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Bid State Current Brownfields Bids
528567 MA Lynn: Economic Development Industrial Corporation of Lynn,(EDIC/Lynn)a Brownfield Community Wide AssessmentGrant in the sum of $300,000 to support redevelopment
528814 ME ME Dept of Environmental Protection: (RFP) Qualified Environmental Professional - Brownfields Assessment The Department is seeking proposals for one (1) firm to
528882 CO City of Montrose: USEPA Brownfields Site Assessments. The City of Montrose is soliciting Statements of Qualifications and experience from interested parties to
529664 AL Bay Minette: Professional environmental consulting services for an Environmental Protection Agency Community-Wide Brownfield Assessment Grant to assess both Haz
529887 GA CSRA Regional Commission: (RFQ) Environmental and engineering consulting services on a task order basis for the RC's new Brownfield program. The RC is looking f
530425 CO City of Montrose: *ADDENDUM 1* (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID# 528882) USEPA Brownfields Site Assessments. The City of Montrose is soliciting Statements of Qualific
530603 KY Bowling Green: Brownfield’s Assessment Grant: Qualified consultants for the implementation of a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields
530650 WI Washington County: RFQ Brownfield Remediation Project: Brownfield Remediation Services at the former Niphos Coatings Inc property located at 308-310 Oak Street,
531504 MA Merrimac: Abatement of Asbestos and Demolition of Building for the Former Coastal Metals EPA Brownfields Cleanup Sites.
531649 MS Golden Triangle Planning and Development District: (RFQ) CONDUCTING ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENTS AND REMEDIATIONS.Professional environmental consulting firms inter
531876 WI Washington County: *ADDENDUM 1* for (ENVIROBIDNET ORIGINAL BID #530650) RFQ Brownfield Remediation Project: Brownfield Remediation Services at the former Niphos
532052 NJ PLAINFIELD (RFQ) Environmental Engineering and Consulting Services to perform Environmental Investigation and Remediation on selected Brownfield sites in Plainf
532145 CA Pittsburg: (RFQ) Environmental Assessment Services. The City of Pittsburg has been awarded Community-wide Brownfield Assessment funding from the US EPA, and des
532258 OH Roseville: (RFQ) USEPA Brownfield Cleanup Grant activities. The Village of Roseville along with The Freddie J. Dixon Foundation (TFJDF) has received a USEPA Bro
532650 LA New Orleans - RPC: (RFQ) Brownfield Environmental Services - Hazardous Sites 2017-2020, RPC Project No.: BF Envir Serv 2017- Haz. A Brownfield is a property, th
532651 LA New Orleans - RPC: (RFQ) Brownfield Environmental Services - Petroleum Sites 2017-2020, RPC Project No.: BF Envir Serv 2017- Pet. A Brownfield is a property, th
533091 CT Sprague: Baltic Mills Building #10 Abatement & Demolition & Soil Remediation
533666 OR St. Helens: (RFQ) Brownfields Community Wide Assessment Project. The City of St. Helens is seeking letters of interest and a statement of qualifications from co
533997 FL Department of Environmental Protection: Innovative Technologies for Petroleum Cleanup Circle K. Requesting responses from qualified vendors is requesting propo
534629 NJ SALEM: Brownfield Consultant Engineer, Municipal Engineer, Municipal Planner, Municipal Water Engineer, Municipal Environmental/Wastewater Engineer serving Janu
535656 MA Lawrence: Qualified environmental professionals to provide technical services supporting site assessment and cleanup at the Tombarello Site (Site), a 14 acre fo
535760 MA Framingham: Brownfields Hazardous Material & Petroleum Assessment Program
536129 FL Department of Environmental Protection: *Addendum 1 * for (Envirobidnet Original bid# 533997) Innovative Technologies for Petroleum Cleanup Circle K
536695 NJ ELIZABETH : ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTIGATION. The City of Elizabeth will accept proposals for Environmental Investigation on the following three (3) sites: -Kull Pro
537127 ME Bangor: Brownfields Program - Qualified Environmental Professional (this is the only information available at this time, and the bid due date may be in error a
537684 LA Acadiana Planning Commission: (RFQ) Four Corners Brownfields Environmental Site Assessment. The selected Consultant Team, working in coordination with Acadiana
538104 NJ ELIZABETH : *Q & A for (ORIGINAL ENVIROBIDNET # 536695) ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTIGATION. The City of Elizabeth will accept proposals for Environmental Investigatio
538497 NY Valley Falls: Brownfield Assessment old Thompson Mill Site. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded the Village of Valley Falls a $200,000 Br
538752 NJ ELIZABETH : RFP & ADDENDA 1, 2* ENVIRONMENTAL INVESTIGATION Three Sites: -Kull Property, 221-247 Front Street, Block 1, Lots 168, 169, & 170 -Former Exact
539036 SC BERKELEY-CHARLESTON-DORCHESTER COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS: RFQ Charleston Area Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization Brownfields Area-Wide Plannin
540560 OR Grants Pass: Brownfields Area-Wide Plan. The City of Grants Pass, Oregon is seeking proposals from qualified consultant teams to assist with the preparation of
540678 MI Allegan: Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Support Services.
541517 MI Genesee County Land Bank Authority (GCLBA): (RFQ/RFP) ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING FIRMS.GCLBA is seeking one or more environmental consulting firms to co
541524 AR Pulaski: (LOI) Professional Environmental Consultant for the Brownfields projects. Proposed scope of services shall include environmental site assessments, envi
542158 WV Upshur County Commission: Environmental or engineering firm to provide professional and technical services necessary to undertake remediation planning activitie
542265 MA SEEKONK: (RFP) Brownfields Site Specific Assessment Attleboro Dye Works Site
542669 IN Indianapolis: (RFQ) PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES. U.S. EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant.Professional environmental services to support implementation of
542899 MA Seekonk: : Brownfields Site Specific Assessment, Attleboro Dye Works SiteESTIMATED COST: Award amount: $350,000
543390 VA Norfolk: EPA Brownfields Thrive Planning Project
544033 GA Atlanta: Environmental professional for environmental consulting services to coordinate, direct and oversee brownfields assessments that will be conducted with
546453 SC Abbeville: RFQ ENVIRONMENTAL AND ENGINEERING CONSULTING SERVICES: Three-year contract to provide environmental and engineering consulting services to the City o
547229 CT Bristol: Professional Services - Brownfield Land Bank Services
548646 NV Nye County: (RFQ) Qualified Environmental Professional. The Nye County Board of County Commissioners is requesting Statements of Qualifications from Environment
549584 OR Milwaukie: (RFQ) Prequalification for Engineering Services. The City of Milwaukie is seeking statement of qualifications from experienced consulting firms for p

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