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Bid State Current Bioremediation Bids
628821 MD Jessup: Beneficial Reuse Services for Dewatered, Lime-Stabilized Biosolids, Dorsey Run Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (AWWTP). For the purpose of this cont
632076 WA Marysville: 2020 BIOSOLIDS REMOVAL AND REUSE PROJECT; The work to be performed under this contract will include onsite dredging, screening, and dewatering of 15
633294 VA Christiansburg: *ADDENDUM 1,2* Biosolids Disposal and Application. *Bid has been postponed*
633469 WI Sun Prairie: North Digester Cleaning Project. The City is seeking qualified contractors to perform cleaning of an anaerobic digester of all liquid, sludge, grit
634172 OR Salem: Summer Biosolids Cake Application Services. WORK DESCRIPTION: The proposed work consists of furnishing all labor, equipment and materials required to app
634486 GA Georgia Environmental Finance Authority: Consulting services to perform a Biosolids Management Assessment and Prepared Study for the ultimate purpose of optimiz
634577 IL DOWNERS GROVE: 2020 Sludge Hauling and Land Application Services; Description of Work. The proposed work consists of removing, hauling and land applying Class B
634674 OK Oklahoma City: *ADDENDA 1 & 2* Sludge Removal and Land Application-JHCC . Project Location: Joseph Harp Correctional Center, 16161 Moffat Road, Lexington, OK, 7
635216 CA West Basin Municipal Water District: w/ *ADDENDA 1-6* Hauling and Disposal or Beneficial Reuse of Solids Services from the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Faci
635219 OR Salem: Summer Local Augment Liquid Biosolids Transport and Application. The proposed work consists of furnishing all labor, equipment and materials to transport
636605 IL Sanitary District of Decatur: LAND APPLICATION OF WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT BIOSOLIDS; This Project consists generally of the following work: Loading, hauling,
636744 GA Tifton: Digester Cleanout. Work will involve dredging of settled grit and solid residuals from the digester basin as well as de-watering of material for disposa
637097 OR Nehalem Bay Wastewater Agency: NBWA Biosolids Removal and Reuse Project. The work requires furnishing the professional services, labor, and equipment for biosol
637234 MO Blue Springs: Removal and disposal of between 3,400 and 4,900 dry tons of digested sludge from Sludge Lagoons #1 and #2 located at the City of Blue Springs Sni-
637620 CO DENVER WATER: *Addenda 1-2* Handling, Hauling, and Disposal of Wastewater Treatment Residuals. As part of the water treatment process, wastewater is fed into r
638446 IL Decatur: MBE & WBE businesses for the Land Application of Wastewater Treatment Plant Biosolids to Area Farmlands Project in Decatur, Illinois for subcontracting
639418 TX Conroe: Municipal Biosolids/Sludge Waste Landfill Disposal.
639517 CA Thousand Oaks: w/ *ADDENDUM 1* Biosolids Hauling and Benefical Reuse or Disposal Services. he City requests the services of a hauler to transport biosolids from
639966 SC Greenville: Renewable Water Resources: RFQ Biosolids Management Services. Biosolids management providers interested in providing biosolids and residual manageme
640964 NC Raleigh: NC STATE UNIVERSITY: Swine Lagoon Closures (Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge) (BBNWR) located near Virginia Beach, VA. The awarded contractor shall pe
641220 WA COUNTY OF CLARK : Annual Long-Haul Biosolids Trucking Services .
641510 WA Kittitas County: land application of Septage. This call for sealed bids is for labor, materials, equipment, necessary to land apply septage in accordance with
641528 NM Chama: Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Closure - Phase II. Separate sealed bids for the Wastewater Treatment Lagoon demolition, including biosolids processing pad d
642394 VA Stafford County: 3935-1 *w/ADDENDUM 1* Transport dewatered biosolids from the Little Falls Run Wastewater Treatment Facility (LFRWWTF) to a Virginia Department
642740 OK Ft. Gibson Utilities Authority: Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Sludge Removal and Disposal, Removal of 3,900,000 gallons of sludge from the bottom of 4
643130 KS JOHNSON COUNTY: *ADDENDUM 1-4* Johnson County Wastewater Lagoon Biosolids Cleanout. The removal, transportation and land application of wastewater residuals for
643222 OK Tulsa: *ADDENDA 1 & 2* Southside Liquid Biosolids Disposal by Land Application. *DUE DATE EXTENDED
643223 OK Tulsa: *ADDENDUM 1* Liquid Biosolids Disposal by Land Application
643940 OR Ontario: Lagoon Biosolids Removal Project. The Work will be completed in all respects on or before December 18, 2020. The project contemplated consists of remov
643947 CA Newell County Water: NEWELL SEWER COLLECTION, PUMPING STATION, and LAGOON IMPROVEMENTS. This is a rebid of this work. It has been redesigned by reducing pipe mi
644026 ID Parma: Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Work associated with proposed improvements is generally described as follows: Project includes const
644060 CT West Haven: (RFQ)*Addendum 1* Architectural Design Services Allingtown Fire Station
644296 CA Bakersfield: Annual Contract for Hauling & Spreading Biosolids.
644538 OK Guthrie: Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements- Sludge Removal Description Section A - Sludge Box System 1 1 L.S. 30 C.Y. SLUDGE BOX TIPPING STAND AND SUP
644966 NM Chama: Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Closure - Phase II REBID. Separate sealed bids for the Wastewater Treatment Lagoon demolition, including biosolids processing
645477 CT Regional Water Authority: Removal and Delivery of Water Treatment Plant Residuals
645894 AR Atkins: Removal and land application of approximately 450,000 gallons of sludge from two sludge lagoons at the Atkins Water Treatment Plant. Removal and land ap
646107 VA Christiansburg: *ADDENDUM 1* Haul and apply biosolids generated by the WWTF to the application sites and at the specified frequencies.
646223 NE Lincoln: Liquid Injection of Biosolids
646734 OH Mahoning Valley Sanitary District: LIME RESIDUALS REMOVAL - LAGOON E. In general, the work shall consist of furnishing all labor, materials, equipment, and inci
646895 FL FL: Dot Dist. 7: (LOI) Minor Highway Design SR699/Gulf Blvd from N of 183rd Terrace W. Control Surveying Design, Right of Way, Construction Surveying Financi

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