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Bid State Current Demolition Bids
497829 WA XX SPOKANE: (RFQ) SMALL WORKS ROSTER for the Year 2017 in accordance with RCW 39.04. This roster will identify those qualified contractors interested in submitt
497932 WA XX PORT OF WALLA WALLA: (RFQ) SMALL WORKS ROSTER. Roster effective dates: January 1 - December 31, 2017.
502143 WA XX CHELAN COUNTY: (RFQ) SMALL WORKS ROSTER. Chelan County Public Works Department is receiving applications from contractors who wish to be included on the Coun
521046 WA XX Port of Vancouver: 2017 SMALL WORKS ROSTER. Notes: The port is updating all eBid rosters. Registration will place the company into categories that will b
522557 SC Richland Co: UNSAFE HOUSING DEMOLITION: Contractors to provide demolition, asbestos inspection, asbestos abatement, and debris removal services for Property Mai
525801 WA XX Yakima-Tieton Irrigation District is currently accepting applications from licensed contractors interested in being placed on the District's Small Works Rost
531639 CA San Francisco: (RFQ) As-Needed Environmental Contracting Services. San Francisco Public Works (Public Works), City and County of San Francisco (City), intends t
532177 PA PennDOT, ROCKEFELLER: (93649) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, SR 4018 over South Branch of Plum Creek.The description and location of the project are as follows: The work i
532178 PA PennDOT, LEROY: (5279) BRIDGE REMOVAL, T-332 over Towanda Creek.The description and location of the project are as follows: For the removal of the existing brid
533091 CT Sprague: Baltic Mills Building #10 Abatement & Demolition & Soil Remediation
533264 AL Homewood: WEST HOMEWOOD PARK IMPROVEMENTS BID PACKAGE 4 - DEMOLITION PHASE 2 A. SCOPE OF WORK: The general scope of the work includes but is not limited to: ero
533618 NC Chapel Hill: Meadowmont Park Bridges Replacement Project: Project Summary: This project will replace two trail bridges over Little Creek with two new structures
533684 MA Burlington: Abatement and demolition of existing station. Construction and associated site work for a new Fire Substation in accordance with the documentsprepar
533825 IL Kildeer Countryside School District #96: *PRE-QUALIFICATION* 2018 Facility Improvements and Life Safety Work. The school district is looking to have the facilit
533860 FL Heritage Community Development District: (ITB) Heritage Bay CDD Storm Damage Restoration Project/Improvements. The work generally consists of storm damage resto
533866 TN Ripley: Demolition and removal work ofa church-owned structure.
533876 WA XX Whatcom County Fire Districts 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 16, 18, 21 and South Whatcom Fire Authority Vendor List and Small Works Roster. Notice to Vendors, Contractors
534119 NY VILLAGE OF PAWLING: WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT.The project generally consists of the following work: Contract 1 - General Construction - Pr
534181 FL Canaveral Port Authority:*Extended Due Date* North Cargo Berth 8 Improvements. Construct berth at North Cargo Berth 8 consisting of deep and shallow steel sheet
534268 CA Long Beach: Houghton Park Community Center. DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The Work to be done consists primarily of a new 6480 square foot community center building, as
534416 PA PennDOT, DURHAM: (86860) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, PA 611 o/Cooks Creek.The description and location of the project is as follows: Replacement of the SR 0611 Bridge o
534417 PA PennDOT, UNION: (72613) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, PA 197 Bridge/French Ck Trib.For the construction of a certain sections of STATE HIGHWAY in ERIE COUNTY, UNION TOWNS
534424 MI Chapin: Chapin General Store - Demo and Remedial Excavation.
534639 MD MD Department of Natural Resources: Raze Edmunds House, Gunpowder Falls State Park Provide boundary orange safety fence around areas of work. Install stabilized
534658 FL Canaveral Port Authority:*Extended Due Date**Q&A (#1)* Pre Bid Time* for (Envirobidnet Original bid# 534181) North Cargo Berth 8 Improvements
534670 FL Putnam County: Fort Gates Ferry Terminal Improvements North Landing. Bids to demolish the existing landing superstructures andconstruction of a new landing str
534703 WA XX CAMAS (RFQ) 2018 SMALL WORKS ROSTER. STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS The 2018 Small Works Roster will become effective on January 2, 2018. The areas of work in
534744 MO Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District: Jennings Station Acquisition Demolition
534748 PA PennDOT, CONCORD: (83307) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, PA38 Trib of Connoquenessing Ck. The description and location of the project is as follows: for replacement of the
534749 PA PennDOT, PLUMCREEK: (77919) BRIDGE REMOVAL, SR 2003 Cessna Run Bridge Removal. The description and location of the project is as follows: For the removal of the
534750 PA PennDOT, ALTOONA: (22022) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, Newry Brdg ovr Poplar Run. This project is for the replacement of the bridge structure on the S.R. 3013 (Dunnings
534751 PA PennDOT, ERIE: (58232) BRIDGE REMOVAL, McBride Viaduct. For the removal of a bridge structure in ERIE COUNTY, CITY OF ERIE , Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, MCBRI
534752 PA PennDOT, MANHEIM T: (107788) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, Lititz Road Bridge. This project consists of the replacement of two single-span bridges with precast box culve
534753 PA PennDOT, BLAINE: (105910) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, D12 Superstructure 2017-1. The description and location of the project is as follows. Superstructure replacement o
534754 PA PennDOT, MORELAND: (93679) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, SR 2013 over Laurel Run. The description and location of the project are as follows: The work is the furnishing a
534797 MT Roundup School District 55: (RFP) Salvage and Demolition Historic Former School Building and Site Roundup. The sandstone school was constructed in two phases i
534912 PA PennDOT: (68860) BRIDGE REPLACEMENT, SR 3001 over West Creek. The description and location of the project is as follows: For the improvement of a certain sectio
534948 MI Norton Shores: Vacant Buildings (2) Demolition (Asbestos abatement-if any).
535184 LA Lafourche Parish: Demolition of the Chevron Bridge. The Project consists of the demolition of an existing swing span bridge and other related items.The cost est
535306 ME East Millinocket: Secondary Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade The Base Bid Work involves, the removal, dewatering and disposal of sludge from the existingae
535310 MA Shrewsbury: PARTIAL BRIDGE DEMOLITION OF THE TOBLIN HILL DRIVE BRIDGE removal and disposal of the existing fill over the precast concrete arch bridge, partial r
535338 CA Long Beach: *ADDENDUM 1* (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 534268) Houghton Park Community Center. DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The Work to be done consists primarily of a new 6
535342 NV City of Reno, Washoe: TMWA, Peavine Tank Replacement – PWP# 2018-044.The Work consists of the demolition and proper disposal of an existing 2.0 MG reinforced co
535374 NJ Sayreville: Demolition of Dwellings Location: 8, 18 John Street, 23 Charles Street, 96 MacArthur Avenue and 118 Weber Avenue, Borough of Sayreville, NJ - Middle
535375 SC FLORENCE: OLD CARVER STATION: AECOM PROJECT NO. 60548119: PROJECT SCOPE: The work to be completed consists of furnishing all materials, equipment and labor nece
535404 OR Klamath Falls: Revised Former Medo-Bel Building Demo. The Klamath County Board of County Commissioners and the Klamath County Tax/Property Management Office inv
535406 WA PORT OF GRAYS HABOR : 28th Street Boat Launch Improvements Phase II.This project consists of the following major work items:Demolition of the existing boat ram
535485 CO City of Aurora: Demolish 12100 County Road 18.
535489 GA Houston County Schools: Demolition of Perry Primary School for the Houston County School System Perry, GA. This project consists of asbestos abatement, complete
535492 VA Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority: Environmental Remediation Services, National and Dulles Airports. For the maintenance, repair, remediation, removal

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