To establish an on-call list for various disciplines listed hereinafter. It is anticipated that
560047 LA Alexandria: GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM. This Request for Proposals is issued by the Alexandria Utility System (AUS) to obtainproposals from parties wishing t
560079 TX Pflugerville: (RFQ) 2018 Surveying and Benchmark Monuments Project(consulting firms for professional engineering and surveying services associated with establi
560120 CA Whittier: Whittier Boulevard from I-605 Freeway to ValleyHome Avenue (SR 72 Corridor Study). Whitter Boulevard (SR 72) begins at the corner of Whittier Boulevar
560152 FL Keys Electric Cooperative: Specifications for the Reconciliation of GIS maps with Irma Damage Assessments. Field inspect all 1,254 Irma caused damage points cur
560391 AR Benton: (LOI) *Addendum 1 included* Consulting firms for the design of the replacement of the Wagon Wheel Road bridge over Spring Creek in Benton County, Arkans
560392 AR Benton: (RFQ) 2019 Aerial Imagery.SUBMIT TO:Terry Lewis Benton County215 E. Central Ave., Room 302 Bentonville, AR 72712
560416 TX Harris County: (RFQ) TxDOT, Professional Engineering Services, Plans, Specs, & Estimates.The Engineer shall provide engineering services required for the prepar
560418 TX Abilene District: (RFQ) TxDOT, Professional Engineering Services, The work to be performed by the Engineer shall consist of providing preliminary engineering se
560550 TX Frisco:*ADDENDUM1* for (Envirobidnet Original Bid#558436) BVB 1805-075 GIS DATA CONVERSION SERVICES
560629 FL FL: Dot Dist. 1: (LOI) SR 29 from Sunniland Nursery Road to S of Agriculture Way. Major Work : 3.2 - Major Highway DesignMinor Work : 2.0 - Proj. D
560631 FL FL: Dot Dist. 2: (LOI) Construction Engineering and Inspection Services: SR 55/ US 19 Resurfacing (Cross City to Old Town); SR 49 Resurfacing (SR 55 to Gilchri
560633 FL FL: Dot Dist. 4: (LOI) Project Development and Environmental (PD&E) Studies for SR-9/I-95. Major Work : 2.0 - Proj. Dev. & Environ. (PD&E) Studies 3.3
560635 FL FL: Dot Dist. 4: (LOI) I-75 Milling and Resurfacing from N. of Sheridan St. to W of US-27 Installation of Bike Lane from Glades Pkwy to Weston Rd. Major Work
560636 CA CA Dept. Forestry and Fire Protection: (RFQ) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Strategic Planning Consultant to conduct an assessment of the current state of
560637 FL FL: Dot Dist. 5: (LOI) CEI Group 176 I-95 from Volusia County Line to N. of Palm Coast Pkwy; I-95 from N. of Palm Coast Pkwy to Pellicer Creek; SR 5/US 1/Route
560687 CA Port of San Francisco: Technical Support Services Pier 70 and Mission Rock Special Use Districts. Consultant and/or joint venture team to provide multi-discipli
560728 CA Berkeley: Planning and Preliminary Engineering from Milvia Bike Project. The goals of the Milvia Bikeway project are:1. Upgrade existing bicycle infrastructure
560746 IN Indianapolis Airport Authority : Rehabilitate Runway 14/32 and Taxiways with LEDsTHE SCOPE OF THIS PROJECT INCLUDES, BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO, REHABILITATION OF BI
560752 CA Monterey: *ADDENDUM 2 - NEW DUE DATE* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 557163) Ord Military Community (OMC) Storm Water Outfall Study. The City desires to obtain the se
560825 SC Greenwood: Uptown Main Street/US 25 Traffic Calming Analysis: The selected firm will provide a recommendation for the appropriate future changes to the Uptown M
560896 WA Snohomish County : Orthoimagery. *DUE DATE EXTENDED
560905 UT Salt Lake County : SLCoASR RFC Oblique and Ortho Aerial Photography.SLCo requests bids for Oblique and Ortho Aerial Photography
560916 TX Frisco:*1805-075 Q&A Addendum* for (Envirobidnet Original Bid#558436) BVB 1805-075 GIS DATA CONVERSION SERVICES
560968 CA CA Dept. Forestry and Fire Protection: *ADDENDUM 1* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 560636) (RFQ) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Strategic Planning Consultant to

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