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Bid State Current Commissioning Services Bids
585934 WA XX BELLINGHAM PUBLIC SCHOOLS REQUEST : QUALIFICATIONS-PROFESSIONAL SERVICES (L5801). Pursuant to RCW 39.80.030, the Bellingham School District anticipates futur
588002 WA XX SPOKANE PUBLIC SCHOOLS : Notice to Consultants REQUEST FOR SUBMITTAL OF QUALIFICATIONS Licensed architects and engineers, and other professionals, including
599672 AZ AZ MIHS: *Addenda#1-2* "Annual RFQ" MIHS Facility-Related Professional Services, on an as needed/if needed basis. Maricopa County Special Health Care District d
607625 UT DFCM: Construction-DOC USCF Commissioning Services-15310100
608129 CT Windsor: (RFQ) Commissioning Agent Services: 110 Addison Renovations. The Town of Windsor is seeking to engage a Commissioning Agent (CxA) to provide services n
608650 AL Bishop State Community College: Commissioning Authority (CxA) professionals licensed in the State of Alabama. The CxA will provide Comm
608840 MA Town of Marshfield:(RFQ) Design & Construction for a New Police Station. Qualified firms for services of a Designer related to the design, construction, and com
608841 MA Town of Marshfield: (RFQ) Design & Construction for a New Department of Public Works (DPW) Facility. Qualified firms for services of a Designer related to the d
609171 NC UNC - Chapel Hill Health Affairs: LOI Translational Research Building Enclosure Commissioning: The Translational Research Building (TRB) is a 160,000 sf researc
609375 CA Long Beach Water: Provide On-Call Integration, Commissioning, and Special Inspection Services. The Consultant must have the ability to mobilize competent person
609618 CT Administrative Services: (RFQ) On-Call Building and Envelope Commissioning Consultant Services - Capital Projects. On-Call Commissioning and Envelope Consultan
609963 MT City of Bozeman: (RFQ) Commissioning Services for the City of Bozeman Public Safety Center.SUBMIT TO:City Clerk’s Office, Suite 200, (upstairs) City Hall, 121 N
610062 CA McKinleyville Community Services District: Plan, design, permit, procure, build, commission, and monitor a microgrid at their Wastewater Management Facility (WW
610305 MA Town of Holden: Commissioning Agent. The Town of Holden, MA is seeking proposals for Commissioning agent (CxA) services for a new Department of Public Works b
610307 OR Oregon State University: (RFQ) Cordley Hall Renovation Commissioning Services. Oregon State University (“OSU” and “Owner”) is conducting a competitive ONE‐STEP
610528 CT Hartford Energy Improvement District: 2019 EID Design, Engineering, Construction, Operation, Commissioning and maintenance of a Photovoltaic (“PV”) power system
610590 CT Town of Hamden: Commissioning Agent for Woods Elementary School.The Town of Hamden is seeking to engage a Commissioning Agent for West Woods Elementary School t
610689 IA University of Iowa: Roy J. Carver Pavilion - Replace Flooring on First Floor - Building Envelope Commissioning Services. To retain the services of a qualified B
610774 AL Bishop State Community College: Commissioning services for a New Health Sciences Building located on Bishop State’s campus in Mobile, Alabama
610805 PA State of PA: Qualifications List for Statewide Commissioning.
610827 PA PennDOT: (E04686) (SOI/LOI) Design and Misc Services, Open End for Various Engineering Services for BOPD $2M. The Department of Transportation will retain a con
610992 CO Colorado Department of Corrections: (RFQ) Architectural and ADA Consulting Services. State of Colorado Department of Corrections Notice Number: RFQ1 CAAA 202000
611066 NC Raleigh NC Dept of Public Safety: LOI DART Cherry Mold Abatement and Mechanical Repairs, Architecture/Engineering The Department of Public Safety invites experi
611114 UT DFCM : Construction-UU Rice Eccles Stadium South End Zone Renovation-20010750-VBS Building Envelope Commissioning. NOTICE TO COMMISSIONING CONSULTANTS The State
611316 ND University of North Dakota: Commissioning Agent Services
611365 IA University of Iowa: UIHC - Pomerantz Family Pavilion - Expansion of Infusion-Clinical Cancer Center Level 4 - MEP Commissioning Services.
611822 TX Northwest ISD: (RFQ) Professional Services for any and all upcoming construction projects.
611943 VA Frederick County Public Schools: *ADDENDUM 1* Commissioning, Geotechnical engineering, and Testing and inspection services. Submitting firms shall be authorized
612008 NC Winston-Salem: UNC School of the Arts: LOI Open Ended Designer Solicitation: Architectural/ Engineering: Soliciting design professionals with the appropriate ce
612284 GA Savannah: LEEDv4 New Construction Fundamental and Enhanced Whole Building Commissioning
612440 WI MADISON: *ADDENDUM 1* *DOCUMENTS ADDED* Commissioning Consultant for Metro Phase 2 - HVAC Replacement
612507 IA University of Iowa: UIHC - John Colloton Pavilion - Upgrade Main Operating Room Building Controls and Telecom Room - MEP Commissioning Services.
612708 CA San Jose Evergreen Community College District: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* (RFQ/RFP) Commissioning Services. Qualifications from firms with expertise in Commissioning (Cx)
612775 OR University of Oregon: Hamilton Walton Residence Hall Transformation (HWTP) Commissioning Services.
612866 CT Darien: Ox Ridge Elementary School Commissioning Agent. The Ox Ridge Building Committee (ORBC) is seeking to engage an Agent to provide commissioning services
612935 NC UNC Wilmington: LOI South Dining Facility Commissioning: UNCW is soliciting the services of a commissioning agent for a new 20,000 SF dining facility. The build
613262 OR OR ODE: commissioning services for school facilities ODOE intends to establish a list of qualified commissioning firms for the Public Purpose Charge (SB 1149) S
613417 OR Winston-Dillard School District: (SOQ) Professional services from interested firms for the Douglas High School bond construction project. Qualification informat
613538 NC Charlotte: *ADDENDUM 1-2* RFQ BUILDING COMMISSIONING SERVICES: The City of Charlotte (City) plans to contract with one or more firms to provide building commiss
613564 WA Evergreen State College: (RFQ) ON CALL COMMISSIONING SERVICES.THE EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE is inviting Commissioning Consultants to submit a statement of qualifi
613625 CA El Dorado Irrigation District: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Reservoir 2/2A Tank Recoating. The anticipated work of the Project generally consists of:• Recoating two existing
614036 AZ Lukachukai: Project Manager for Design/Build/Construction Administration/Inspection/Commissioning and Leed Services for the replacement project of Lukachukai Co
614048 NC Durham Public Schools: (RFQ) Professional commissioning services on an as needed basis for projects at various Durham Public Schools (DPS) facilities. Requested
614288 MI Oakland University: (RFP) Preferred Architects and Engineers.The intent of this RFP is to select preferred firms in each of the following disciplines: Abatement
614292 ND University of ND: Commissioning Agent Services
614689 TX Dallas County: Trinity River Authority Central Regional Wastewater System Headworks A Fine Screen Facility Step Screen Equipment Pre-Purchase.This project inclu
614941 CT Fairfield: *Addendum 1* Commissioning Agent Services - Mill Hill Elementary School. On behalf of the Mill Hill Elementary School Building Committee (MHBC), the
615186 MA Watertown: (RFQ) Independent Commissioning Provider (CP) Services for the Three Elementary School Projects. The Town of Watertown (Town) requests written quali

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