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Bid State Current Dredging Bids
609053 WA XX LYNDEN SCHOOL DISTRICT #504 2019 SMALL WORKS ROSTER. Lynden School District #504 solicits interested, licensed contractors for inclusion on its Small Works
623972 AL Northport: SLUDGE REMOVAL FROM THE NORTHPORT WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT. The project will consist of a thirty-six (36) month contract to remove and dispose of w
624661 FL Brevard County: *Addenda 1-5* Sykes Creek Phase 1 Muck Removal Project . The Brevard County Board of County Commissioners is soliciting proposals from qualifie
624825 FL Canaveral Port Authority: *Addenda 1-5* CT8 & CT10 Waterside Modifications - Package B. The Work is generally described as follows. The scope of services for C
624978 MD Baltimore County: *ADDENDUM 1* Bird River Dredged Material Placement Site Rehabilitation. Work includes excavating approximately 20,400 cubic yards of dredge ma
625708 CA Monterey: w/ *ADDENDA 1-4* Detention Basin Dredging Washerwoman's and Lagunita Mirada and Ryan Ranch Basins. In general, the work consists of, but is not limite
625760 SC SC SFAA, Patriots Point Development Authority: Reefing the USS Clamagore. The Office of State Procurement (OSP), issuing this solicitation on behalf of Patr
625812 VA Portsmouth: *ADDENDUM 1,2,3* Seawall Replacement. *Bid due date change to 4/2/20*
625852 VT Department of Buildings & General Services: Riverbank Retaining Wall Replacement. Contractors are invited to bid on the Riverbank Retaining Wall Replacement for
626104 SC Greenwood Co: RFQ Architect/Engineering Service for Boating Access on Lake Greenwood
626132 FL SWF Water Management District: *Addendum 1* Aquifer Recharge at Flatford Swamp in Manatee County Florida
626401 LA State of LA - CPRA: Hydrologic Restoration of Amite River. To establish a contract providing Hydrologic Restoration of Amite River for CPRA for a period of Febr
626601 FL Putnam: *Addenda 1-3* Remove and Dispose of two Derelict Vessels from Public Waterways. The Putnam County Board of County Commissioners is requesting sealed bid
626725 FL Village of Palmetto Bay: *Addendum 1* Thalatta Park - Overlook Pier and Shore Stabilization. The Village of Palmetto Bay is soliciting bids for the construction
626753 RI Quonset Development Corporation: Construction of South Face Bulkhead - Pier 2 Port of Davisville
626790 NY Battery Park City Authority: *ADDENDUM 1* Phase 7 Pile Remediation – Construction Management & Diving Inspection Services. The objective of the Work,together wi
626842 FL Fort Pierce: *Addenda 1-3* South Causeway Park Boat Ramp. The City of Fort Pierce is requesting bids from qualified contractors for the removal and disposal of
626848 FL Dunedin: *Addenda 1-4* Dunedin Marina Maintenance Dredging Project . Maintenance dredging of the City of Dunedin Marina to previously authorized depths of -7.2
626884 NJ Evesham: Replacement of New Jersey Dam No. 31-224 Braddock Mill Road at Union Mill Lake.
626965 NC Oriental: Whittaker Pointe Shoreline Stabilization and Restoration Project. Installation of rock sills, vertical wavebreak structures, sand fill and grading for
626997 NM Chama: Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Closure. Separate sealed BIDS will be received for the Wastewater Treatment Lagoon demolition, including sludge removal and d
627031 FL Indian River County: Disaster Debris Removal . Debris management resulting from disaster or catastrophic events. Disaster Recovery Contractors are sought to sup
627032 FL Kissimmee: (RFQ) *Addenda 1-2* Aquatic Vegetation Removal Services - Continuous Services - as needed . The City of Kissimmee seeks to establish a service contra
627047 FL Lake Worth Drainage District: *Addendum 1* Consolidated Canal Rehabilitation Program (CCRP #7)Vegetation & Tree Removal Services. The Lake Worth Drainage Distr
627104 OH Richfield Joint Recreation District: Dredging of Lower Lake. The Project consists of the dredging of the existing Lower Lake at the Richfield Heritage Preserve.
627155 WI BARABOO: MAXWELL POTTER CANOE/KAYAK LAUNCH PROJECT (Quest Project #6660622): A new canoe/kayak launch is to be installed on the Baraboo River at Maxwell Potter
627169 FL Lake Alfred: *Addendum 1* Lake Echo Boat Ramp. The City of Lake Alfred is requesting sealed bids for a new dock. Remove and install new dock
627197 CA Los Angeles Harbor District: w/ *ADDENDA 1-2* 2020-2022 MARINE IMPROVEMENTS. The Project consists of marine construction work and improvements to be performed o
627237 GA GA DNR: Marine contractors to construct a living shoreline bank stabilization project on Little Cumberland Island, Camden County, Georgia.
627305 OR Tillamook County: Culvert replacement project where Miami-Foley Road crosses Peterson Creek, in Tillamook County. Work includes, but is not limited to, removal
627361 FL Walton County: Lafayette Boardwalk Improvements. The Board of County Commissioners, hereinafter referred to as the County, is seeking bids from qualified Marin
627444 UT UT DFCM: *ADDENDA* Construction-Willard Bay State Park Day Use Pond Improvements-19074510
627465 CT East Hampton: Lake Pocotopaug Water Quality Improvement Project. The Town of East Hampton is requesting proposals for project specifications and requirements f
627474 WA Mason County: Fish Barrier Correction Consulting Services. The Mason County Public Works Department (Public Works) is requesting written qualifications from int
627487 CA Port of Long Beach: FIREBOAT STATION NO. 20 AT PIER D, BERTHS D50-51. The Work required by this Contract includes, but is not limited to, the following: Constru
627513 NY NYCDEP: *ADDENDA 1-3* JEROME RESERVOIR AND AQUEDUCT REHABILITATION, BRONX, NY. Engineers Estimate: $33,500,000.00 - $45,300,000.00
627528 WI West Salem: Lake Neshonoc Sediment Removal Project: Hydraulic Dredging
627547 FL SWF Water Management District: *Addendum 1* Vegetation Management Services for the Rock Ponds Ecosystem Restoration Site. The Southwest Florida Water Managemen
627556 FL Fort Myers Beach: (RFQ) Ongoing Professional Services for Environmental Assessments and Marine Engineering. Town of Fort Myers Beach anticipates seeking profess
627577 WA WA Department of Fish & Wildlife: (RFQ) W. T. Wooten Wildlife Area Lakes Rehabilitation.This request is for various levels of site investigation and design serv
627616 IL LISLE PARK DISTRICT: Community Park Boat Launch Project; The scope of work includes but is not limited to excavation/earthwork, tree removal, partial stream dew
627674 FL FL Fish and Wildlife: *Addenda 1-2* Collier County Waterway Marker. The intent of this Invitation to Bid (ITB) is to obtain competitive pricing for the construc
627684 WA XXPort of Pasco: SMALL WORKS ROSTER Contractors who wish to be placed on the Port's Small Works Roster. Applicants, where required by law, must be properly lice
627742 WA Roza Irrigation District: Main Canal Reshaping Project 2020/ 21 YAKIMA COUNTY, WASHINGTON.
627753 FL Kissimmee: *Addenda 1-4* Emergency Response & Recovery Services. The City of Kissimmee is hereby requesting proposals from qualified vendors, hereafter referre
627759 FL St. Lucie County: *Addenda 1-3* Fisherman's Wharf Boat Ramp Replacement
627761 CA San Joaquin Area Flood Control Agency: Smith Canal Gate Project. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The work performed under this Contract includes the furnishing of all labo

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