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Bid State Current Architect Bids
394233 OR Eugene: (RFQ) General Planning Services. Project Description: In general, work includes providing General Planning Services for the City of Eugene Planning and
438300 NC Mount Holly:(RFQ) ARCHITECTURAL FIRM.Architectural firms to provide professional architectural design and construction administration for a new Public Works Fa
475567 NV Las Vegas-Clark County Library: (RFQ) FACILITIES MASTER PLANNING CONSULTANT. The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District is seeking the services of a Facilities
487690 WA XX SPOKANE: (RFQ) ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING CONSULTANT ROSTER. The Spokane Airport Board is requesting Statements of Qualification for Professional Services f
535134 WA XXPORT OF BENTON : Architect/Engineering/Marketing Firms Roster. Notice is hereby given that the Port of Benton is requesting Statement of Qualifications from q
558937 ID Lewiston: (RFQ) 2018-2019 Professional Services Consultant Roster Qualified firms to establish a professional services consultant roster of engineers, architect
566339 WA Pierce County:(RFQ) Acoustic Engineering Services, on an Open-Order/On-Call basis, for a wide variety of project types and conditions including architectural a
566999 MA Pittsfield: Capital fund work items for 2018 & 2019 Scope: Architectural/Engineering services for work items
574492 WA XX Johnston Architects : (RFQ) Diverse Business Consultant Roster. Scope: Services: Structural, mechanical, electrical, civil and acoustical engineering; Landsc
575102 WA XX Seattle Public Schools: Miscellaneous Consultants and Professional Services Roster.Seattle Public Schools (the District) is soliciting firms interested in qu
575298 WA XX CLE ELUM-ROSLYN SCHOOL DISTRICT #404 RFQ ANNUAL A/E CONSULTANT ROSTER.Cle Elum-Roslyn District is updating its Consultant Services Roster to comply with RCW
581883 WA XX Public Utility District No. 1 of Chelan County : ARCHITECTURAL, ENGINEERING, LAND SURVEYINGAND LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT SERVICES2019.Public Utility District No. 1
582077 WA XX OAC Services : Project Partner/Consultant Roster.Submittal Due: Open. Notes: For more than 60 years, OAC Services has been defining owner’s representative se
585372 WA XX PUYALLUP SCHOOL DISTRICT #3 : Notice to Consultants REQUEST FOR SUBMITTAL OF QUALIFICATIONS A/E CONSULTANT ROSTER Licensed architects and engineers, and othe
585934 WA XX BELLINGHAM PUBLIC SCHOOLS REQUEST : QUALIFICATIONS-PROFESSIONAL SERVICES (L5801). Pursuant to RCW 39.80.030, the Bellingham School District anticipates futur
586135 WA XX Port of Warden : Small Works Roster For 2019.Port of Warden (Grant County Port District #8), In accordance with RCW 53.08.120, Contract for Labor and Materia
587998 WA XX Yakima County: Consultant Roster.Yakima County may have need in calendar year 2019 for professional services from architects, biologists, archeologists, hydr
588002 WA XX SPOKANE PUBLIC SCHOOLS : Notice to Consultants REQUEST FOR SUBMITTAL OF QUALIFICATIONS Licensed architects and engineers, and other professionals, including
588878 WA XX Whatcom County RFQ Annual Roster. Whatcom County is requesting statements of qualifications for the 2019 annual open roster for architectural, engineering, a
589083 WA XX Union Gap: ROSTER. Consulting services categories include architectural, engineering, and surveying services as reference by RCW Chapter 39.80, as well as ot
589111 OH Broadview Heights: (RFQ) Annual Request for Qualifications for Professional Design Services. The City of Broadview Heights requests professional design firms or
589287 WA XX PORT OF SUNNYSIDE (RFQ) PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ROSTER and PERSONAL SERVICES ROSTER.The Port of Sunnyside is compiling a Professional Services Roster for Archi
589295 WA XX Walla Walla County Department of Public Works: PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ROSTER.The Walla Walla County Department of Public Works requests information from Profe
589372 WA XX PORT OF CENTRALIA : CONSULTING, ENGINEERING, ARCHITECTURAL SERVICE REGISTERED. In accordance with RCW 39.80.030 the Port of Centralia is establishing rosters
589456 WA XX PORT OF BELLINGHAM : SMALL WORKS ROSTER CONSULTANT ROSTER. In accordance with RCWs 39.04.155, 39.80, 53.19 and POB Resolutions 1358A & 1279, the Port of Bell
589485 WA XX Spokane Valley : A/E ON-CALL CONSULTANT ROSTER. City of Spokane Valley has developed an Architectural/Engineering (A/E) Consultant Roster. Whenever the Cit
589785 WA XX PORT OF CAMAS-WASHOUGAL : PROFESSIONAL SERVICES REQUIREMENTS. The Port of Camas-Washougal announces that it may need professional services during the period
590179 WA XX PORT OF WHITMAN COUNTY : (RFQ) ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING.The Port of Whitman County is generally announcing to the public its projected requirements for prof
590181 WA XX University of Washington : (RFQ) 2019 Annual Advertisement for Architect/Engineer
590184 WA XX Ocean Shores: Architectural, Engineering & Surveyors Roster.In accordance with RCW 39.80, the City of Ocean Shores is generally announcing its projected requ
590607 WA XX Auburn School District No. 408 : Architectural/Engineering Consultant File.Consultants interested in providing architectural, engineering and related service
590777 WA XX EDUCATIONAL SERVICE DISTRICT 112 : Landscape Architectural Professional Services Roster For Agency and School Projects
590778 WA XX EDUCATIONAL SERVICE DISTRICT 112 : Professional Architectural Services RosterFor Agency and School Projects
591074 WA XX Garfield County Public Works : CONSULTANTS.Garfield County Public Works solicits interest from consulting firms with expertise in Roadway Design, Structural
591079 WA XX COLUMBIA COUNTY (RFQ) PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERINGSERVICES.Columbia County invites Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from consulting engineering firms to provid
591507 WA XX North Thurston Public Schools (RFQ) A/E Consultant Services. North Thurston Public Schools is updating its Consultant Services Roster to comply with RCW 39.
591517 WA XX PORT OF ROYAL SLOPE Royal City, WA SMALL WORKS / CONSULTANT ROSTER 2019. The Port of Royal Slope (Grant County Dist. #2) is compiling a 2019 Small Works/Cons
591623 WA XX Port of Pasco invites interested professionals to submit ONE copy of a statement of qualifications and experience relating to: design & modification to light
592439 WA XX NORTHEAST SAMMAMISH SEWER & WATER DISTRICTS :CONSULTANT SERVICES.Pursuant to RCW 39.80 NE Sammamish Sewer Water District is generally announcing its projecte
592656 WA XX Badger Mountain Irrigation District : PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. Badger Mountain Irrigation District is updating the Professional Services Roster for Architectur
593449 WA XX PORT OF KENNEWICK : Architectural and Engineering Professional Services Roster. Notice is hereby given the Port of Kennewick (the "Port"), is accepting appli
593808 CA **CANCELLED** Pomona: w/ *NEW DUE DATE* DESIGN-BUILD DOWNTOWN PARKING STRUCTURE. Professional design-build teams to provide all labor, materials and provisions
594104 WA XX Port of Ilwaco & Port of Chinook :Consultants Roster. Public NoticeThe Port of Ilwaco and Port of Chinook maintain a collaborative Consultants Roster for pro
594256 WA XX Federal Way Public Schools No. 210: Consultants and Professional Services Roster.NOTICE TO CONSULTANTS AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICESFederal Way Public Schools No
595150 WA XXCentral Valley School District: SMALL WORKS ROSTER Central Valley School District, located in Spokane Valley Washington with approximately 14,000 students sol
598760 NJ NJSDA : *ADDENDA 1- 13* Design-Build Team to provide design consultant, construction administration and general contracting for a new Perth Amboy High School.
599672 AZ AZ MIHS: *Addenda#1-2* "Annual RFQ" MIHS Facility-Related Professional Services, on an as needed/if needed basis. Maricopa County Special Health Care District d
600339 WA XX Lewis County : Consultant Roster. NOTICE OF A CONSULTANT ROSTER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, in accordance with annual publishing requirements of RCW 39.80.

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